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Tim Wilson spent most of his time in Parliament trying to destroy workers peoples retirement by attacking superannuation. Any politician who attacks workers rights has it coming to them eventually. #auspol.

Where is the corporate memory in Australia? Tim Wilson was an IPA man. He was Abbott’s appointee to Human Rights Commission which he wanted to abolish and he was there to deliver for IPA. Great result to see right wing zealot gone. #auspol.

Dave Sharma and Tim Wilson refusing to concede and going into hiding says so much about them and the pathetic politics they’ve brought to Australia. Happy to take pot shots and punch down but when it the time comes for courage they’re nowhere to be found. #auspol.

The #Padres have reinstated LHP Tim Hill from the 15-day IL and optioned RHP Steven Wilson to Triple-A El Paso..

I’ve seen enough! Tim Wilson has suffered a “super” swing against him and is set to lose his seat to Zoe Daniel — although he refuses to concede saying that postal votes will go his way.

Tim Wilson Photo,Tim Wilson Photo by dr cam wilson (monkey pox-ology phd),dr cam wilson (monkey pox-ology phd) on twitter tweets Tim Wilson Photo

Crowd at Teal Independent Zoe Daniel’s party told she is waiting for Liberal incumbent Tim Wilson to concede. She is matching him on the primary preferences her team believe she has won ...there is no way Mr Wilson can claw back from here. #7NewsMelb.

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Have a sook Barnaby. Gay Liberals like Tim Wilson & Trevor Evans regularly voted against LGBTQ (esp trans) rights, personally I’m glad they’re gone.

Tim Wilson Photo,Tim Wilson Photo by Joshua Badge,Joshua Badge on twitter tweets Tim Wilson Photo

Independent candidate for Goldstein has claimed victory over Tim Wilson. #auspol2022 #ausvotes.

Tim Wilson Photo,Tim Wilson Photo by 10 News First Melbourne,10 News First Melbourne on twitter tweets Tim Wilson Photo

FALSE ALARM: Seismologists have confirmed that the tremor felt in Brighton yesterday was just Tim Wilson stamping his feet.

It is not yet known what Tim Wilson will do with himself now, and many fear that he may now be unemployable in the private sector, after his confidence-shattering encounter with a merit-based selection process. via @betootaadvocate.

Tim Wilson admits defeat but other Liberal MPs yet to concede to teal independents @Paul_Karp #auspol.

Watching Josh Frydenberg eat shit live on national TV can only be beat when Tim Wilson will finally be forced to concede and eat shit live on national TV.

Tim Wilson, Josh Frydenberg and Katie Allen appear set to become ex-members of parliament. #ausvotes.

Mood is buoyant among Zoe Daniel’s supporters at Brighton Bowling Club . 8 of 44 booths counted Liberals Tim Wilson 38%, Teal Independent Zoe Daniel 33%. If that holds (it’s still very early) they believe Zoe will win after preferences. #7NewsMelb.

Tim Wilson Photo,Tim Wilson Photo by NickMcCallum7,NickMcCallum7 on twitter tweets Tim Wilson Photo

Tim Wilson loses his ‘by right’ seat due to (his words): “an unholy alliance”. Bye Tim. 👋.

Libertarian Tim Wilson finally manages to get government out of his life. “It’ll be a massive relief to suddenly lose $250,000 from the state”..

Will IPA graduate & former Liberal MP Tim Wilson return to his former role as ABC’s go to commentator, or has the ABC learned its lesson? Wilson lost his seat last night, to a teal Independent & former ABC journo..

Tim Wilson will end up in a do-nothing role at McKinsey or PwC or BCG. Josh Frydenberg will become a suburban accountant. Keneally will be given another casual vacancy in six months for some reason..

Wilson Contreras is day to day. Getting treatment and will see how he feels. Cubs selected PJ Higgins and DFA’d Ildemaro Vargas.

Independent Zoe Daniel is set to win the key Victorian seat of Goldstein from Tim Wilson, whose Liberal Party has held the seat since federation. Live results coverage:.

Tim Wilson Photo,Tim Wilson Photo by The Sydney Morning Herald,The Sydney Morning Herald on twitter tweets Tim Wilson Photo

Me: I’m ok with that. Anyone who’s motivated to take scum like you out and disinfect your seat and office is ok by me. Who was it who said that Tim Wilson completely lacks charm in a career with charm as basic prerequisite? #auspol.

“I may not have Goldstein but I’ll always have my franking credit.” Tim Wilson circa 2022 #auspol.

@B0ngDra6on Off the top of my head: Craig Kelly Dave Sharma Tim Wilson KKK Josh Frydenberg Trevor Evans.

Tim Wilson has formally conceded defeat in the Victorian seat of Goldstein, tearfully acknowledging the outcome of the federal election was shattering..

Are you watching #GoldsteinVotes? Looks like Tim Wilson is in trouble with the @ABC giving it to Zoe Daniels. This on its own has made my day. 🎉.

@JosieMcskimming @GrogsGamut Exactly Josh Frydenberg’s heroine was Margaret Thatcher and Tim Wilson worked for the IPA the far right think Tank fhs. Nothing moderate about those dudes.

Time #auspol reviewed IPA wish list for Aust handed to Abbott in 2013. delivered by Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison. Enabled by IPA men in #LNP like James Paterson, Tim Wilson et al. Revisionism won’t salvage Bishop’s legacy..

I was musing overnight that perhaps I have been too harsh on Tim Wilson, then I saw his appalling, graceless and mendacious concession speech Feck off Tim You lie, claim credit for the work of others, seek to hold Aust. back whilst claiming the opposite. No wonder you lost.

“What is remarkable about [Liberal MP Tim] Wilson is that in a profession that requires it, he is utterly without charm..

Libertarian Tim Wilson finally manages to get government out of his life.

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