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Let’s call out every Republican condemning @POTUS for retalliating in Syria against IRAN. If we don’t respond they will condemn, if we do they condemn. Kind of makes you wonder if they believe in anything, anymore..

Does anyone remember voting for the US to occupy Eastern Syria?.

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What are Joe Biden’s US occupation troops doing, illegally stationed in Syria, nearly 7,000 miles away from home? Looting Syria’s oil..

BREAKING: Suspected Iranian-affiliated drone kills US contractor and wounds 5 US service members in northeast Syria. World War III is on Joe Biden’s hands..

Today, a US convoy of 148 vehicles smuggled 80 tankers of stolen oil from Syria into Iraq..

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Millions of Muslims in Syria, Iran, Yemen and elsewhere are living under US sanctions/sieges/warfare designed to prevent not only their prosperity but even right to live. How do you wish “Ramadan Kareem” to people you’re trying to impoverish and kill?.

The US is bombing Syria, in a blatant act of aggression The US military has for years been illegally occupying Syrian sovereign territory. Syria has a legal right under international law to armed resistance against that occupation These US attacks are offensive, not defensive.

Breaking News: Syria and Saudi Arabia agree to re-establish ties.

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⚡️ The White House: We do not rule out other responses to Iran backed groups in Syria if the president deems it appropriate to protect our forces.

19 fighters killed in Syria by US airstrikes after Iran drone attack | Just The News.

Breaking News: The conflict in Syria escalated as Iran-backed militias attacked coalition bases after American reprisals for a deadly drone strike..

Those Iranians who killed American citizens in Syria are probably shaking in their boots after they watched our pull out of Afghanistan and US response to Chinese spy balloons..

Syria is hot right now. The southern front of the world war may be activating in earnest..

COVID Vaccine Cover Up, Biden Illegally Bombs Syria, Russian Nukes & Impending Mexico Regime Change #Rokfin.

ईरान के बाद अब सीरिया से रिश्ते बनाएगा सऊदी: ईद के बाद खुल सकती हैं एम्बेसी, अरब लीग में असद की वापसी मुमकिन #syria #Iran.

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حملات هوایی ایالات متحده به تأسیسات گروه‌های وابسته به سپاه در شرق سوریه، که به تلافی کشته و مجروح شدن اتباع آمریکایی در حمله روز پنجشنبه با پهباد ج.ا به پایگاه نیروهای ائتلاف در سوریه بود، به گفته دیدبان حقوق بشر سوریه در مجموع ۱۹ کشته برجای گذاشته است: ۳ ….

حرمة بيتك لي تكسر عينك وتسوي عمه عليك عندي ماتقدر غير تنزل راسها وترفع مكوتها لي جايبة راسك شوف الحشاش كيف يركب حريمك ويحشش فوق ظهورهم شوف عملاقي يدخل ركز عليه وهو يفقع فتحاتها🙂 الخاص حقي كله جماعيات وجلسات خاصة بغرفتي مع بدويات وفحلات المتحررين والجميلات لي بيدخلو حياهم 😉.

On COI #400, Kyle and Connor cover the CIA’s cover-up story on Biden’s Nord Stream bombing, Kiev refusing negotiations with Moscow, US drones flying further away from Crimea, Saudi Arabia normalizing relations with Syria, and the US imposing more sanctions on Iran. Check it out!.

⚠️Breaking: Death toll now reported to be 19 pro-Iranian fighters in US’ retaliatory air strikes on pro-Iran installations in eastern Syria. The strikes were conducted after an Iranian drone struck a US base killing 1 American contractor and wounding 6 others..

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According to Syrian Sources; Forces at the Koniko Gas Fields in Northeastern Syria which was struck by Iranian Rocket Attacks over the last days, to the East of Deir ez-Zur, have begun to Withdraw towards the direction of the Town of Al-Shaddadah..

COVID Vaccine Cover Up, Biden Illegally Bombs Syria, Russian Nukes & Impending Mexico Regime Change.

Örgüt açıklamasında yeni saldırı tehdidinde bulundu #Suriye #ABD.

At the UN, none of the states that accused Syria of a chemical weapons attack in Douma (and bombed Syria over it) challenged my claim that the OPCW suppressed key evidence. None also answered my question of whether they will call on the OPCW to meet with the Douma team..

🚨Breaking: Sad news out of Syria. US contractor killed, 5 service members and 1 other contractor wounded during drone strike..

US military hits Iran-backed groups in Syria after drone attack kills American contractor.

After wishing Muslims a Ramadan Kareem, Biden bombed Syria today targeting anti-ISIS forces in Deir Ezzor. In 2016 Obama/Biden bombed Syrian forces in Deir Ezzor, TWICE, killing 100s of soldiers which empowered ISIS and allowed the terrorists to capture strategic oil fields..

launches ‘precision airstrikes’ in Syria after American worker killed by drone – National | .


@SteffekLeo @visegrad24 Are you well informed about the al-Asaad government in Syria?.

The Hindu
The Hindu

Eleven pro-Iran fighters were killed in air strikes on #Syria carried out in retaliation for a drone attack that left an American dead and wounded six others, a war monitor said Friday..

syria getting hot for us an american contractor killed and maybe ten american troops injured in a drone attack from iran-backed forces reportedly retaliation for us blowing up an iranian drone factory we retaliated with F15 strikes reportedly the cycle continues.

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