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Currently on 588/13, safe to say I need quite a few heroes to save the week. Ipap, Hynes, Talakai, DBrown, no pressure but I need you big time.

#NRLmagicround Pie Shop Unders in NEW/NZ/GC/PEN games. Marked all 4 between 32-34pts. NEW +, MAN , GC + & PAR -2 Pie Platter 1: Mulitalo/Talakai/Perham/Feldt = 19/1 Pie Platter 2: Turbo/Kelly/Mulitalo/Feldt = 25/1 Party Pies in comments. #magicmeat 🪄🥧.

time to curb the sharks hype for few wks aye FMD seagal talakai badly missin morgan harper and i love nickel hines but everythin in moderation so lets pump the brakes on the outlandish comparisons its not like hes some supernatural deity like the allah or adam reynolds.

I think the Sifa Talakai bubble has well & truly shall be trading on Monday @SuperCoachNRL.

@LusisToms Un atkal. Tu paņem marginālu mazākumu un ekstrapolē viņu uzskatus uz plašāku iedzīvotāju loku. Tu esi gana gudrs, lai saprastu, ka ar ziediem pie tā pieminekļa gāja ne tikai putinisma slavinātāji. Acīmredzot emocijas liedz domāt racionāli. Tālākai sarunai neredzu jēgu..

Chris Talakai fait son retour dans les rangs de l’@avironrugbypro après quelques semaines d’absence en raison d’une blessure !🔙 Bon retour @Talakaii ! 👊.

Talakai still garbage ever since he was superman against Harper. And Sharks are a bottom 8 team. #NRLSharksRaiders.

@BuzzRothfield Talakai runs over a weak centre vs Manly, and the experts wanted him in SOO. The elite games are for elite players..

@SCWhisperer Hynes 150+ Talakai 100+ Hastings 50+ Tedesco 80+ Gutho under 50 Drink water 80+.

@TwoodTrolls2_0 Talakai Leni na kodukula laga vunnaru ❤️Da lo @TV9Telugu Peru tisesi teda channel Ani jathi munda Malli Mee bathukki ethics vunnai Aa Cheppu tho kottal ra mimmalini 🌬️🌬️.


The battle to replace Latrell for Origin I is on, with Kotoni Staggs and Siosifa Talakai the frontrunners. Who do you think Freddy should pick for June 8? With the help of @FoxSportsLab, we crunched the numbers 👇 STORY 📖: ✍️: @LMcKirdy7 #NRL.

Talakai Photo,Talakai Photo by CODE NRL,CODE NRL on twitter tweets Talakai Photo

Jack Williams looks like he’s injured, Dale will miss a week, maybe put Talakai back in the forwards, does Pele get a game? Millar or Metcalf must come in. Thoughts???.

@antonposa Same! Was tempted by Talakai as a pod captain, but too scared of Nicho going bonkers with everyone else on him. Looking like going sub 1000 this week at the moment 🤮.

@LMcKirdy7 Revolutionary. 1. Paps 2. Nofa/Tupou 3. Talakai 4. Crichton 5. Cotric 6. Hynes 7. Reynolds 8. Saifiti 9. Koroisau 10. Utoikamanu 11. Matterson 12. Curran 13. Radley 14. Moses 15. Klemmer 16. Elliott 17. Leilua.

@CarIton_ We always play terribly when we play in some random jumper. Last time it was the Storm lookalike one. As soon as they ran on tonight I knew they were in trouble!.

@Borderathletics @PoolManSC1 Talakai & Starling come in at #1 and #9 on our Peaking Players List - Talakai could be considered a keeper but we have him proj for an avg around 63. Teams are well awake to him and numbering up to shut him down. That has him $184K overpriced in our eyes..

@mana_pils @Krustpunkta Diez vai. Tur tā kā fonā armiju vajadzē arī policija kustēsies. Un visus, cik sanāks sašņorēt. Jo tas, kas notiks nevar nebūt atbalsts genocīdam. Par maz ir Saeimā pieņemt lēmumu, ka UA ir genocīds. Ja pieņēma, ir jābūt konsekventai tālākai likumā balstītai darbībai..

Selling Talakai this week is the definition of insanity. Monster ceiling on one of the best attacking teams in the comp with an average of ! 🤯 Hot tip: Players only lose cash if you sell them. BE means nothing for keepers..

@domsullivan18 If you need a utility player, pick Talakai, he plays centre, every forward position so he gets on the field. If you lose a fullback you have Tommy and if fit trell, you lose a half, you have trell only position with no cover is 9 but none of the options suggested play there.

@NRLFantasyPro Yes, definitely good points. Talakai had a great break even 2 weeks ago, tass has a good one last week. I already have 12 round 13 players and only a few 17 players hence the cam McInnes lean. I think the chance Elliot isn’t a keeper is over 50%.

Next round of Supercoach position updates. As expected the biggest impact will be Sifa Talakai. Being able to slot him into CTW will be huge..

@AmanTalksNRLSC I must say one thing confuses me about all the complaints about Talakai not getting CTW dual at R6 and looking forward to him getting it R12, yet so many are playing Tago and/or Aitken at 2RF..

Metres: (CSS) 163, (CR) 157, (CSS) 144 #NRLSharksRaiders.

Why won’t Wade Graham pass to Talakai? Or Moylan pass to anyone but Graham on that left? #NRLSharksRaiders.

@BuzzRothfield Too many spruickers. Talakai beat up on Morgan Harper who shouldn’t be playing first grade..


You would think for having one of the most in form centres in the comp that the sharks would get the ball to Talakai more #NRLSharksRaiders #NRLMagic.

Talakai now he can’t beat up on Morgan Harper #NRLSharksRaiders.

Talakai Photo,Talakai Photo by Kyle,Kyle on twitter tweets Talakai Photo

@AmanTalksNRLSC am ☠️ 600/13 , Hynes , Talakai or IPAP captain.🤦🏼‍♂️.

@AmanTalksNRLSC 524/9 played ipap ,manu, hynes C, talakai ,Crichton,gutherson ,luki and cotter left.

The captaincy dilemma begins. Do you captain Hynes and follow the crowd? Take a risk on the high ceiling Talakai or the ever consistent iPap?.

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