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It’s pretty appalling the RBA had 63 meetings with businesses about wages growth over several months & not a single meeting with workers reps. A massive blind spot was inevitable. We could have told them what was happening with wage growth much more accurately #thedrum.

And @TheDrum it would also be good if you had more balance on your panels. You so rarely have experts or representatives of workers on your program. Less blind spots, better informed debate and different perspectives would make the convos so much better #thedrum.

#TheDrum Even if many are not self reporting with COVID, the numbers being hospitalized will give a good indication. Older people who are infected should definitely report, as they may be eligible for drug treatment that could help stop the infection fast..

Thanks @JennaPrice for speaking out about our very hard, and complicated, work. #thedrum.

On #TheDrum Malcolm Farr comments on PM’s recent travels o/s & opining that he needs to get back to important matters here. True, there are many. However compared to former LNP Cabinet, @AlboMP has a fantastic, talented, experienced team he can rely on in his absence. #auspol.

Performance pay sets teachers up to compete against eachother rather than work as a team #thedrum.

TONIGHT: Thousands of school teachers strike across NSW and the ACT, and the Prime Minister’s pitch to reset relations with the EU, vowing to resume free trade negotiations in the coming months. PLUS: We talk to the Melbourne psychiatrist fighting against dowry abuse. #TheDrum.

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#thedrum ~ Prime Minister Anthony Albanese @AlboMP doing so many OS trips tells the world “…We are under New management…”.

Are main stream media threatened by Twitter because it’s a narrative and a debate they cannot control? Or is it because Twitter has folks who are more capable of holding the media to account with comprehensive research journalists refuse to do? We all know it’s both. #thedrum.

Exactly- when politicians and the press continually denigrate teachers how does the profession attract the teachers it needs desperately #thedrum.

Where was this kind of rational discussion about this issue during the election? #TheDrum 🏳️‍⚧️.

Advocating performance pay is all about denigrating teachers and the complexity of their work. That is a budgeting measure which has nothing to do with school based education of children and adolescents. #TheDrum.

#thedrum ~ in the census Gen-X comprise of the population yet Boomers at 21% now are matching Millenials: Does that render Gen-X invisible…without significance in society…?.

The number of trans people who are capable and wish to compete at an elite level is infinitesimal. This is about ignorance and bigotry #thedrum.

Are we just accepting that the gig economy must be synonymous with underpaying workers? #thedrum.

Performance pay incentives is always trumpeted by non teachers! Ask the teachers about impossible work loads, poor morale and enormous data-based BS paperwork. #morethanthanks #TheDrum.

A good, measured sensible discussion on the #thedrum just now regarding trans inclusion in sport. Well done to everyone on the panel..

@ByronStol I was just thinking the exact same thing. I wish Tracey Holmes appeared on #TheDrum much more often IMO.

If anyone thinks performance pay will improve teaching quality, they have rocks in their head. #teacher #thedrum.

Enjoyed the discussion particularly between Bo Seo and @DrCraigEmerson on the substantive and political dimensions of argument, and their impact on our democracy #TheDrum.

#thedrum I spent time in a Christian Brothers school, violent paedophiles comes to mind. I’m now a confirmed atheist.

What if religion is simply an outdated concept for a modern & diverse country? #TheDrum.

@JennaPrice #TheDrum Technological change has fuelled workload increases, created ironically, disconnected student relationships in the classroom and zero efficiency benefits. The online tools seem to exist ultimately at the end of the zillions of flow charts to protect the DOE..

I agree with @bkjabour #thedrum Go Nick. He might be a loud wild child but he’s OUR wild child..

#thedrum interesting discussion on debates. Over many years I have found the most important thing is to first understand WHY a person has an opposing view- the basis of their view- only then can you have an informed debate. #auspol.

Great episode tonight. Respectful insightful commentary. Credit where credit is due. Please keep it up. #TheDrum.

This motto from my high school graduation speech is ingrained in me: we must bear the torch so that the world may see. In other words, speak up and shine light on reality. Debate requires courage. #thedrum.

@Lisaisalooseun1 @_ClaireConnelly You might present with a sore ear and anxiety … but GPs were given warning letters if they treated both conditions in the same consultation. #thedrum.

Been light and free since realising there was no need for a god during a physics class. #thedrum.

Religion is a bunch of fairy tales designed by men to control women and minority groups in society #thedrum.

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