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🥁 The Drum is back tonight for 2023! 🥁 TONIGHT: The federal government flags an overhaul of the Medicare system, and NSW political parties consider gaming reform ahead of the state election – what impact would changes have on crime and problem gambling? #TheDrum.

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‘Banging their sippy cups’Thanks @farrm51 who was describing right wing men who inexplicably hate Jacinda Adern. I do not accept Parnell’s characterisation, esp since she never criticised morrison. Pure RW prejudice #thedrum.

I hate women who tear down other women. Leave @jacindaardern alone, @parnellpalme. #thedrum.

Predictably, Parnell hates Jacinda along party lines. She is incapable of giving credit to a progressive person #thedrum.

Are we seeing Arden being criticised for doing in gov what Twiggy and Canon-Brooke did - but the later were praised for thinking big? #thedrum.

Interesting comment by Parnell - government shouldn’t subsidize renewables, but they have been subsidizing fossil fuels forever. 😡 #TheDrum #auspol.

Heh @ellenmfanning #thedrum I have solar on my roof and my most recent bill was nil Its doable.

Ardern is criticised because her reach exceeded her grasp. But at least she resisted the temptation to be deliberately callous. #thedrum.

Why does Ellen seem incredulous that dating apps are being used for nefarious purposes by abusers? #thedrum.

#TheDrum The solar electricity surplus from the struggling company started by the dueling billionaires could be used to refine aluminium. Instead of exporting bauxite to be refined offshore..

#TheDrum Fed-up with TV panel presenters,discussing renewable energy,costs etc,as if we shld still b using FFuels - taking NO account of the relatively near future inevitable,ClimateCatastrophe looming! No mention fCoalition irresponsibility!Just CRITICISE govt working2overcome.

The Drum
The Drum

Everything you need to know about buying and selling agencies in 2023 #Marketing #Advertising.

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Ellen your acting ability is appalling. Give it up and just do straight comapring. #thedrum.

I thought I’d try a bit of #thedrum rather than wholly subscribe to tennis! But, that know all/know nothing woman is more than my poor brain can cope with today!.

#thedrum ~ government has a role in funding engineering innovation: We all remember the Snowy Hydro Scheme. Consists of sixteen major dams; nine power stations; two pumping stations; & 225 kilometres of tunnels, pipelines and aqueducts that were constructed between 1949 & 1974..


#TheDrum should by renamed “look at me I’m Ellen Fanning”. So much snarky sarky ranting and raving. I’d love to hear more from her the guests..

#thedrum: Ellen, trying to structure a sentence without sarcasm. Err to partisan approach. Do better..

#thedrum back to the same old argument, Australia needs a Norwegian style sovereign fund, it was killed by the dodgy, compromised and corrupted LNP, if we had this fund we wouldn’t even be having this discussion!.

The Drum
The Drum

Best Ads of the Week: Utterly brilliant butter billboards and a thawing ice sculpture #Marketing #Advertising.

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Watching #TheDrum on @ABCTV. Current discussion is: should dating apps verify the history of violence of individuals using the app. I agree with the speakers, police checks should be done to see if individuals have been reported. Assaults on these apps happen. What do you think?.

Not to be personal, but how much would that #facialsurgery cost?! 🤩.. #thedrum.

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You need to have a police check clearance before you can work with children OK Parnell - tell me about that #thedrum.

How many coal $ actually visit Australia. Surely just enough for operational and 10% royalty to States? The rest in tax haven. Less than 2% employment. Isn’t coal and gas a con, not big deal at all? #TheDrum @JEChalmers @latingle #auspol.

2023 will be the year of AI accountability..

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#thedrum renewable are cheaper cleaner and safer than #DirtyCoalPowerStations and forget about expensive and polluting CSG, this is another pointless stop the ripoff, tax the CSG producers so they go out of business.

Understanding 2023’s big consumer trends bases on people finances: ⛳️ convenience, ⛳️ value ⛳️ distraction.

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Are energy retailers involved in manufacturing energy or building new infrastructure? #TheDrum.

A fantastic perspective provided by @TheDrum here. In essence, this explains that marketing is not just about the messages a brand chooses to share with the world, but a reflection of who they are, what they stand for, and how they operate. #MarketingTips.

@ABCthedrum @ellenmfanning you are,at best, an incompetent disgrace for allowing rightwing activist Parnell McGuinness to talk over your other guests who were praising Jacinda Ardern. Go and work for Murdoch. #auspol #TheDrum.

Don’t want to say ‘I told you so’ but it’s been like 7/8 years since I told you all to sponsor and activate around #Eurovision and you’re only just waking up to it…? 🤷‍♂️ cc @TheDrum.

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