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Florida Anti-Maskers invade a Target. They think it’s

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Jasa Prank
Jasa Prank ()

Berhasil Prank papa muda umur 25 tahun. Supir truk ganteng. crot nya lama dan banyak banget lumer2😍 di jual file full foto2 telanjang dan video2 coli crot dia 100 ribu . . Yang mau jasa prank cowok normal bisa DM saya. Biaya 300 ribu utk 1 target

Do.xci ()

@shayhbaz That whole era was just target in engine, now they show gameplay regularly in this events.

Jack ()

and target still got their check by the end of the day, not sure what they were trying to accomplish ()

Credit Suisse Raises Tesla $TSLA Price Target to $400 from $280

BurnUrSole ()

@FINALLEVEL I would quickly pullout my gun if that was walking towards me at target. It would have been a while different story. U make me fear for my life with Covid. I will put a hole in u quicker than u can say #FOH privileged fucks.

Ken Blankenship
Ken Blankenship ()

@RexChapman If these same people wore a mask and burned the Target down in the name of “justice,” Rex would be cheering them on. It’s a hard pill, Rex. Swallow it.

Chesky ()

@Carma_2012 @Target Actually that would be kind of funny you sitting outside target doing your best Karen 🤣🤣🤣🤞

Ed Fowler
Ed Fowler ()

They should all be arrested and banned from @Target. Lives are at risk with this kind of childish behavior.

TruthBeTold ()

The Clippers existed for years without a worry from the national media. But when they dared to put together a roster to compete with LA’s new king & his self assembled cabinet they became the target of media fan boys. Denver is a good team. Porter is an All Star.

Darbs🧚‍♀️✨ ()

do NOT take this into a target. not MY favorite place to spend money when I’m sad. this is war.

Craig Rozniecki
Craig Rozniecki ()

A group of anti-maskers marching through a Florida Target and telling customers to take their masks off have gone viral. -

Reggie Jax
Reggie Jax ()

If anyone of those anti-maskers who invaded the Florida Target en masse get someone sick and that sick person dies, they should be charged with murder.

Daily Star Sport
Daily Star Sport ()

Arsenal ‘to make £36m bid for Houssem Aouar’ as Mikel Arteta makes him top target | #AFC #Aouar

the bank
The bank ()

Uncle Jerome has set his new inflation target now above 2% & will leave rates the same. Dollar devaluation continues & the actual inflation paid by all of us continues to ramp. Thanks Uncle

Liberal emprenyat 🐍
Liberal emprenyat 🐍 ()

@PODEMOS No os metáis con el CM de Potemos. Al fin y al cabo, se dirigen a su Target.

Jeffery Long
Jeffery Long ()

Every time I go to Target I see Baby Yoda, not sure if it’s a curse or not. #TheMandalorianseason2

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Drewarnol2 ()

@JoyAnnReid @Target If you’re wearing a mask yourself and stay 6 ft away from them, you shouldn’t be worried what they do, as you’re safe according to the guidelines.

Andy Davies
Andy Davies ()

It is for these reasons Mercedes have a target icon as their logo. #popupmissilelauncherready

K24 TV
K24 TV ()

The government plans to open its doors to the second phase of Huduma Namba, registration set to target 10 million kenyans #K24EveningEdition

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🥤SodaStorm⛈ ()

@wyrmburn I’m hoping it’s not my local Target, because the layout looks awfully similar😭

M Gabriel L
M Gabriel L ()

Controversy elevates the message. Really its just a target shoppers making noise in a store! 😷

AJ 3000🥭
AJ 3000🥭 ()

not target being out of Beyond literally what do they expect me to do I’m already drafting the lawsuit

R/gunners ()

Chris Davison on Twitter: I spoke to Icelandic Pundit @hjorvarhaflida about Arsenal target Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson earlier today. -

Leadership Essentials
Leadership Essentials ()

In order to lead with #culturalintelligence, you must understand the six basic cultural systems within the #culture and how they apply to everything from your personnel to your target audience. Read more:

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TSXPennyStocks ()

$IDEX - 557 EV Units Sales Processed from China EV Centre in July & August an Increase from Q2 China Raises Sales Target for Electric Vehicles to 25% of New Car Sales by 2025

Blake Bumpus
Blake Bumpus ()

@robin012009 @davenewworld_2 they just needlessly spread a disease that has infected about 1 million people and will spread to people working at target and their families, no biggie

$3500 for a OnlyFans ft.
$3500 for a OnlyFans ft. ()

@themelaniedione Would you rather have a group of people vandalizing a target?? Or a group going around spreading diseases to innocent bystanders??

Joy Reid
Joy Reid ()

This @Target now needs a thorough cleaning for it to be safe for other people to shop in. Who knows if those anti-maskers were asymptomatic coronavirus carriers? Would you walk in with your kids and take your chances? This is now a liability issue and a jobs issue for that store.

Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch ()

Who is this guy, why was he surrounded, and when did it become OK for mobs to target and harass others?

Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 ()

Florida Anti-Maskers invade a Target. They think it’s

☚ #insiders #foreverfreo ☛
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