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Bitfinex & @Tether_to have reached a settlement with @NewYorkStateAG. After years and pages of info shared, we admit to no wrongdoing and will pay US$ to resolve this matter. 1/3

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Juan Manuel Mitidiero
Juan Manuel Mitidiero ()

Ya van 24 hs prestando guita a Ripio. Ustedes bien? Algo así como que mis Tether quedaron en el éter.

Early-ish adopter
Early-ish adopter ()

@TristanSchind11 @JunkoSu22993224 This FUD is so last month, also seems settled now so not a concern for me. Eventually the market will go towards USDC but the tether articles etc was mostly just FUD (as per normal)


Tether goes brrrrrrrr. Just wait for new fud. Doom is around the corner.

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Luca Land
Luca Land ()

@JacobKinge @CryptoWhale They are not silent, they are misleading their followers and thousands of people believe them and now think that it was all just FUD. Tether will continue its business as usual tomorrow. Nothing changed.

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Vitaly Vishnevsky
Vitaly Vishnevsky ()

I worked in Crypto OTC Exchanges in Europe, in-game industry, e-commerce and others, I think I see what will happen next: 1/ SEC, CFTC, DOJ will come after Tether, companies who were operating with tether and any 3rd parties because it is really low-hanging fruit.

Empress 🧝🏾‍♀️of Moon 🌘
Empress 🧝🏾‍♀️of Moon 🌘 ()

@iAmMuzicKing I think I’m rocking with Bitrue for now as far as a fav . Fav stable prolly USDC after today’s news just broke on tether. Really it’s just who has what I need available and the benefits of trading on that platform (gas fee ect)

Laurel Touby
Laurel Touby ()

Felix and I are discussing the Tether News today at 4:30 pm ET! with @felixsalmon in the VC & Angel Investor Club. Today, Feb 23 at 1:30 PM PST on @joinclubhouse. Join us!

Tristan Schindler
Tristan Schindler ()

@scottmelker But, do you think Tether still support, push-up the market now? If not, doesnt this Bullmarket collapse? Because they might have to cash out a lot of BTC in order to cover their claimed dollar amount, within 90 days

XRP ()

I think Tether just printed their fine out of thin air of 150,000,000 to NY AG! What a bunch of dumb asses! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Patrick McKenzie
Patrick McKenzie ()

“Tether doesn’t touch anyone with a Compliance Officer though.” Yes but the Central Bank of Crypto touches a *lot* of people with Compliance Officers, and some of those people are going to get asked uncomfortable things in writing.

さばCat🇫🇷ツーブロック弁護士連合 ()

TetherとRippleの件を同一視してる人も散見するが、簡単な違いはこうです。 Tetherは「State of New York」と戦って和解した。 R社は「United States of America」と戦おうとしている。 早く和解すべきですが当然、和解の効力は全米に及びます。

Layah Heilpern 🎬
Layah Heilpern 🎬 ()

If you want to understand the tether FUD @BTCsessions breaks it down perfectly in this episode. Come watch! 😍🍿

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Kyle S. Gibson
Kyle S. Gibson ()

@BennettTomlin ... did this person see all the relative ease that Tether has had since then in adding more to the reserve and maintaining their banking relationship w/ Del Tec?

Christine Duhaime
Christine Duhaime ()

I guess me and tens of others around the world are re-writing auditor risk assessments in respect of Bitfinex this week.

KriptoLevent ()

Bitfinex Tether davası ve anlaşması ile ilgili orjinal metin Başsavcı Letitia James açıklamaları ile burada dostlar. Haberi orjinal sitesinden okuyun. Çeviri kullanabilirsiniz.

🧨♻️Minus Wells♻️🧨 🦆Lame Duck 🦆
🧨♻️Minus Wells♻️🧨 🦆Lame Duck 🦆 ()

This settles is 2 seconds while the USA is attacking the USA for months Via @SEC_News Vs #Ripple

IsraelsNavy ()

Usd backed by enslaved people Tether backed by legit nothing . Low iq take

John Paul Koning
John Paul Koning ()

This is a win for stablecoin consumers. As a result of a settlement with the New York Attorney General, Tether is being obligated to finally provide the public with a detailed breakdown of its reserves:

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Dubb Ⓥ Ⓗ
Dubb Ⓥ Ⓗ ()

What the tether debacle showed us is that diversifying matters, even with stable coins.

Şant Manukyan
Şant Manukyan ()

3- The OAG Investigation Shines a Light on Unlawful Trading in New York State . NY bu konuda lisans vs işine ilk giren eyaletlerden ve davalılar yooo iş yapmıyoruz ki diyorlardı. Bitfinex and Tether Banned from Continuing Illegal Activities in New York . Yapamayacaklar, ceza.

Itstomd ()

@CryptoCobain This suggests something is in the works. Future Activities in New York: In the event that Bitfinex or Tether should in the future seek to service New York persons or entities, they will do so in accordance with applicable law, including any applicable licensing requirements.

Stefan W. Huber 💫
Stefan W. Huber 💫 ()

Tether ist doch kein Scam? Bullisher gehts nicht. Black Swan muss warten.

Charles ()

@Tether_to i’m euphoric yesss this news plus dip to buy and AT THE SAME TIME TO BOOT! this is great news maybe i feel too good and we dip to 30k now, lol

Andrew Brooks
Andrew Brooks ()

@Dxron2 If tether has to provide quarterly reports they may not be able to print like crazy anymore.

Louis Thomas
Louis Thomas ()

Imagine not buying #Bitcoin and missing out on life-changing gains because of Tether FUD

TheGoldenCrypto ()

💵💵💵💵💵18,500,000 #USDT (18,500,000 USD) minted at Tether Treasury 😂😂😂

Asset Bender
Asset Bender ()

I think we just passed disbelief. That’s just me. Toughest 2 days of my crypto years behind me. Thanks @Tether_to . Now let the #BTC validity commence.

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So Bitfinex and Tether are not allowed to operate in New York. New York is a financial hub and the country is taking notice. Tether will be banned nationwide.

Bitfinex ()

Bitfinex & @Tether_to have reached a settlement with @NewYorkStateAG. After years and pages of info shared, we admit to no wrongdoing and will pay US$ to resolve this matter. 1/3


VIDEO: The costs are the least of our worries because we have already been paying big costs. Going against Mr Tubuhaburwa is a huge cost, our people have died, you cannot tether an amount of money commensurate to the lives we have lost - NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi #NTVNews

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