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Former CBS Reporter One Of The First ‘To Identify Myself As A Target of Illegal Spying Under Obama Admin’

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Bleacher Report ()

Adam Silver and the NBA league office have informed the Board of Governors that July 31 is a target date to resume play, per @ShamsCharania

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Gregg Jarrett ()

Former CBS Reporter One Of The First ‘To Identify Myself As A Target of Illegal Spying Under Obama Admin’

Brian Gaar ()

A trillion dollars evaporates on Wall Street in a day: ok A Target is looted: SEND IN THE MARINES

Andy Ngô ()

At the Target in Minneapolis that was being looted tonight during the BLM riot, a woman in a wheelchair was attacked.

Terrence K. Williams ()

If you can stand in line at Target You can stand in line to Vote If you can stand in line at Walmart You can stand in line to Vote If you can stand in line at Costco You can stand in line to Vote People fought & died for my right and your right to stand in line to Vote

Donald J. Trump ()

Former CBS Reporter One Of The First ‘To Identify Myself As A Target of Illegal Spying Under Obama Admin’


1 (one) bebe before i sleep would love to make fishfrog merchandise someday, but having your target audince live on a different country and having no prior experience with ordering/industries kinda scares me off :,D anyone wanna coach me on this?? haha

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Shivakumar S H ()

Benkiiiii😎😎. Be fast our target is not reaching bro🙌.Shiva @KicchaSudeep #100daysForKicchotsava

MTGMelee ()

Congratulations to Zach G for winning The Hooglandia Historic Open today! Naya Winota stole the show today with a 70% win percentage, but will that continue with a target on its head? Winning Decklist: Tournament Page:

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Lynne M. Thomas🏳️‍🌈🦄🚀 ()

I have survived errands in the world (Target, Lowe’s, Binny’s) and now there will be flowers in our yard once I have a chance to put them in.

Shipwreckedcrew ()

Before I made a decision on whether to recuse myself, I want a full briefing on what it was that started this investigation, and I want to know what it is you have accomplished to date. He was not a target. There was no risk to the investigation by briefing him.

Tanisha Bramwell - Dewsbury West Candidate ()

WE ARE £80 away from our £ target. Thank you to EVERYONE WHO HAD DONATED! Please share! And give whatever you can! #COVIDー19 #community

Lord Abraham Mutai ()

Uhuru Kenyatta: Third element of the economic stimulus program will target SMEs. Ksh10billion to pending bills. We will inject ksh3billion a seed capital for affordable credit for SMEs

The Dark Side ⁷ 🍓 Stream D2 ()

Is this A *throws beer bottle* Gilded *stabs pillow* World *shoots target*

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Department-of-Offense ()

Race and gender have nothing to do with it. Everyone who supports AB-5 is a target. No one gets a free pass due to their immutable characteristics. Christy Smith is about as white as can be and she still lost.

はらちゃん ()

#なうぷれ 君が いつも以上 空回りしてへこんでも 今日は 力ずくでその気にさせてみせる ついてきて 真夏の匂い - サンダルテレフォン #LINEMUSIC

𝗽𝗮𝗽𝗶 𝗿𝗮𖧵⁷ | 𝗱² ()

@_luvvtan ok so basically we tel our moms that we’re gonna watch a movie and we’re gonna pay for ourselves and the movie is only showing at 10pm but we’ve been waiting so long and then when we get there we go to target omg JSJSJSJD

Knives ✿ ()

no ❤️ dyke is used specially to target lesbians LACK of attraction to men so if you’re bi you can’t say dyke because .... you don’t have lack of attraction to men

Danny ⏺ ()

We concede a goal from every second shot on target and we are somehow competitive. I don’t think people understand what kind of dross plays for our club.

Boo boo the fool 🖤 ()

i’m just not the target audience for this there are different types of sims players

Melissa Francis ()

Let them open instead of favoring big box stores like Target. How about that?

Murtaza irfan ()

@chetan_bhagat When media is in control judiciary is helpless and opposition is in target the same will happen coz democracy is of the people by the people and for the people but here in India all this looks like a joke we see a dictatorship being running by dictators? #StandAgainstTheAutocrats

Pervey Pete 6.6k ()

Target smashed! I think we need to make this hard! 25 points on this one!

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Afeez Iyiola ()

1,000 NOSE MASKS FOR IBADAN Update: We have realised N26,500 (265 nose masks) New target: N73,500(735 nose masks) Do well to donate via checking the flier and do not forget to share!!!! We can achieve this together.

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Peter Stefanovic ()

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis just told #BBCBreakfast viewers teachers can be confident of accessing tests from June 1st as “We are now up to nearly 130,000 tests per day” The Gov’t has not once hit its target of testing 100,000 “people” a day Cc @piersmorgan

Myles tuser5555🧢 ()

@AndrewYang Seems like Amazon, Target etc r all somehow doing something ($$$) to make small businesses b left out

ForeverVIJAYism ()

As of now, tweets registered under the hashtag #1MonthForVijayBdayBash 😊👌 Keep tweeting with the hashtag untill 6:30PM , tdy☺ Target : 2M tweets😎 #Master / @actorvijay

Allie 🍉 ()

lol unwanted sexual advances aren’t a compliment lol it’s not nice when you ask me what that mouth do in target 🤡🤡🤡

Welcome To Nature ()

Target Employee Punched and Beaten by Two Customers for Asking Them to Wear Face Masks in Store

Ari Fleischer ()

“It now appears that Obama officials used intelligence authorities to defeat the entire purpose of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act—that is, to do the very thing that led to the creation of FISA: spy on their political opponents.”

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