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today you mock the boomer but tomorrow you become the boomer the boomer is inevitable.

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Its not a grim movie, it’s movie about hope, about acceptance of death which is inevitable, and yet enjoying the life. @priyankachopra was spectacular! She has lived the character! Go watch The Sky is Pink!.

And we back until the inevitable next lock/suspension —-> @48john.

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another way to think about it — and I’d be curious to hear what smarter people than me think — is MZ’s invite for regulation of FB could benefit FB when inevitable debates about censorship pop up, fb can point to how FCC requires the same of FB political ads as it does TV/Radio.

sure. going outside and spending time with friends is neat but also ephemeral. all of that will be gone as soon as it stops. nothing can stop the inevitable march of time, the rifts that will form between those things. but the stuff i saved off pinterest tonight is forever.

This is reality from eye witnesses there many are going to suffer again The Kurds are trapped - a humanitarian disaster is now inevitable.

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@fbnewsroom @ewarren This is hot garbage. You are just washing your hands of dealing with disinformation while collecting billions in the inevitable disinformation war. You have already touched off a genocide in Myanmar with this crap. Why can’t you take responsibility for your platform?.

What if anti-poverty programs addressed structural injustice rather than the behaviors of poor people?.

Our time is ticking and our akhirah is getting closer by the day but yet we choose to avoid the inevitable.

@thepaulwilliams I’m mentally preparing myself for the match going ahead and either: 1. Japan play like they did v Ireland and hammer us 2. We win, get the BP but Japan score with the last play to secure 2 BP’s and we go out in the inevitable blaze of Glorious Failure™️ that only Scotland can.

Last night I was praying Wondering about the state of our world I genuinely asked Is there any hope of fixing this world? Even though effectively all that does is delay the is just some kind of fighting spirit in me, that wants to never give up. Is it worth it?.

I don’t take on the Kardashians and then cry when their millions and millions of followers have an opinion on what I say. I entered the ring, and so I am prepared to finish the fight. At least this way, with my warning, you are reminded to consider inevitable consequence. ❤️.

I’m not in any way condoning or encouraging dog piling. But it is an unfortunate consequence of picking a fight with someone with a large following. And that person can’t control it. I take on people MUCH more famous than me, but I do it fully prepared for the inevitable backlash.

“With the right people on your team success is inevitable searching through my mind cause I know I’m intellectual; praying to a God that I know is impecable.” Zalicia Zajid ✨👸🏿.

As talk heats up about the “inevitable” backlash to a @ewarren candidacy, Democrats should consider how impeachment has played out. So far, no backlash, other than the one against POTUS. Different issues, but important lessons to be learned about acting from position of strength..

“It’s inevitable that there will be some friction at the start. As long as you have a kind heart, no matter where you are, you can make friends.” - Huang Renjun.

I don’t want him to suffer the inevitable disappointment, so I’ve blocked him. Act of kindness really..

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‘Despite it’s predictability, no national housing strategy has been developed to prepare for the inevitable disaster ahead.’ 👇 And this is the modus operadi for everything the Morrison Govt does - ignore the warning signs, ignore the experts, just crash through. #auspol.

@rafaelbehr That would be the only sensible way to either a) stop Brexit or b) to deliver it in a way that is sustainable and will lead to the least political damage (notwithstanding inevitable damage elsewhere).

Poverty and inequality are not inevitable. #PoliticalAusterity was/is a Tory/LibDem political choice. ONLY @UKLabour have the committment and the policies to tackle this #ReasonsToVoteLabour 🌹❤🌹.

comment: the mad squad comeback thoughts? bk: since we want to show you the best, feeling burdened is inevitable 🥺 comment: blue hair? bk: will oh green will comment: harley bk: ? will comment: so is fly gonna happen? bk: LOL NO.

Is your focus is off? Then stop focusing on the wrong thing. If you focus on the right thing, your focus is power; your focus is fire. You’re unstoppable when you focus; your destiny is inevitable when you focus. You will catch fire if only you focus on Jesus Christ and His Word..

The state of California just made it clear: Face recognition surveillance isn’t inevitable. We can — and should — fight hard to protect our communities from this dystopian technology..

Every straight girl discovering Drag Race for the first time and entering their inevitable ‘yasss mama werkk’ phase:.

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today you mock the boomer but tomorrow you become the boomer the boomer is inevitable.

How Elizabeth Warren tapped into the same zeitgeist that made Unbelievable the water cooler TV of 2019 -- the angst and anger behind #BelieveWomen. And how the inevitable misogynist attacks are just making her stronger as she surges ahead. My new column.

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