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Mavs new squad Luka Doncic Jalen Brunson Reggie Bullock Dorian Finney-Smith Christian Wood Bench: Spencer Dinwiddie Tim Hardaway Jr Davis Bertans Maxi Kleber.

Tim Smith Photo,Tim Smith Photo by StatMuse,StatMuse on twitter tweets Tim Smith Photo

Tim Smith appears to have just threatened me with defamation because I quoted him in a tweet Again, I’m asking for a full withdrawal.

let’s forget for a moment that it’s Tim Smith & I’m 14: an elected member of parliament has appeared to make a legal threat towards a journalist for quoting him directly on social media.

Australia to persist with Steve Smith in T20Is for now, despite Josh Inglis and Tim David knocking on the door for a spot.

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Luka Doncic Tim Hardaway Jr. Dorian Finney-Smith Kevin Durant Christian Wood ...finishes where in the West?.

The Age
The Age

Tim Wilson and Tim Smith offer a lesson to their party, both state and federal. They lost the capacity for self-doubt, believed their own b-s and showed no respect for the electorate. |OPINION by Jon Faine #springst #auspol.

NEW FROM ME: ...you may be getting a letter in the post. Be very careful. That was @TimSmithMP to me last night, after I tweeted a quote from no opinion or commentary Asking for a full withdrawal of the comments made & an apology.

Tim Smith on Roe v Wade being overturned: Aren’t you glad we live in a constitutional monarchy with a largely British constitution?.

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I’m not anti-Liberal. I’m not anti-Tim Smith. I just don’t appreciate an apparent legal threat towards me for a tweet directly quoting the person in question. I stand by my original tweet 100%.

Sebastian Bezy 🇫🇷 Tim Nanai Williams 🇼🇸 Seabelo Senatla 🇿🇦 Hadleigh Parkes (C) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Rey Lee Lo 🇼🇸 Adam Byrne ☘️ Ryno Smith 🇿🇦 Mathis Galthié 🇫🇷 Ahsee Tuala 🇼🇸 Coach: John Mulvihill.

A senior Liberal on the future of Kew MP Tim Smith..

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Victorian MP Tim Smith says the expected resignation of four Victorian cabinet ministers shows that Premier Daniel Andrews is “really difficult to work with”..

Tim Smith having a normal one, threatening a 14 year old with legal action for directly quoting what he said. What is it with conservatives and suing for defamation over tweets? So much for free speech 🙃.

Lis Smith
Lis Smith

If the intro of of @timodc’s new book “Why We Did It” is any indication- this is going to be an exposé of the modern-day and Trump GOP unlike any we’ve seen before 🔥.

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Tim Smith: Indigenous treaty will do nothing to close the gap | Herald Sun.

The Age
The Age

@PRGuy17 was able to boost a hashtag critical of Victorian MP Tim Smith into the number one trending hashtag in Australia in just over 30 minutes. While the question of @PRGuy17’s identity has remained a secret, that could be about to change.

Jabari Smith will have a Tim Duncan effect on the NBA. Fundamentally sound. Plays the right way. No controversy. Just wins..

Backs 🔥 v Spain 🇪🇸 Bezy 🇫🇷 Smith 🇿🇦 Byrne ☘️ Parkes (C) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Lee Lo 🇼🇸 Lane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Nanai Williams 🇼🇸 #Baabaas #rugby.

The difference between the 4 VIC cabinet ministers who resigned and Tim Smith is that 4 of these people are moving on at their own choice, and the other had to because he drives drunk and crashes into houses. Beep beep..

@TimSmithMP Will you be able to find it to the other side of the floor? I mean, your sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired..

Remember back in the day when VHS tapes had that little useless slot that stopped you from recording on the tape, but it could be overridden by placing a piece of tape over it? Yeah well, Tim Smith is that slot.

Tim Smith Photo,Tim Smith Photo by Peter Mavros - All Comments Preceded By Alleged ☠,Peter Mavros - All Comments Preceded By Alleged ☠ on twitter tweets Tim Smith Photo

#BREAKING 🚨 Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith says he will cross the floor to vote AGAINST laws to establish a treaty authority | #6NewsAU.

Hagen Smith has beat Tim Elko in the two biggest at bats of the game so far. Phenomenal stuff from the freshman.

Tim Smith MP is getting louder before he leaves the Vic parliament in November. His self-importance is entering the death throes..

Why is Tim Smith even writing columns and being interviewed on the radio? Surely there are better people than this drunk driving joke of an MP?.

@newbury3186 “The truth” or “your truth”? Still, for a party that gave us Bernie Finn and Tim Smith it’s not surprising you find reality a difficult concept to engage with 😂😂🙄🙄.

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith says Australia’s energy crisis is the result of two and a half decades worth of policy failure from “all sides of politics”..

If you could create a greatest dump list ever of Australian Politics. Who would it be? Mine would be: GG David Hurley. Morrison, Roberts, Tudge, Porter, Mr Speaker Smith, Mr Speaker Slipper, Turnbull, Pyne, Tim Wilson, Goodenough. Certainly there are more. But not all play Bingo..

#FinalObservations 3 is Kelly on the Vic Treaty Commission, which he says has elements of Treaty Truth and Voice. He notes only one Liberal voted against (disgraced former shadow AG Tim Smith) and thus bipartisanship is possible. #Insiders.

Tim Smith knows his career with the Liberals is finished, so he is positioning himself for a new career as a racist reactionary media commentator or One Nation / UAP upper house candidate, or both. A man without dignity, without principles, without shame..

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