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I have no words to write to this tweet as I speechless after receiving this video from Syria ๐Ÿ˜”.

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US President Trump says YPG/PKK may be releasing Daesh members from prisons to get US involved in Syria, rules out confrontation with NATO member Turkey.

Just manged to get out of Syria, thanks to the Ch4 team, crazy 18hrs. Only just made it out Qamishlo then Derrick.

Abandoned by in Syria, Kurds Find New Ally in American Foe - The New York Times.

@NicolleDWallace @nytimes Nicole! Connect the dots! This is ALL Putin! Syria! Ukraine! Even conspiracy theories are to exonerate Putin so oil sanctions lifted! Trump recklessly rushing deliverables, he is giving away all. He is compromised. It is still Russia Russia Russia..

Turkey-Syria offensive: Kurds reach deal with Syrian army.

@TheView He knew what he was doing, helping Russia take over Syria. Soon there will be a new hotel in or Moscow. What would they call it or after?.

@realDonaldTrump Face it, Mr Bone Spurs. You are the person solely responsible for ISIS being let loose. It was your brilliant idea to withdraw our troops from Syria. You will be remembered for letting Hell loose for generations to come..

SDF says Turkey-backed rebels killed Kurdish politician, rebels deny it | Article [AMP] | Reuters.

@IngrahamAngle Money spent in Syria is a total waste. Having our troops over there in danger us even worse. Bring them home.

Kurdish leaders appeal to EU for help as Turkey launches offensive against them in Syria.

Exclusive: Could Pull Bulk of Troops From Syria in Matter of Days-Officials by Reuters via NYT.

Islamic State Family Members Escape Camp as Turkey-Backed Forces Close In-Kurdish-Led Authority by Reuters via NYT.

At least 14 civilians were killed on Sunday in fighting in northern Syria where Turkey is carrying out an offensive against Kurdish forces. The dead included 5 people who were killed when pro-Turkey rebels opened fire on their car near Ain Issa..

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@DorindaMedley @Poshmarkapp Women and children are being beheaded and blown to pieces in Syria. wait a day or two..

Western world is so careful over the genocide of Kurds in northern Syria but keep silence over the genocide of Palestinians in Palestine by Jews,over the genocide of muslims in Myanmar,over the genocide of muslims in Afghanistan anyone want to elaborate it. #Syria #Turkey.

@DanCrenshawTX Americans donโ€™t want to fight in the Levanant, Syria, and holy lands because our allies undermine us at home decrying that we let in those who would seek our ruin while they are protected by our armies.

1. What the hell just happened It is Russia that holdโ€™s now the card deck and is playing it. It now depends on Putin how much does he wants. His original goal was to keep Bashar in power of Damascus with best possible scenario getting most or all Syria back under his influence..

UK urges Turkey to halt military offensive in Syria as France and Germany suspend arms sales to Ankara.

@realDonaldTrump Peace by sending US troops to Saudi Arabia? Peace by having Turkey bomb Syria and the Kurdish genocide? Peace by pulling a withdrawal of troops in Syria without consulting military experts, or our allies. You just destabilized the whole Middle East..

@MSNBC the evangelicals are upset because the kurds have the only Christians in Syria and there being slaughterd by Taliban and issis.

Trump orders withdrawal of forces from northern Syria, days after Pentagon downplays possibility.

The Kurds Are Officially Ready to Partner With Assad and Putin.

Trump did not betray the #Kurds. And Trump did not remove US forces from Syria..

Turkish invasion in Syria - The Only Thing That Can Save the Kurds Is Themselves | Cicero Online.

I have no words to write to this tweet as I speechless after receiving this video from Syria ๐Ÿ˜”.

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