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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 09:43 PM IST

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Bulldogs sign Tevita Pangai Junior for next three seasons via @NRL_Bulldogs

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Freed for the pression of being the victims of Australia and New Zealand, we may have a more opened competition , more colourful. Finally some kind of reward for the nations who struggle to survive in their nations. Keeping the NRL as a touristic attraction though 🤔

@Keithclubline My opinion is that the Australian NRL doesn’t care about anything outside of Oceania (inc NZ as the Warriors play in the NRL) and the monetary prizes etc isn’t worth the risks of covid, player welfare and the travelling! sadly as has always been the case the money is in Union 🙄

@DiFarmerMP So, your government only now goes hard on the border after all the NRL players and WAGS are in QLD, you reduce stadium capacities and make masks mandatory when sitting once State of Origin is complete….

Hope the @TheRFL and @RLWC2021 have the bottle to carry on. NRL are complete shit outs

@mikelavelle93 It’s a shame as is the way pointing out the other trips athletes from Australia are doing to the UK or elsewhere makes you wrong in this argument against the NRL being concerned with themselves only

@AndrewRLP Which makes it even more infuriating that they used the ARLC which is supposed to be an independent commission that ensures the NRL does not sabotage the game through self-interest, has elected a leader who is destroying the game through self-interest

“When the NRL is running world rugby league as it should” speaks volumes. They don’t care about the rest of the world game, as long as they’re all alright.

@ifchristian @RLWC2021 Really unfair on the smaller countries and their players. From what I gather this is a tactic to reduce any risks for the NRL season . I wonder if they prevent other non Aussie/Kiwi NRL players from travelling in the unlikely event of the tournament going ahead. ?

@PhilGould15 All about nrl couldn’t give a monkeys about the overhaul of the game. Funny how RU is touring cricket tennis players over and the Olympic got teams, Nick the 🛎🔚 think he owns the game. Hope the players revolt New Zealand wants to come. All about nrl

That being the case I’d replace Australia and NZ with the two highest placed non-qualifiers, encourage NRL players who want to play to put themselves forward for other eligible nations, and show Aus and NZ that the game is bigger than them.

@PhilGould15 Seems the the Australian view that this Is the UK’s World Cup so why should the NRL care. Poor, only in RL.

@drboothy NRL clubs not wanting the players to self isolate after the competition means the international teams withdraw from the competition and the World Cup in England doesn’t happen.

@gorbr28 @PaulBennettRL Which International events are you speaking of, The Euros? The Olympics? Even the Wallabies will be over here. This decision has nothing to do with player welfare and everything to do with the NRL fulfilling tv obligations. The NRL will be like the NFL soon, the only show in town

Bulldogs sign Tevita Pangai Junior for next three seasons via @NRL_Bulldogs

Unvaccinated Victorians could be refused entry into major events - including AFL, NRL, the Boxing Day Test against England and even the Melbourne Cup - as the state tries to avoid future lockdowns.

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