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テトリスで、バトルロイヤル。Nintendo Switch Online加入者限定特典、『TETRIS® 99』はこのダイレクト終了後に配信開始。 #NintendoDirectJP.

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Tetris 99 añadirá al menos tres modos más en una actualización..

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me, after losing at tetris 99: ah, so sad, that even tetris has been tainted by capitalism and become an individualistic competitive game of dominance. i am not mad..

Tetris99 is lowkey addictive i cant wait for when people go to add me on their switch and they see my game list Splatoon 2 1075+ hours Tetris 99 1024+ hours.

У меня есть три вопроса даже не к Tetris 99, а по его поводу: 1. Кто и как это вообще гринлайтнул 2. Как можно было это выпустить в таком состоянии, он ПИЗДЕЦ bare bones 3. Почему в игру для продвижения онлайн-сервиса нельзя позвать друзей Ответ на все три - конечно нинтендо..

Hab ich die erste Folge Tetris 99 eigentlich gestern hier geteilt? Ansonsten noch schnell angucken bevor um 13:30 Uhr die zweite Folge erscheint!.

Me at 9:00 - “ maybe I’ll relax with a few rounds of Tetris 99” Me at 10:00 - “holy crap I haven’t blinked for a full hour!”.

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Several New Modes Datamined In Tetris 99.

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Me playing Tetris 99 when I hold an L block while already holding an L block..

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😂 TETRIS BATTLE ROYALE LIVE! (Tetris 99) 😂 via @YouTube.

Tetris 99 manages to capture the same amount of stress I have in the top ten of any other battle royale game.

Finished up Crackdown 3! Ending the stream with Russian Apex Legends. This version of the game has falling blocks and its actually Tetris 99.

so over the next few days expect Tetris 99, dark souls speedruns, RE2 speedrun learning, metro exodus and some more death end re;quest! VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!.

Me he tirado DOS HORAS jugando al Tetris 99 de los cojones SIN DARME CUENTA. Menuda tensión que genera el juego de marras, ¿eh? El mejor Battle Royale del mercado y consiste en hacer líneas con piezas de colorines xD.

godddddd consistently getting in the top 10 - 5 of tetris 99 but not winning is going to take years off my life.

Tetris 99 is actually way too fun for what it is, and way too tense and exciting to play.

Tetris 99 is going to be my I spent 50% of my battery on one sitting ; o ; What the actual heck, I never stay quiet playing videogames.

Acho que a essa altura do campeonato todos nesse site terão maturidade suficiente para admitir que Tetris 99 é o melhor exclusivo do Nintendo Switch dessa geração..

I tried tetris 99 and it makes me wonder what is even going on did I die is this hell I am pretty sure this is hell what is even happening any more nothing is real is this the matrix..

I’m paying Tetris 99 basically the same way I play tetris normally and I just got 25th on my fourth game so I feel like if I play this the way it’s meant to be played I will devour a soul.

85, 36, 63, 54, and 11. Not too bad for my first five matches in Tetris 99. Ok, NOW time to script..

More than one person has told me Tetris 99 makes the Nintendo online service worth it..

Can’t stop thinking about Tetris 99, but I’m gonna have to learn new skills. In normal 1v1, 4-Wide and just standard back-to-back Tetris speed can usually do it. But with 98 other players, I don’t think that’ll suffice. Gonna have to learn all the T-Spin setups, DT Cannons, etc..

[任天堂HP]『TETRIS® 99(「Nintendo Switch Online」加入者限定特典)』公式サイトを公開しました。.

The newest game to join the battle royale genre.

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テトリスで、バトルロイヤル。Nintendo Switch Online加入者限定特典、『TETRIS® 99』はこのダイレクト終了後に配信開始。 #NintendoDirectJP.

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