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  • Déterminés pour atteindre tous nos objectifs ensemble ! On ne lâchera rien. Merci à tous pour vos messages et votre soutien. Une pensée pour Thomas (T) #AllezLOM 🔵⚪️🙏🏼.

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  • Literally just fan-girled so hard. Thomas Sowell has fought his entire life for black conservatism. Everyone PLEASE watch this INCREDIBLE interview. I am nothing without the likes of people like him and @larryelder. @RubinReport, how the hell do you score these interviews??.

  • Thomas Müller scores his 1st hat-trick since 2014 as Bayern reach the German Cup final ⚽⚽⚽ Will Bayern win the treble? 🏆🏆🏆 #UCL.

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  • Our full episode with Thomas Sowell (out Wednesday) has been demonetized by YouTube. We simply titled it “Sowell Full” on the back end. Guess that’s a scary.

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  • Unbeknownst to his family, @USAirForce TSgt Rob Thomas returned home from a 6 month deployment. His family thought they were just getting a tour of # until this happened..

  • thomas the twink engine turns 2 years old this year.

  • Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must understand the fatigue of supporting it. - Thomas Paine #quote #quoteoftheday.

  • FIM DE JOGO! Bayer Leverkusen 2x6 Bayern de Munique. ⚽ Bender, Bailey | Thomas Müller (3), Lewandowski, Thiago Alcântara, Javi Martínez. — BAYERN CLASSIFICADO PARA A FINAL DA COPA DA ALEMANHA! 🏆.

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  • So much #Winning.

  • @miranda_maybe @SometimeSpez Unlike Thomas, Thorne is a blood cousin.

  • Absolutely gutted to hear the news about Thomas Minns. It’s easy to vilify at times like this but I hope Minns gets a fair hearing and the help that he needs. He’s a very talented player and seems like a genuinely nice kid..

  • @Maudtheboxer @fintanboxer @sunshine4887 @thepigeoncoup33 @HankBoxerdog @LovelyBoxerLilz @ChadDMBVOLS @karaheward @Thomas_F81 @destructiondog I is in BC west Coast.

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  • Five Stars: Five Of The Best From Wales At The Commonwealth Games via @Dai_Sport_.

  • i just saw thomas am i a bad person.

  • @THEnergyNet @vispiron ED. NOTE/ @SEIA @AWEA So True Thomas! #Solar #SolarPower #SolarEnergy #SolarPowerPlant & #Wind #WindPower #WindEnergy #WindPowerPlant = #FuelFreeFuelForever EPIC #Farm, #Agriculture, No Till, #Livestock & #Crop Friendly Landlease Revenue! @InovateusSolar.

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  • 💦 #YerkOffGuarantee 💦 . 💋😍💋😍💋😍💋😍 . ➡ @KristyBlack93 👍 ➡ @SelvaggiaBabe 👍 ➡ @DominicaPhoenix 👍 ➡ @23NEEO ➡ @TonyBrooklynxxx ➡ @Thomas_Lee_XXX ➡ @Angelo_Godshack ➡ @FreddyGong07 . @AdultBrazil @AssReFocus @EuroPStars @R_sidney_V @Vdsxx1 @sexx_freak ..

  • Iain Thomas is here next week with I WROTE THIS FOR YOU - buy the collection now & even reserve a seat @IWroteThisForU #300ThingsIHope #poetry #poet #dtla #whattodoinLA.

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  • @FilmStruck @rianjohnson @Lilfilm @ava @RichardSHarmon Die Hard Ocean’s 11 To Catch A Thief The Thomas Crown Affair #FilmStruck4 Let’s see your list @biancamagpayo @dvhoef @darealdondada99 @alanartdirector.

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  • These Republicans even made @RepAkbari mad - and she’s not one to raise her voice. Y’all made sis put her hand on her hip!.

  • the thomas household: where we vacuum the rugs and make baked potatoes at 10:30 pm🤷🏼‍♀️🥔.

  • @TheMangoViking Also cool was the judge was actually a knight - Thomas Sackvyle, 1st Earl of Dorset..

  • Do I’m sitting here thinking Brooke’s married every Forester man, right? Who’s next? Thomas? #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

  • @thomas_hill_gr @KavehMadani جواب پرسشتان را هم داخل مصاحبه ی خودشان که ارسال کردم میتوانید بیابید و هم در سه توییت قبلی خودم گفتم که تاریخ را زنده ها میسازند.... در ضمن #کاوه_مدنی در همین مدت کوتاه تاثیرش را گذاشت، قضاوتش باشد بر عهده همه ی انها که در این مدت با او و برنامه هایس همراه شدند.


  • @juanramonlara7 @NataliaSancha El caso de Yemen es un ejemplo de su incapacidad. Tienen muchas armas modernas pero muchas de sus adquisiciones obedecen a razones políticas..

  • Thomas Rex: For any new technology, breaking into key markets is paramount in the journey to widescale commercial use and with companies like Gemalto, IDEMIA, Mastercard and Visa jumping on the #biometric bandwagon, the rest of the market will soon follow..

  • @mummsie2 @TaterSpeck @Maudtheboxer @fintanboxer @sunshine4887 @thepigeoncoup33 @HankBoxerdog @LovelyBoxerLilz @ChadDMBVOLS @karaheward @Thomas_F81 @destructiondog Lol ,love it ! We had Georgie Porgie , ruby wriggles , . Funny how we name them , then give them nicknames !.

  • @owl1897 @papinbrodyaga_ @_CherryErie_ @Alexand18280632 @TeaWithBerrie @kivipenetrator @DariAverina @thomas_WCKD @ElleLina @Hot_ass_Chris @Unicorn_asya_7 @_mandragorrra_ @hmoron57 @KasatkaIvanovna @_vlada_butler_ @NightWithDyl @murkgirl_ @CTEKLLOVATA @AlanTuesday.

  • [email protected] @NotADoctorKevin @thomas_castles @jackmurtha.

  • @melaniietweets Well, everybody has a thing, just don’t make Thomas do anything he will be uncomfortable with.

  • Meet my housemate, Thomas. 🐱.

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  • @1720maryknoll @GuidoLock @SjCattledog @pastebbins @Thomas_F81 @drjean_neuro @cazm4 @RIHANNON1967 @Biela25 @Yellowonetsy Surgery successfully was in recovery 4 a while waiting for room move has me going pretty good but all to be expected have me on 2 pain meds but not much luck thanks for your kind thoughts.

  • Coletiva da diretoria do Paysandu confirmou só duas contratações mesmo: atacante Claudinho e meia Thomas..

  • Mike Thomas Cameron Meredith Ted Ginn Brandon Coleman Willie Snead ( possibly) WR in Draft.