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Just remember, AFL Squadron was a KIDS #TheFrontBar.

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Missed #TheFrontBar tonight? Catch up 👉.

A night at the bar with Arch and Elephant Lady (Sally) 🐘 #TheFrontBar.

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The Last Shout goes to @ashbar96, of course! Legend! 🙌 #TheFrontBar.

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This week while showing the ins and outs, we learn how @andymaherdfa became a Blues supporter. #TheFrontBar.

Love the front bloody hilarious. Glenn Archer was tough as nails! #TheFrontBar #shinboner.

Just remember, AFL Squadron was a KIDS #TheFrontBar.

Archer’s antics don’t look so tough in hindsight. Talking about paying an opponent’s fine, after admitting to “bashing” his head in and then body slamming him. Had a history of “tough” acts. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #TheFrontBar.

Glenn Archer had a bizarre pre-game ritual 🤮 #TheFrontBar.

Glenn Archer was tough, just ask Bruce #TheFrontBar.

glen archer is a flog and thug why are you interviewing him get him off #thefrontbar.

@TheFrontBar the bald headed flog only made a normal umpiring decision - the wrong one!!.

@thefrontbar7 will be getting a please explain from the @AFL after that segment #TheFrontBar.

In case you missed it, the AFL released a statement about fan behaviour today. #TheFrontBar.

Can someone please tell Andy Maher that Carlton are still 18th and a joke of a club? #TheFrontBar.

Plenty of news out of Richmond today. We got the exclusive word from Balmey on the big story. #TheFrontBar.

[email protected]’s been doorstopped about some big #TheFrontBar.

2x @NMFCOfficial premiership player and Shinboner of the Century @GlennArcher11 joins us this Wednesday! 🏆 #TheFrontBar.

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forget #TheFrontBar - even this segment is better than the late Footy Show #AFLTigersCats.

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