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Bec Shaw
Bec Shaw

TERFs would rather their kids are exposed to Nazis at protests than drag queens reading them a nice story and that’s everything you need to know.

I see the TERFs have finally got to the “but they’re good Nazis” stage. Took them a while but we all knew they’d get there..

Can we please acknowledge the obvious: Neo-Nazi’s & women who want women’s rights are not on the same side. In fact, neo-Nazi’s turning up to a Let Women Speak event do so to *distract* from women being heard. They’re doing the same thing as what TRAs are doing, not the “TERFs”.

TERFs Photo,TERFs Photo by Sall Grover,Sall Grover on twitter tweets TERFs Photo

Well, would you hire homophobes or racists? Of course not. Same thing with terfs. Well done Millie 👍🌟🏳️‍⚧️.

TERFs Photo,TERFs Photo by India Willoughby,India Willoughby on twitter tweets TERFs Photo

Terfs just make things up 🤷‍♀️ I have £500 for any charity of Julie Binlid’s choice if she can show me where I’ve called her ugly. (It’s tweets like this from JB that trigger the swarm).

TERFs Photo,TERFs Photo by India Willoughby,India Willoughby on twitter tweets TERFs Photo

Every time MFW tweet about TERFs, multiple people say “What’s a TERF?” This is now an unacceptable answer, unless you’ve no access to the internet to educate yourself (can’t be true, since you’re online now). As we’ve said for years, TERFs and NAZIs are 2 sides of the same….

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Anti-trans advocate Posie Parker did an interview with Avi Yemini, a man criminally convicted of harassing and assaulting his ex-wife. Yemini was denied entry into NZ. TERFS do not care about women’s safety. Parker is coming to Auckland to host an anti-trans rally this Saturday..

TERFs Photo,TERFs Photo by Shaneel Lal 🧚🏻 (They/Them),Shaneel Lal 🧚🏻 (They/Them) on twitter tweets TERFs Photo

The media continues to do the Left’s bidding…the women protesting for their rights are described as “anti-trans” & “TERFs” & the aggressive thugs trying to silence them are “LGBTQI activists & allies”..

and how TERFs are using this hostility to build opposition to trans people in queer spaces. the argument that bi people are bringing men into those spaces is a common dogwhistle..

This is the goofiest shit ever, and to think someone paid several thousand dollars for Guinness to authenticate it as well is just the cherry on top. Terfs really are the goofiest clown-tier people sometimes.

when a cis woman shows empathy for trans women she is labeled a traitor by terfs when a terf shows empathy for nazis she is labeled a traitor by history.

Terfs 🤝Nazis Terf: I need female moderators for my Gender Critical Discord server. Woman with swastika in her name: Meee Terf: DM me your Username!.

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Hoy hubo una manifestación terf en Melbourne y fueron nazis a defenderla. Nazis literales, con carteles nazis y haciendo el saludo nazi. Enhorabuena, terfs, ésta es vuestra gente ahora. Espero que estéis cómodas en el lado bueno de la historia..

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Terfs: „Was können wir dafür das (andere) faschos unsere Ideen auch gut finden???“.

I cant wait for the day where we actually get to oppress TERFs..

Further proof that gender criticalists and TERFs have absolutely no swag whatsoever. Just…horrible.

Gen X protest nerdery: I texted @suburban_ennui to suggest a sign saying Nazi Terfs Fuck Off and he responded with the even better-punned reference Terf Nazis Must Die.

How many of my fucking mutuals are TERFs and JK Rowling defenders? Because no. GTFO here..

Ok it’s been done. He’s mentioned it. Should have put out a statement as the PM of this cuntry but I guess someone asked him while he was out promoting his shitty subs. Anyway here it is. He’s linked the nazis and the terfs which is important. He’s denounced them. Also important..

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i’m at the lesbian with @SlowpitchBitch, and a butch approached our table and asked permission to kiss my hand don’t listen to terfs. many cis lesbians have no problem with trans women.

terfs want to reduce my gender to my uterus, which, i cannot emphasize enough, is now medical waste.

cant be there in person, but to reiterate: Fuck TERFs and Nazis - pretty straightforward..

Nazi op-eds no one asked for! The Age: “Nazis are intolerant but so is the left (towards TERFs like me)” Saturday Paper: “back when I led the Liberals, our Nazis did not go to protests” Guardian: “To keep us safe from Nazis, Daniel Andrews must restrict protests more”.

Been resisting getting into too many arguments with all the Terfs who have been steaming boiled piss all over my mentions for two days because I mentioned B*lly Br*gg, but this one has been tempting me because the answer is quite obviously and inescapably the former..

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Outro dia eu perguntei se não causa nenhum incômodo às TERFs que o único grupo que concorda com elas em todo o mundo é o dos homens cis de extrema-direita. Pelo visto não incomoda nada, né....

fuck nazis. fuck terfs. fuck the police. solidarity with our trans siblings. no LGB without the T 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈❤️✊🏽.

Stop shitting on nazis isnt the winning argument TERFs think it is. Also interesting that she includes Muslims and Christians yet not Judaism on her.

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BREAKING: I used an all-gender public toilet/restroom and nothing happened. I will now be suing all the TERFs, Nazis, and run of the mill bigots that said this was the downfall of Western society and civilisation for defamation on behalf of the LGBTQIA community..

TERFs Photo,TERFs Photo by bæ grylls AKA Vax Payne,bæ grylls AKA Vax Payne on twitter tweets TERFs Photo

It appears @johnpesutto is drawing a very thin and “nuanced” line. Being a TERF? Ok. Hanging out with TERFs after they’ve explicitly and positively linked their views to those of neo Nazis? Not okay..

TERFS have yet to learn that I derive pleasure from making them mad, and the more of them that get involved, the more pleasurable it is for me..

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