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A look at Globe Life Field where the Texas Rangers are currently playing in front of a full-capacity crowd of 40,000+ fans.

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Helen Kennedy
Helen Kennedy ()

Half a dozen shot in a new mass shooting in Texas right after he tweeted this.

All sorts
All sorts ()

@PoliticsForAlI @ITVNewsPolitics ”in its current form” ..... get lost Labour . Currently in Texas

welcome to dot 😷 🆙
Welcome to dot 😷 🆙 ()

as a Texas transplant shit are we running Boston now

Jim Geraghty
Jim Geraghty ()

About a month ago, I got so much grief and pushback for this column. People insisted I had thrown away all of the good work I had done during the pandemic by saying that Texas wasn’t insane for ending the mask mandate.

Josh Saul
Josh Saul ()

if you are listening to any texas legislative hearings today, get ready for a lot of dudes calling out Baylor

Life of Mike
Life of Mike ()

Watching Joe Rogan’s (awful) Netflix standup special from 2016, for 10 minutes he’s been making fun of Texas & talking about how California is the best spot in the world lol. And that’s from 2016, not 30 years ago — long after LA became unlivable. Didn’t age too well.

Jeremy 🇨🇦 Proud Canadian 🇨🇦
Jeremy 🇨🇦 Proud Canadian 🇨🇦 ()

@leafsnlifts Texas may be open but many business enforce mask requirements unlike Texas Rangers. The only reason they opened fully is because Rangers COO is friends with the worthless Governor and they celebrated when the mask requirement was dropped way too early.

Sawyer Hackett
Sawyer Hackett ()

Under the voter suppression bill passed by the Texas Senate, candidates could handpick poll watchers to read over the shoulder of voters and even film them voting. That’s not getting enough attention.

SportsCenter ()

A look at Globe Life Field where the Texas Rangers are currently playing in front of a full-capacity crowd of 40,000+ fans.

Texas Photo,Texas Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Jeffrey A Tucker
Jeffrey A Tucker ()

The collapse in Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Texas following the dramatic and full reopening is a devastating blow to lockdownism as ideology -- which is why media have fallen silent on the whole thing.

👹 Monstruo de Tuiter 👹
👹 Monstruo de Tuiter 👹 ()

Parece que Rubens está Andas desnudo mi texas.

King🤟🏾✝️♊️ ()

I don’t care what Lincoln Riley say Grandma’s south Texas brisket would kick the taste buds✝️💙💪🏾yessir

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Ranger Roy
Ranger Roy ()

Let’s hear it for Yellow Rose of Texas with Sing along with Mitch my favorite version as my Friend Stephan told me about this version

Howard Dean
Howard Dean ()

I see that Southwest Airlines has refused to condemn the pending Texas Jim Crow voting suppression bill. American Airlines has stood against that bill. Make your flying choice accordingly. I certainly will.

Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams ()

Thank you to these 193 companies for your leadership in recognizing that voter suppression is bad for democracy and bad for workers. Corporate voices urging legislators to defeat legislation in Texas and other states is vital.

Judd Legum
Judd Legum ()

REMINDER: @ATT has donated $574,500 over the last three years to the Texas officials pushing voter suppression legislation and now CEO John Stankey says that election laws are too complicated for the company to take a clear position

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winston speir
Winston speir ()

@AOC Uh as I live in Texas we did not have an environmental crisis. We had a freeze. That happens occasionally. And it was not his issue and he is not to blame for taking his family to a warmer place. Everyone of us wished we could have done it. But unlike you We in Texas don’t cry!

Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz ()

@sophiagracedent Man Cave back in Texas. But I will make it to Atlanta sometime this year to watch a game!🙌🏽

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Thomas O McGauley
Thomas O McGauley ()

Texas Senate Advances Election Integrity Bill Focused on Mail-In Ballots via @epochtimes

Pam persists
Pam persists ()

Spring brings out the state flower Lupinus texensis, the Texas bluebonnet. #Texas #Bluebonnet

Texas Photo,Texas Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Texas Roadhouse is growing in the #CoeurdAlene, ID area and we are looking for new Roadies to join our team. Get in touch today: Server Assistant - Busser #RestaurantLife

Bitcoiner 💚☘ 1 satoshi = 1 dolar
Bitcoiner 💚☘ 1 satoshi = 1 dolar ()

@TatoskyD @alessacanada texas y florida sin uso de mascarilla ni restricciones casos y muertes en minimos historicos

Rojelio Mejia, MD
Rojelio Mejia, MD ()

Utah will be the 7th US state we are investigating environmental parasite contamination. The others are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and New York. Our NYC paper.

Jason Filbeck
Jason Filbeck ()

@devil_texas So satanists are different from awthiests in what way? Why not just call yourself aethiest? Is it just because of anger toward Christianity?

Carja ()

1) Last week, at an event on the Mexican border, the Chair of the Texas Republican Party joined the head of the far-right paramilitary the Oath Keepers to spread blatant misinformation about the Biden-Harris administration’s immigration policies and fearmonger about the ;

Cj Bandana
Cj Bandana ()

@BallySports_SW @fsregionalads Texas stadium was torn down almost 20 years vaccine huh🤭

A Boy and His Dog......Babylon falls in one hour
A Boy and His Dog......Babylon falls in one hour ()

@GregAbbott_TX The expense should come out of the money Texas sends to the Federal Government, for not doing their job

John McClain
John McClain ()

A shining moment for Jim Nantz when he calls UH-Baylor Final Four game via @houstonchron

TrueBlueTexasNancy ()

This is disgraceful. Texas should be making voting easier so MORE people vote. Automatic and/or Election Day voter registration should be enacted. Early voting should be expanded. Voting locations should be added especially to areas already underserved.

Judd Legum
Judd Legum ()

1. Texas already has the most restrictive voting laws in the nation But with the state trending blue, Texas Republicans are pushing draconian new restrictions anyway These politicians are backed by millions in corporate cash Follow along if interested

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