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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 26 Apr 2018, 02:06 AM IST

#TheVoiceAU Top Tweets On Twitter

  • More @TheVoiceAU tonight for you guys at 7:30!! Those kicks thoooo 👀😍👟.

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  • To press the button or not to press the That is the question 🤔 More @thevoiceau coming up tonight at 7:30pm!!!.

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  • Sharing another season with the wonderful @kellyrowland ✨♥️ #TheVoiceAu.

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  • Heroes! @KellyRowland @joejonas @boygeorge ✨Tune in for more @TheVoiceAU Tonight! ✌🏼#TheVoiceAU #TeamDelta.

  • If you thought last night was dramatic, wait until you see what happens tonight. 😳 The Four Coach Clash continues, #TheVoiceAU tonight..

  • What a gorgeous lady!.

  • TONIGHT: One Coach plays DIRTY with a rule-breaking tactic, while a familiar face returns to #TheVoiceAU stage. on @Channel9.

  • Our studio ceiling is still under repair! 🎶💥 Keep watching @ThePerezHilton, more Aussie talent on the way #TheVoiceAU.

  • I’m paying attention, Australia!! When she did that whistle tone, I lost it!!! @bellapaigemusic @TheVoiceAU @BoyGeorge @joejonas @KELLYROWLAND @DeltaGoodrem.

  • 15-year-old youngster from New South Wales stole the show on @TheVoiceAU last night! What a talent! #9Today.

  • Love seeing a contestant nail one of the coaches songs! @TheVoiceAU #TheVoiceAU @Channel9.

  • After he delivered one of the most heart-wrenching Blind Auditions thus far, we asked Oskar what music means to him and his family. #TheVoiceAU.

  • Yess HOLLY! That note! Heaven #TheVoiceAU.

  • Finally a rock singer. Please turn @KELLYROWLAND #TheVoiceAU.

  • How does it feel to be the Artist that caused a massive Coach Clash? 💥 We caught up with Ricky to find out. #TheVoiceAU.

  • Good #SundayMorning my beautiful people, how are you today😜🤪😋 Sun is up, #EarthDay is here & #SundayFunday is really beautiful Day☀️ My #TheVoiceAU would be like Havana Una na Hey💃🎶💞.

  • Un australiano de 18 años descendiente de asturianos, interpretó el himno de #Asturiaspatriaquerida para @TheVoiceAU en la TV de Australia como homenaje a su se quedaron alucinados! Aquí tienes su actuación: #Asturias @TurismoAsturias.

  • We can definitely see it! #TheVoiceAU.

  • It was a night full of power-packed Blind Auditions, but beware the #PitchWitch! Catch up now #TheVoiceAU.

  • TONIGHT : Is one Coach caught breaking the rules? 😮 #TheVoiceAU.

  • So proud of my talented husband!.

  • The Voice last night drew a national average audience of (5 City: / Regional: 463,000) #thevoiceau.

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  • The only nightly promo shot @TheVoiceAU.

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  • After being a rock to others, this inspirational figure takes a moment to shine for herself. #TheVoiceAU.

  • My husbands brother in arms.

  • Last night’s episode of #thevoiceau was the highest rating episode of the series so far, across the 5 Cities and in all five mainland capitals.

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  • my new design more here #TheRapper #เมจิกสกิน #ไลม์ซอลท์กินกับอะไรก็ฟิน #คมแฝก #PeckPalitchokeFirstDate #MusicMonday #SpringCleaningSchmovies #WorldBookNight #ShakespearesBirthday #qanda #TheVoiceAU #SegundaDetremuraSDV.

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  • @TheVoiceAU Where can I place you in my team 🙄, I thought this was the voice, he was amazing, much better than some who are already through 🤬.

  • Rising from the ashes and aiming straight for the top! @BrockAshby #TheVoiceAU.

  • When I eventually get on #TheVoiceAU I’ve decided that I will choose team George ..

  • This is what our Government DO NOT want you to see ,we allow killing of red listed to extinction DUGONGS & TURTLES! Native Title laws made in 1993!!! #Sundaynight #TheVoiceAU #thebachelor #EarthDay.

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  • @RidemDoc @TheVoiceAU And at everyone else ..she is a bully and if @TheVoiceAU takes away her audience by blocking her BOTH accounts ..this will help minimise her platform.

  • See more of singing scaffolder @SeannyMillar #TheVoiceAU.

  • Listen to Eat by Cris Da Ish #np on #SoundCloud #MondayMotivation #EarthDay #WorldBookDay #TheVoiceAU #HamOnt #Vegan.

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