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Arsenal have not opened talks with Lazio for Joaquin Correa despite rumours, he’s not even considered a target as of today. 🔴🇦🇷 #AFC Lazio are interested in Lucas Torreira but #AFC ask €20m to sell him - complicated deal. No chance if the price doesn’t change. ❌ @SkySport

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We are only £320 away from our £2,000 target!! Only 26 days until we get to Abseil down the Anglican Cathedral in memory of my nan and others affected. I thought I’d share it again as today is #GlobalMNDAwarenessDay 🙏🏽💙 @MNDA_Merseyside @mndassoc

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@basetoko Sinii kak aku open reseller no fee no target ya, ada flash sale abisin slot + reward. Intip pl? Dm yuk kak ada grup wa juga^^

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É alguém que sabe qual é o budget ideal para atingir o target. Alguém capaz de prever o feedback de uma ação analisando somente o marketshare de algum prospect. +

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@LeoBombayage @OfficialSASSA This is a sudden problem we are dealing with. I just don’t understand how we got here. Target markets are there for a reason. I can’t just wake up & wanna buy a property in Camps Bay if my housing range is in Woodstock 🤦🏽‍♀️😅

Resky Fernanda
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Kalo gua baca-baca si, asumsi target valuasinya sekitar Rp 500T lebih, itu bakal bisa nyaingin BBCA yg punya valuasi sekitar Rp 700T, itupun bakalan bisa nyalip BBCA setelah nanti harga nya naik banget waktu Ipo.

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Citigroup Maintains Neutral on Prudential Financial, Raises Price Target to $100 | $PRU

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d a m i o n
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Saw a guy working at Target who was so small and skinny it looked like it should be impossible that he actually exists, but there he was. He was also covered in tattoos and looked like he tried really hard to have a post-punk screamo band from 2006-2014

Pantau Man City Indonesia
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#ManCity tidak berharap untuk membuat langkah serius, dalam hal target transfer yang masuk, hingga #EURO2020 selesai. @StuBrennanMEN

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Disallowing trans women from changing rooms and sports is just the same old shit they did to lesbians before giving up. I’m only 22 and old enough to remember when lesbians were seen as unsafe around other women. There is no nuanced difference in rhetoric, just a different target

chris davos
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@Harry54809261 @MsRonnyB That’s about how many have been vaccinated, plus the QAnon extended family members We’re keeping up with China PPP so we’re on target


@FFS_Community @FFScout With zero shots on target last year it’s hard to make the plunge

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Although gold rebounded today, the highest reached around 1785, but last week the price of gold suffered a heavy setback. For the first time in a year, the weekly decline exceeded 5%. The next downside target of the market may be around 1760.

Jambudipa Football Club.
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klasemen paruh musim IDFM Championship, Jamdips berada diperingkat 10 hasil yg tidak terlalu baik dan tidak terlalu buruk. semoga lebih baik lagi diputaran kedua, target jauhi zona degradasi!

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Glen Kamara is a target for Watford, following his impressive performances at the Euros. Rangers however may be reluctant to sell a key player. #WatfordFC

Avelino Bernardez Gándara
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RAPT4: Excelente Momento com Infraestrutura, Logística e Agro. Balanço Estelar para Randon-RAPT4. Ciclo Fortíssimo. Já são 08 trimestres c resultados voando. Esse veio coroar Grande Companhia. Revisão de Target Price em Andamento. Na Minha Conta 25,00. E se romper 15,15 Voa.

Obvious Rabbit
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Sophisticated new attacks target container supply chains and infrastructure | BetaNews

Christa ()

target stopped selling my favorite robe 😢 i wish i bought every color bc they’re the best .

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@negativenegz @JasmineSequel So they just wanna target you because they can then. They don’t actually think you’re guilty of anything. 🤔🤔🤔

Jimmy M
Jimmy M ()

@talexe @edcumming It was a good game. Not in the sense that it was beautiful silky football, but in the sense that it was gripping and tense. It was by far and away not the worst football match ever. I think the lack of England win/efforts on target really has skewed perceptions

Dave Friedel
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@JeromePowellet1 True but also remember their time horizon is much longer than most. They won’t trade out of this position until it hits their upside target or goes to zero. I suspect these firms aren’t the best at market timing.

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Bullet, Target, and a few more one-letter movie names are doing the rounds on social media. Waiting for the official one at 6pm #Thalapathy65

Rajasekar ()

Many fans say #Target is the over to you @Nelsondilpkumar

Shoon Naing
Shoon Naing ()

A mosque in Yangon was set fire today early morning around 2:30 am. Religious buildings should not be a target of violence. Details still unknown. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #June21Coup

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Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano ()

Arsenal have not opened talks with Lazio for Joaquin Correa despite rumours, he’s not even considered a target as of today. 🔴🇦🇷 #AFC Lazio are interested in Lucas Torreira but #AFC ask €20m to sell him - complicated deal. No chance if the price doesn’t change. ❌ @SkySport

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