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When you’re rolling out the biggest vaccination program in Australian history, transparency is not an optional extra — it is absolutely essential to public confidence. Morrison can’t just spin his way out of this. Australians deserve answers.

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🌱💧🌴🤑🎓🛶Dirk Gently
🌱💧🌴🤑🎓🛶Dirk Gently ()

Is it possible the Morrison Government has perfected a Denial of Service attack on the Australian people? #auspol

Caldera (Green) House
Caldera (Green) House ()

Props to $ for showing up with a green metals supply chain. The Australian mining company has a nickel-copper-PGE project in northern Vietnam which is already a hub for electronics and battery manufacturing

Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards ()

Australian universities are under enough pressure at the moment from a variety of sources, having policies actively undermine our ability to actually attract and employ great people from all over the world is insane.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd ()

When you’re rolling out the biggest vaccination program in Australian history, transparency is not an optional extra — it is absolutely essential to public confidence. Morrison can’t just spin his way out of this. Australians deserve answers.

𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓛𝓲𝓵𝓪
𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓛𝓲𝓵𝓪 ()

I just joined the new Australian Crypto Exchange Swyftx and I love it! Signup here:

Alex Wodak
Alex Wodak ()

Girls, have you heard the news? A famous artist has made a sculpture of your family labelled ‘I released Priya, Nades Murugappan & their Australian-born daughters Kopika and Tharnicaa. Detained 2018 - ‘. All ready for when it finally happens #HomeToBilo @drlouisehansen #auspol

Cartoon Network ●
Cartoon Network ● ()

something terrible has happened during this binge. right at the last few episodes the stopped posting teletoon recordings and started posting Australian recordings with the pitch ruining all the music the only other option is 🌩 cartoon power up

Sky News Australia
Sky News Australia ()

Australian Jock Palfreeman has left Bulgaria for the first time in 13 years after he was arrested and charged with murder.

LadyDelishOz ()

@GalGeelong @DrewBarrymore Was there a pot of tea in the US as well?!? For the Australian incident, there was $250,000 compensation to the staff member. Think it was Aus dollars.

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett ()

Important article by @andrewquilty on international crimes by Australian special forces in Uruzgan #Afghanistan Justice, acknowledgement of responsibility by Australia & reparations to the communities is necessary @AfghanistanIHRC

Roberta Ivers
Roberta Ivers ()

Suck it, AFR AFR hit job on Samantha Maiden backfires spectacularly | Australian media | The Guardian

Clarkie hates the LNP, Nine and NewsCorpse.
Clarkie hates the LNP, Nine and NewsCorpse. ()

@DrSallyCockburn @VicGovDH In fact, according to The Australian, “at the current rate, the most vulnerable will not be vaccinated until June 2023 and the full population not until October 2024. WT?

Franck ()

Better than spending on submarines which are redundant! Bring on an EV industry for Australian jobs in the 21st century!

Ashraffy Tweets!
Ashraffy Tweets! ()

@sophieelsworth @australian Pretty sure Porters social media team made complaints to facebook, twitter etc about these posts urging them to be taken down well before Porter formally engaged in legal action. So not sure the accusation can be made when they are taken down. Research is your friend.

Surly Simon, get over it
Surly Simon, get over it ()

@broomstick33 @Twitter How can they even try to enforce this? Will it only cover Australian users? What about the rest of the world?

MUA ()

Australian christians in the @LiberalAus lock up little children in a concentration camp #scottymustgo

Brtgj ()

Finally an umbrella name for the people that come to the poor poor Australian Dollar jfc.

🕯Mif_asks_why🐀 ()

@sophieelsworth @australian We see what you are doing Sophie. Just like your nonsense during the Victorian pandemic. You contribute nothing.

Señor ()

@deepROSSed Bro what were that Australian band called u used to love back in the cod days

aly ! 🕷
Aly ! 🕷 ()


Watson ()

@Lagos_Wendy Paul Keating was a traitor to the labor movement and all of Australia; a reckless hypocrite. I wouldn’t trust Keating any further than I can spit.

Jarrett Walker
Jarrett Walker ()

@simonschre @christofspieler Example: When I worked in the Australian state of New South Wales, the state had a mandatory design for all bus network maps, which insisted that they be colorful but confusing. Highlighting frequency was expressly prohibited.

KarryonKaren-LookingAtThe✨ ()

Australian aged care homes still waiting for news of vaccine rollout This rollout has been hopeless, no staff vaccinated and not even half of the residents completed. Spin, distractions and blame won’t work this time.

Wortho ()

the shitty thing with being an australian internet user is you have to put up with april fools twice. #AprilFoolDay #AprilFools

Helen Simmons
Helen Simmons ()

@australian Be great if @ScottMorrisonMP could use this time to reflect on the Aussies he’s left stranded abroad. Is the plan to leave them there until then next election?

sw nihao
Sw nihao ()

The Italian mafia prosecutor has had a bodyguard for decades or writing a book like that and not being a respected Australian journalist with police and government protectionism in terms of the democratic would life threatening, perhaps.

Grant Williams
Grant Williams ()

Help @bobbyllew the Australian electric vehicle fb group I am in is being taken over by Toyota hybrid owners who are claiming they are EVs too. What do I do? 😲

💧Lesley Porter. 🎀🚒
💧Lesley Porter. 🎀🚒 ()

@josiegirl62 If I heard that now I wouldn’t acknowledge that I was Australian. Sad to admit but the powers that be have done too many embarrassing things.

Peter Deans
Peter Deans ()

Some compelling reading for those enjoying a few days off over Easter. Yesterday, the Australian Academy of Science released a landmark #climatechange report. It is compelling and sobering reading. The Academy laid out the outlook…

The Caravan
The Caravan ()

The Australian media group ABC News has reported that the #AdaniGroup is paying USD 30 million to Myanmar Economic Corporation, a Myanmar-military controlled company. Last week, the US imposed sanctions on the MEC in connection to the ongoing military crackdown in Myanmar.

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