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Almost 4/10 illegally crossing the Channel are Albanian, where there is no war. They are economic migrants - not asylum seekers.

Once,the best known Australian voice was Judith Durham’s. With the Seekers and solo Judith earned her place as an icon of our music. In 1967 10% of the Melbourne population attended a single gig. What a contribution. What a loss. I am Australian will be played forever. RIP.

The government must better define, in law, the difference between economic migrants and asylum seekers. Economic migrants attempting to enter the UK illegally must be denied entry. Asylum claims must not be accepted from migrants attempting to enter the UK from any safe country..

Ray Hadley experiencing some technical difficulties says his show is a “fiasco” and the only thing of substance I’ve heard in last 30 minutes is two songs by Seekers. 2GB is a wild ride this morning!.


The detained 300+ people from Haiti trying to sail to Florida on a dilapidated boat. Many tried to swim to safety before being arrested. The has expelled thousands of Haitian asylum seekers in recent months. At least 33 have drowned trying to reach the since May..

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@Samadrita98 I get that everyone wants to know your favs are happy but for ffs the couple themselves have given enough info in the last 7 months for you to understand this so stop listening to these attention seekers who must be so miserable in their own lives to stalk others to get info..

@paulmcgee25 They are asylum-seekers (98% of them according to the Home Office evidence to parliament). And claiming asylum is never illegal. In 2019 very many more arrived by lorry. That largely stopped with lockdown. It’s just different (more dangerous) routes..


In an expansion of the governor’s plan to bus migrants from the Texas border to East Coast cities, 64 asylum-seekers arrived in New York City over the weekend..

Wonderful speech! Stated all facts & arguments beautifully… none of the right wing press nonsense (c’mon Albania, really??) There is NO other safe route for asylum seekers: the UK Govt. Ms Patel, is Chief People Smuggler/murderer. #EnoughIsEnough.


The keeps deporting asylum seekers from Haiti, where at least 16,000 people have been displaced by violence and poverty in recent weeks. What the doesn’t acknowledge: its own role in creating the multiple crises Haiti faces today..

Rent seekers from the internal combustion engine industry sees Australia as easy meat in what comes as a total non-surprise..

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@EclecticRadical Yep! Just like refusing opiates & muscle relaxers to pain patients, or labeling all those with ADHD, chronic fatigue, or Schizotypy as drug seekers for needing adderrall. And don’t get me started on disease modifiers for things like MS- you know, the meds that slow the disease.😒.

Check out the epic schedule for @flufworld birthday week! 🐰 🎂 🤖.

Imagine thinking that Asylum Seekers & Labour are the problem here. This is what Gaslighting does to people 🙄 Can’t see the wood for the trees..

In an expansion of the governor’s plan to bus migrants from the Texas border to East Coast cities, 64 asylum-seekers arrived in New York City over the weekend..

Jesus Christ healed the sick and feed the poor not stuck the sick on a Job Seekers benefit and hit them with sanctions..

@AdamBandt Usually disagree with you, agree with you on this one . What constructive work are you actually doing with Labor and the Teals to bring these asylum seekers to Oz or NZ ? Is dialogue happening behind the scenes we don’t know about it ? It easy to tweet .Need action.

Tom Springfield, who wrote the best songs for The Seekers, is still alive (88) and living in Hampstead. (UK) near a friend of mine. Worth an interview @NeilMcMahon ?.

Deeply frustrating that the productive parts of the economy must first pay 10s of millions of £ to rent seekers (some dating back to feudal times!) before they can make a profit.

@TPOSLA1 @peteratcmc You forgot asylum seekers, teachers, students, the snp, train drivers and staff, bus conductors, dentists, any EU national, and anyone not born into wealth that succeeds against the odds and has the audacity to be remotely politically left leaning….

1H Top #Nft Mints OnlyPass: 236 Planet Seekers: 229 Combat Crates: 135 Just a Friend: 130 The Awakened Woman: 83 DegenPepe Official: 46 MartiansVsRednecksWeapons: 23 the abducting collective: v3: 15 ENS: Ethereum Name Service: 10 Eth Army Token: 5.

@Ctl_Alt_Del Well she was an Australian icon. Named as Australian of the Year with The Seekers in 1968 and Victorian of the year in 2015. After her husband died from MND she became involved in MND research and National Patron of the MND Assoc of Aust. A state funeral is deserved in my opinion.

Hop on over to the @seekers_xyz Discord where the @flufworld birthday festivities are continuing in the form of a quiz! Featuring ASM Community Manager - Suda.

Our friends @haringeymsc need your help to continue supporting migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. As one of the few services offering free immigration advice and support, their work has never been more essential - please give what you can!.

I fell in love with Judith Durham when I was a teenager. What a great voice! She passed away over the weekend. And just now, we learned one of the great historians has also died..

We are grateful for the hardworking and dedicated attorneys who represented this individual who now has a safe place he can call home after being granted asylum in the US. Without you, the work of helping LGBTQ+ asylum seekers would not be possible! Thank you!.

#GodMorningMonday 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only true Satguru who gives three times of devotion and chanting of three types of mantras to his seekers, according to the scriptures. @bandichhodkijai.

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This gotta be such an anthem, this song is special - American singer reacts to Judith Durham & The Seekers..

New York Mayor Eric Adams has claimed that some migrants are being forced on buses from Texas, as 14 more asylum seekers arrived in the city on another bus sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott..

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