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The amount of times we had to bleep Dog **** it really quite staggering. #thebachelorau.

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Really fucking sick of watching a girl being bullied and everyone thinking it’s ok. Regardless of what Abbie is doing, Sogand’s comments and actions towards her make me sick. Sogand is 30 for god sake. Grow the fuck up #TheBachelorAU.

Why is everyone all of a sudden hating on Abbie & calling her a liar when HALF OF THEM backed what she said about Monique to Matt, like they literally agreed & said that to him 🧐🧐 #TheBachelorAU.

So Matt wants someone with a successful career but they should be willing to give up their successful careers to marry Him and have his children? And they absolutely must be blonde and white: #TheBachelorAU.

legit it’s gotten to the point where idgaf about either Sogand or Abbie. both of them can piss off show me more of helena #TheBachelorAU.

#TheBachelorAU 2019, the guy sent a woman home because she’s career driven. What century are we living in again?.

Not sure why everyone is hating on Sogand so Abbie is NOT genuine. She’s made trouble for other girls and been deceitful to Matt, I think it’s reasonable for someone to call her on her bullshit #TheBachelorAU.

sogand is just showing all the young girls who watch the show that it’s okay to tear down other women and that’s so not okay being negative to other women is so shitty #TheBachelorAU.

Time to get dirty again… the Bachelor Bath is back! Find out who joins Matt in the tub tonight on 10. #ThrowbackThursday #TheBachelorAU.

Tonight the Bachelorettes have a group date with Matt’s best mate Kate. tonight on 10. #TheBachelorAU.

The fallout from Alan Jones’ Jacinda Ardern comments. And @TheBachelorAU evictee Monique joins us fresh from the doghouse. @theprojecttv.

Welcome to your Astro recap of the dramatic week that was ✨#TheBachelorAU.

Has anybody made a supercut of every time Matt says “sensational” on #TheBachelorAU ? ? @junkee I’m lookin’ at you !!.

Me outside the rose room trying to do the calculations on the fly, particularly if someone left during the #thebachelorau.

I have a whole separate room, covered in candles where I whisper into a SPL meter to make sure my dB are low enough #thebachelorau.

I hope ‘dog****’ doesn’t stick. Would be a shame if he is forever known as the ‘dog****’ bachelor. #TheBachelorAU.

matt agnew: i can excuse being called a dog c*nt but i draw the line at one nervous conversation #thebachelorau.

Does anyone else just not like the bachelor this season or is it just me? Something about him doesn’t sit right with me? #TheBachelorAU.

Sometimes reading the comments is worth it #TheBachelorAU.

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This chick got banished and honestly we need to banish more people in life. #TheBachelorAU.

@Errin_Joy He didn’t have a connection or attraction towards her. No crime in not being attracted to someone 🤷🏼‍♀️ #TheBachelorAU.

I just love the Australian version of this franchise. Like remember when there was a whole plot about who pissed in someone’s pot plant? And now we’ve got factions divided over a contestant calling the Bach a dog c*nt. America could never. #TheBachelorAU.

Hey friends. Not going to make the live tweet tonight for #TheBachelorAU See You Next Wednesday 😉.

Seems the AFP need help tracking down DogCats (sic). To the BachMobile! #thebachelorau.

The amount of times we had to bleep Dog **** it really quite staggering. #thebachelorau.

Tonight’s episode of #thebachelorau has featured more dog anatomy than 5 years of vet school.

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