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Wow the amount of texts I’ve gotten about Tiger King since I tweeted about it all have mentioned their belief that Carol killed her husband! What are your thoughts? Do you think Carol killed him?

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Ken Olin ()

Trump is going on about his News Conference ratings. The ratings for Tiger King are huge too. Because people LOVE WATCHING LUNATICS.

Blaine capatch ()

Tiger King is really more of a figurehead, Tiger Prime Minister handles most of the day-to-day governing

Wiz Khalifa ()

At tha rate we’re goin a lawyer gon take joe case for the clout and really free the tiger king.

Zach Kornfeld ()

I can’t stop thinking about this. Tiger King is one of the most incredible docu-series I’ve ever seen. A damming portrayal of the modern American disease of individualism while also revealing itself to be a commentary on how stories are told. It is The American Story.

Perryana Grande ()

Tiger King is so compelling to me because my favorite type of person is “someone who could only exist in America, for better or worse” and that’s everyone in the show

Ginger Wildheart ()

There is blood on your hands @BorisJohnson And people think Tiger King is fucked up?

Netflix Italia ()

Ottima idea. Film: 📽️ Il buco 📽️ Dogman 📽️ La città incantata Serie: 📺 Ozark 📺 Tiger King 📺 The English Game

Law dog, esq. ()

it’s not possible to post anything funny about tiger king because every single thing that you see is already so much

Peter Monn ()

Finally finished the Tiger King last night! Wow! My review will be up later on my review channel!

Tyler ()

I’m trying to talk about #Bitcoin on group chats and my friends are only interested in tech stocks and something called Tiger King. 😐🔫

Solomon Georgio ()

Tiger King is a reminder that, even if we’re crazy, homosexuals will always be overachievers and multi-talented.

Scouse Ma ()

Anyone watched that Tiger King on Netflix yet? Jesus Christ I’m still in shock. Been having dreams about bleached blonde mullets and murdering my ex by throwing him to lions


Just finished Tiger King on #Netflix. Wow. Fun fact: During the last year of my friend Sam Simon’s life (he had cancer) he bought up roadside zoos as fast as he could to put them out of business. They all had to sign agreements to never open another one to get paid.

Solomon Georgio ()

Watching Tiger King has taught me that I’m sometimes okay with lack of diversity in hiring

Matt Bellassai ()

me during every single second of white nonsense on tiger king

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JP ()

there is not a single character so far in Tiger King who is in possession of their marbles. marbles all over the

Nick Nemeroff ()

Tiger King has completely revolutionized the amount of times I’ve seen someone give an interview with a little monkey in their arms 🙂

Kim Kardashian West ()

Wow the amount of texts I’ve gotten about Tiger King since I tweeted about it all have mentioned their belief that Carol killed her husband! What are your thoughts? Do you think Carol killed him?

Phil Demers ()

People watching Tiger King are getting a a sense of just how whacky zoo owners are. I’ve unfortunately had the displeasure of dealing with the craziest. If you think Tiger King is crazy, wait till you get a look into MarineLand. #ComingSoon

Ed Gamble ()

I thought the podcast series about Joe Exotic was mad but FUCK ME watch the Netflix series. It’s called Tiger King and it’s the most insane thing I’ve ever seen.

Andy lassner ()

I know people say this a lot about movies and shows. But “Tiger King” is the single craziest docuseries I’ve ever seen.

Fortune Feimster ()

Also, when you’re isolating in your home and you can’t understand why a bunch of dumbasses are still partying on beaches during a pandemic, watch Tiger King. Then you’re like, “Oh.”

Rachel syme ()

We have been watching The Tiger King and it may be the most bonkers ’ve

Chris Redd ()

Took a break from Love is Blind to jump in to Tiger King and WHAT THEN HELL THIS MAN GOT A LION RIDING PASSENGER SIDE IN A CHEVY!!!

Mary magdalene ()

im watching “tiger king” on netflix and ive never seen a documentary in which i hate every person interviewed.


At its most profound—and engrossing—Tiger King is a portrait of a world that’s entirely alien, and yet also reflective, and diagnostic, of this country as a whole.

Dan exotic ()

There are two quarantine camps: - people that got into animal crossing - people that got into tiger king If you say “why can’t you get into both?” you are excluded from both camps and are a no camp loser.

Westminster Abbey ()

Buried in the Abbey is Margaret Beaufort, the teenage bride who gave birth to Henry Tudor. Margaret was the original tiger mother, remarkably determined for her son to become king of England. She died knowing that her blood line would continue to inherit the throne. #MothersDay

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💕Ginger Banks💕 ()

The docu-series “Tiger King” on Netflix is SOOOOOO entertaining. Please go watch it! 😂


The wild true story behind Netflix’s new docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

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