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Max Christie is on his way to 🍿 The Lakers take the Michigan State guard with the No. 35 pick.

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Bump bump isn’t winning over Let Me Love you. Be fr… Omarion take the L and go #Verzuz.

Take luxuries from the rich to provide necessities to the the masses!, Martin Luther King 1956. Aktueller denn je: Den gesellschaftlich geschaffenen, aber privat aneigneten Reichtum nutzen, um den Vielen eine soziale und ökologische Infrastruktur und damit Zukunft zu sichern..

@OzraeliAvi Let me spell it for you. You said he was a Dan Andrews staffer, he was not. Just take the L and carry on. Don’t make the hole any deeper, soon it’s gonna be hard to climb out..

今日はヨントンネタをコピーするのと一緒に、KCONの写真もプリントしてきました🥹💙 とてつもなく、、かっこよいです、はい❤️‍🔥 #JO1 @official_jo1 With Us / #僕らの季節 / Walk It Like l Take lt / Touch! / 流星雨 / Move The Soul / ALL HOURS.

@caesartonga 😂 😂 😂 Looooovit! Ek voel net dit is d kat. We are going to take over the world 😂😈.

KIZUNAのボイスメッセージきてたね✨ JO1とJAMの秘密だから内容はシー🤭❤️ ぐふふふふ💗💗🤭💗💗な内容でしたね🤭🤭🤭🤭 #JO1 @official_jo1 With Us / #僕らの季節 / Walk It Like l Take lt / Touch! / 流星雨 / Move The Soul / ALL HOURS.

Bon cap de setmana a totes i a tots. I felicitats a les Joanes, Joans, Janes i Jans i als ases de totes les cases. Supertramp. De les millors bandes de tota l’història. Take the long way home.

the end is, 推特刷粉,#推特粉丝,#推特买粉,比特币 以太坊 L only take the flow, not the heart.

@steveervin2 20220624125052582that was killer dude 1656055252582 ; Scissor roadblock ahead 1656055252584 ; Awesome dunk!.dont cry wolf 1656055252585 ; Awesome dunk!.panic struck 1656055252586 ; Awesome dunk!.it is time we take it to the next level (cont).

Luna as a project is dead, don’t fall victims again with the whole burn burn shit. Take your L like a warrior and move on to better project. We can as well donate all our tokens to @stablekwon and his family members for charity since he acted like a low life ponzi asshole ..

@kayleermanning Post-trial interviews were bad enough. Idk why she’s wasting time & energy on this “tell all” instead of her own child. Take the L & spend your time bettering yourself for the sake of your child, if anything. That baby girl needs a good role model & this just ain’t it 😕.

@SoldierOfRomero Bisping’s win was definitely not a fluke. He threw a perfect shot after noticing rockhold tended to drop his right hand and left his chin open. Perfectly placed shot over the shoulder put him to sleep. And Izzy dominated rob in the rematch. Horrible take, hold this L.

Ema se poslavlja od nase sole. Popolnoma mi je vseeno, saj smo naredili steal stoletja. @DrejcV za emo. To bi lahko koncal kot najvecji trade steal v zgodovini. S sosolci smo plesali take the L na emi ko se je jokala in se poslavljala od prijateljic. #lame #osmoza.

@HermieSingh @KaranveerPannu in this thread the only fools is so obviously you. Even you know it. stop embarrassing yourself. just take the L.

Make a Plan to See This in the Early Morning: A rare, 5-planet alignment will take over the sky this month.

Take the L Photo,Take the L Photo by Martin🌻Drive🌻NBHD🌻,Martin🌻Drive🌻NBHD🌻 on twitter tweets Take the L Photo

@rampagepoker @GraysonHunterG You are using this guy for content now? Big L. Just take your Money, pay the other people first? Please Get over yourself.

@kingslyj We wish to inform that the ETA is the estimated time of arrival and not a promised time provided. Due to multiple variables, the time may vary, which is dynamic and may be delivered to you earlier than expected or may take time due to real-time (cont).

the end is 推特刷粉,#推特粉丝,#推特买粉,比特币 以太坊 NHG YU L , only take the flow, not the heart.

@OzraeliAvi Just take the fucking L like a man, would ya. All this, for just a random member of the public.

@OzraeliAvi Lmao you failed bozo, just accept it. Take the L. “Facts don’t care about your feelings” or whatever.

I know u talking about next year ... coz this one done, we even packing so if you repeated the same shenanigans, just take the L nd learn. #Late.

Dr Patrick Treacy will be speaking at Cosmetex22 Master Series, which will take place from Thursday 11 August to Friday 12 August at the Radisson Blue in Sydney. Hosted by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine, Cosmetex brings thought l….

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@Toxictai_ @whereiskeymora Ngl I fuck wit most of the shit you say but this is the first L take I seen from you.


@segalink @PeterObi Leave Peter Obi’s out your scammed up life. You’ve been 🤥 for years on the street of tweeter, Nobody has crucified you. Now you want to shift blame and bring Peter Obi into your mess. Divide and conquer techniques are over. Take your L In Peace..

The L’s I take are only Lessons - They only made me stronger & determined 🏃🏾‍♂️💨.

15. Take the positive coil. Return to Layer 6. Go U, D, L, R, U. Go D, R, U, R, R, D..

Do you want to move to the UK? MessageBird is hiring a Sr Software Engineer (Go) - MessageBird ⚙️ Tech stack: Golang, Kubernetes, Docker Take your chance:.

@0xmetic @PalmerLuckey Dude, you sound like a hysterically propagandized BlueAnon with the “our democracy was attacked” nonsense. Who cares if he voted for Trump? It doesn’t somehow make him a bad person. Nor does it make you superior. Half the country voted for Trump, you absolute moron. Take the L..

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