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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 02:43 AM IST

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Brisbane (Australia) elected as the host of XXXV Olympiad in 2032: International Olympic Committee (IOC)

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“You can’t police peoples’ voice on racism…l see protesting and expressing yourself as a fundamental human right. @dinaashersmith takes a stand against the IOC’s draconian rules on athletes protesting against racial injustice and police oppression 🙌❤️


Olympic soccer players took a kneel on the first day of play — and the IOC banned their social media teams from posting it.

The IOC is a deeply flawed organization and I have legitimate ethical concerns over how they operate. I *love* the Olympics as a competition. The athletes, the stories, the surprise bronze medals and learning a new sport. I don’t need to hear from you if you don’t.

i feel like a lot of the issues w the olympics would go away if it was 1) centralized somewhere to avoid constructing stadiums (athens, probably) and 2) you culled the entire IOC, who continue to appear to be some of the worst humans alive

Tokyo waits and the world watches as IOC gambles on the Games again. By @AndyBullatGNM #Tokyo2020

Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Gwen Berry are among the more than 150 athletes, educators and activists who signed a letter Thursday urging the IOC not to punish participants who demonstrate at the Tokyo Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Tokyo 2020 organizers have reportedly banned the official social media channels for the Olympics from posting photos of athletes kneeling in protest.

Hey but the IOC will make money off the tv rights and that is all that matters #Olympics2021

@catherine___c Still gets me why @AnnastaciaMP and the couple other hangers on couldn’t do their final presentation to the IOC by VC. Tech is not new! So I’ve concluded that despite all the BS otherwise, Olympics process is still corrupt and they are still awarded to the biggest IOC sycophant.

Misogyny of Olympic proportion. Inexcusable. How will he be held accountable by the @ioc?

@jupiter_star The IOC was a cesspit long before this, but at least now more people are recognizing it

IOCって何様のつもり???!!!Had enough of the IOC telling sovereign governments what to do? We’ll have a look at this. Disgusting.

I am an Olympics junkie. I watch all the events. I watch curling and weight lifting, ferhevensake! This year, I’m going to watch hardly any of it. It’s just too stupid. The IOC is as dumb and awful as FIFA.

@WriteWithDave Majority of the ioc board is occupied by dinosaurs 🦕. 🦕. Should be known as the Olympics Museum for Dinosaurs 🦕. 🦕 Or, Incontinent Old Cűnts 🤔

John Coates is a horrible arrogant man! He typifies what is wrong with the IOC and the selfishness of these past athletes!

This is just the start. The IOC will soon lose control in Tokyo.

Yes! Blatant rude, misogynistic, bullying behaviour. Unacceptable in every way. The IOC are just the organisers of a sports festival. Call him out!!!

オリンピックの今のIOCと日本の組織委員会が、何に拘り、何を大事にしないかの本質を示している。“Tokyo 2020 social media teams banned from showing athletes taking the knee | Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 | The Guardian“

It’s likely that at least one athlete will defy IOC rules against protesting during the Games, which open Friday. The question of what might happen, and what the punishment could be, is adding another layer of tension to an already problematic Olympics.

@Therese_Rein The IOC’s consummate greed, entitlement and delusions of sovereign nation grandeur laid bare. Shame on the IOC, shame on Coates. Disgusting behaviour.

@annabelcrabb @drkerrynphelps It’s the IOC in reality. All powerful, all control. I know, I’ve worked with them.

The fact that some people on here’s problem with that incredibly uncomfortable video of the IOC dude and Palaszczuk is that he shouldn’t talk like that *to a Premier*… that ain’t it

どうやらアメリカの判断は正しい。 IOCや組織委員会は甘く見過ぎていますね。 アメリカ女子体操チームが“選手村入り”を拒否! 独断での宿泊地変更を米放送局も報道「パンデミック禍で理想ではない」(THE DIGEST) #Yahooニュース

@jkalbrechtsen Janet, there is something quite awful about the IOC as 😂 😂 😂

@jonkudelka @RobertArnol Had the vote rejected were others keen to host under the new process.

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The IOC mafiosos make you kiss the ring regardless, even when it’s intentions are clear. Also, fuck John Coates.

Thank you to the Members of the IOC. Today’s vote at the IOC Session in Tokyo ensures Australia will host its third Olympic Games, eleven years from now, following on from the proud record of Sydney 2000 and Melbourne 1956. 👉 #Brisbane2032

The IOC Photo,The IOC Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Breaking News: Brisbane will host the 2032 Summer Olympics, making Australia a three-time host after the IOC overhauled its city selection process.


Brisbane (Australia) elected as the host of XXXV Olympiad in 2032: International Olympic Committee (IOC)

The IOC Photo,The IOC Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

The IOC has voted and named Brisbane the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Host City! #Brisbane2032 @IOCmedia

The IOC Photo,The IOC Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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