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If Kashmiri Pandit Government Employees have to be locked like criminals by J&K Police then the PM Employment Package for Kashmiri Pandits is of no use. On one hand terrorists kill Pandits who have lost homes, on the other hand cops cane charge them and lock them up. Terrible..

This Tata Neu Frankenstein thingy: I keep getting spammed about getting coins but the app is terrible at telling me exactly what the heck I can do with them..

@PokayP2_Wiki @DangerD79248029 When you guys reveal what terrible people you actually are, it gets way easier for people to justify not caring about crimes committed against you..

What terrible news to wake to. One of the most watchable cricketers of his or any generation. Loved his laidback special commentary too. Gone to soon. TBT when Symonds let kids to field. Rare moment in cricket field. #RIPRoy.

Terrible piggyback reporting penalty against the Cowboys leading to that try #NRLMagicRound #NRLTigersCowboys.

@RealDeniseWelch The bloke is an attention seeking Wally. Not worth your time or effort. Thank you for talking about your mental health and reducing the terrible stigma attached to it. I’m a mental health advocate and a vegan so he’d really hate me lol..

Que preciosidad de foto,tan bella y tan terrible a la vez. Honor a quien defiende su Patria y a los.

@RosaGAlonso @Lay_losas Terrible encontré con imágenes que se me aparecen antes de apagar la luz.

how tf was this stream not taken down right away tho? Fucking terrible, man..

🧑🏻‍✈️ Niños de 12 y 16 años con armas en puestos de control en #Ukraine (TERRIBLE) y con el VB° de la @ComisionEuropea @NATO Los nuevos niños soldado de EUROPA. ✅️ #Zelensky sigue los mismos pasos que Hitler cuando perdía la guerra..

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@wisardolio @sarahschauer Oh man, that shit was terrible. I was one of the few black folks in our ward and felt like I was in the slave trade 🥲.

it was terrible long before the final season but someone needs to pay for this crime.

Terrible Photo,Terrible Photo by takara,takara on twitter tweets Terrible Photo

@zeeboulmani IMO I’d stay away. Rakic has better striking and his last loss wasn’t REALLY a loss, he should’ve won it but terrible score keeping via decision. He should be undefeated.

I ain’t gon lie a nigga having the ability to knock your period on is something extreme terrible witchcraft niggetry.

@tanya_plibersek So true. I am about to turn 55 and I have a 16 yr old and a 19 yr old. Downsizing is not what I intend to do for many years. And I quite like my place and my kids! I might be here for always. A terrible idea @LiberalAus #insiders.


@kungfupandemic @nick_pants Whoa hey there is nothing wrong at all with strawberry or chocolate eclair bars. Florio’s steak may be terrible, but those ice cream bars shouldn’t be taking strays..


I do a search for software defined radio and I get bombarded with spam for HackRF One and i know Those SDRs have a terrible receiver, there are better SDRs for half the price.

Departing and arriving at 🇩🇪. We were immediately welcomed with ENGENEs at the aiport, eventhough the flight was terrible tiring yet their sparkling shinning eyes makes me much happy..

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Shid I did that my junior year of high school, it wasn’t terrible.

@Richardkimble45 is so wrong/terrible in this kids life that he would go and shoot up a grocery store..

Violence & senseless death emboldened by racism is so shameful. Yet, it’s not surprising, even in 2022. SMH. Pray for Buffalo, NY 🙏🏾. I pray especially for the Black families brutally traumatized by this terrible act, who also witness the terrorizer gently escorted by police..

@StarkyLuv73 Black on black. White on white. Anyone on anyone. It’s all terrible. I’d love if we didn’t have to separate and could just call evil, evil without the descriptor. I think it’s telling the vitriol to this tweet..

@LeeLee54689633 This truly is terrible. It is like the beginning of the 1930s with financial ruin and war looming..

@FrackoffF Terrible decision. Pick another foolish sh!t british actor for an American main character, that makes sense..

El Travieso Álvarez y El Terrible Morales en Zacatecas - Periódico Mirador.

@maylwino @CHVNoticias Mire si es por el caso Araucanía lo amerita hay un abandono de deberes y de seguridad tema violencia Santiago ya es caso perdido pero en regiones está llegando y es con Moreira.

@cinnamon_girI exactly, i don’t care conventionally or traditionally attractive you are if you’re a terrible person i will think you’re ugly asf.

Terrible footage to see. Pulled up to the market and began shooting immediately. In the footage he leaves one alive who looked European (?) white, even apologized to them sorry after pointing his rifle at them. However, he had executed those who were black after shooting them..

@kingroyce01 I personally know a couple of people that got turned off by him. And he was terrible aide.

Corona: नॉर्थ कोरिया में कोरोना का भयानक मंजर, चार दिन में 8 लाख से अधिक केस, अब तक 42 की मौत - Aaj Tak #NEWSINDIA.

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