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This message from @telstra on behalf of @ScottMorrisonMP feels unbelievably seven days overdue. But who will get this message this morning and think this is where we’re at with regulations?!

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Noely ⚡️🏐 ()

Punters urged Telstra boss to spend some of that money they scammed for their bloody copper from Tony Abbott to invest in decent broadband services, but, Telstra should NEVER have been sold off & we would not be in this shitty position now. 🤬

Josh Wilson ()

First Telstra stops offering 100 mbp/s to all fibre-to-the-node connections (8 million premises), and now we have to ration the internet. Make no mistake, the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison multi-prime-minister mess ruined the NBN. #auspol

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Suzette Meade 👩🏻‍🦰 ()

@DrHarryLime @CorruptNSW So Telstra would like us all to drop our download usage NOW bet he won’t be saying that post corona.

Goth Hartnett ()

@sremdtd Telstra: “we aren’t gonna reup on these because it seems no one has ever paid their bill”

🉐 Droogie Dubstar ()

There is a landline outage tonight in Summer Hill, NSW, effecting the ability of Restaurants in the area to take home delivery orders. @Telstra: Services should be restored: To be confirmed. No further updates. Are you on planet Earth, Telstra?

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Rachael Falk ()

Nice one @Telstra_news @andy_penn putting #StayHome on Telstra mobile network label. Small gesture & important reminder. Stay Home people. Now

FUTWIZ Jamie ()

The EA servers are more stable than the @NBN_Australia & @Telstra internet in Australia right now. Dunno what to do lads 😟 so frustrating

Mich-Elle Myers ()

How good is @Telstra @NBN_Australia ? A system built on the belief that we wouldn’t all be at home at the same time. #covid19internetcrash20

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Ross Floate ()

Telstra 4G, line of sight to a tower that can’t be 250m away.

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Spiros Vassiliou ()

So Telstra wants us to ration our internet use? Cool, slash our bills in half. You’ve been raping customers for years.

Liam ()

Ok I’m about to go to Telstra and fuck some cnts up like ffs what is wrong with my net

Peter Logue ()

@OnyaDon My mates call it “The Derry School of Argument”. Have a long history of dealing with Telstra, to the extent that for a long time I had my own case officer. Always polite, but firm.

💧Sally Lawry ()

@MagdaSzubanski Totally agree . We are pensioners and isolating as want to stop the spread . Have spents hours making phonecalls and using an unreliable Telstra NBN to place orders . Using small local businesses . Overwhelmed with the kindness from our Fremantle community .

Jen Dudley-Nicholson ()

This is your reminder to register for some free mobile data with @Telstra for use during the pandemic. You have to ask to receive it (inside the app). #coronavirusaustralia

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Anthony Walsh ()

@HumanHeadline Gardens closed because of what happened at Bondi Beach last week? Also many, many products sold in shopping centres are essential items ( clothing, heaters, cooking appliances) or services (health insurance, banks, telstra)

💧Sally Lawry ()

Perhaps the Govt could invest in rebuilding Telstra and bring call centres back to Oz . 7 weeks of endless phonecalls and the run around to get NBN sorted after changing to a cheaper plan . Complained to Ombudsman , great local service and tech . Blind Freddy stuff for new jobs

Stacey Lee ()

Just sat on hold to @Telstra for half an hour, suddenly the hold music changed and I got sent through to the department of now I have to call back and sit in the line for another God knows how long.

NRL ()

The fiercest of rivals 💪 Last time they met #NRLRoostersSouths - #NRLFinals 2019 ❗ Thanks to @Telstra. Full Match Replay 🎥

The Anti Feminist ()

Ah @Telstra, getting on the woke bandwagon with their same-sex couple ad. #Gowoke #Gobroke

Samuel Muller ()

@monsoon0 Let me know should it happen again while being confined and will bring you a mobile Telstra modem with some data

Jack Rigney ()

@FOXNRL Yes, I want the NRL to be exclusively broadcasted on FoxLeague also with Telstra and Kayo streaming that broadcast.

Netflix ()

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Maggie Triantafillou - Μαγδαληνή Τριανταφύλλου ()

@TimSmithMP @GeorgeDonikian Given that my mum is working from home and I’m now taking uni classes online, I’d say this is a pretty relevant thing to talk about. My NBN service is appalling and we pay for the highest tier through Telstra.

Greymochii 🐻 ()

get you a service network that gives you extra data allowance like telstra, at no extra charge

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ExHullKiwi ()

@BarryToohey @mjburkill Their phones are in India which is in lockdown so they’re shortstaffed. Same with optus and telstra.

Brodie Grundy ()

Who remembers this game? 🤷‍♂️👀 Clue: One of the most memorable games of my career so far! Watch it tonight on the @Telstra AFL Live App or from 7:25pm #FixtureThrowback

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Stilgherrian ()

Telstra guy is here fixing the fried internet landline. He reminds us that the reason lightning is so fierce in the Blue Mountains is all the ironstone. The lightning strikes, runs through the ironstone, comes out through the copper wires. Voom!

Clementine Ford 🧟‍♀️ ()

This message from @telstra on behalf of @ScottMorrisonMP feels unbelievably seven days overdue. But who will get this message this morning and think this is where we’re at with regulations?!

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