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SETLIST - MEXICO CITY (@vivelatino) Around The World Dani California Scar Tissue Suck My Kiss Eddie Soul to Squeeze Reach Out LC + Right On Time Tippa My Tongue Californication Carry Me Home Black Summer By The Way Under The Bridge Give It Away.

🇲🇽 Vive Latino, México (19/03/2023) Around the World Dani California Scar Tissue Aquatic Mouth Dance Suck My Kiss Eddie Soul to Squeeze Reach Out Right on Time Tippa My Tongue Californication Carry Me Home Black Summer By the Way Under the Bridge Give It Away.

Tippa Photo,Tippa Photo by RHCP Brasil,RHCP Brasil on twitter tweets Tippa Photo

#arkiruoka Mukailtu sipulikeitto Kaksi sipulia ja muutama valkosipulinkynsi freesattiin kunnolla. Lisättiin purjon vihreää osaa. Keitettiin 15 min. Normipippurit, tippa Tabascoa. Kielloista huolimatta lihaliemikuutio..

Tippa’s retirement was one of the saddest moments I’ve witnessed in footy; his return today was one of the best. Good on him and good on the fans for recognising the moment. #tippa @essendonfc #aflhawksbombers.

Spoke to Tippa about his sudden retirement from football last May and how he rediscovered his love for the game after reconnecting with Country, Indigenous elders and community..

Can’t even call today work. What a performance by the Bombers, and welcome back Tippa!.

Hur slutar det ikväll? Tippa slutresultatet av den andra kvartsfinalen och var med i utlottningen av biljetter till våra slutspelsmatcher! Gissa slutresultatet här 👇.

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#Setlist 🇲🇽 Mexico City Sunday March 19th 1-Around the World 2-Dani Cali 3-Scar Tissue 4-Aquatic Mouth Dance 5-Suck My Kiss 6-Eddie 7-Soul to Squeeze 8-Reach Out 9-LondonRight on Time 10-Tippa 11-Cali 12-Carry Me Home 13-Black Summer 14-BTW - 15-Under the Bridge 16-Give It Away.

Good morning Bomber fans. Footy is just better with Tippa ❤️🖤.

@essendonfc TIPPA!!!!! ⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️🔴⚫️ 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰.

@ScooterMcNeice With about 7 minutes to go in the 4th did you see tippa and davey stalking those players together?.

Semifinalene klare. ✅ Lillestrøm - Bodø/Glimt ✅ ❌ Stabæk - Brann ✅ 3 av 4 som vi tippa i Cupspesialen m/@fotballagenten og @jonnyolsen84 i semien. Men hvorfor svikta Skeid, Jonny?.

@CascadoPablo NO HODAS que a esa tiPPa, como al fachíker, también ha sido abducida por su.

Such a good win today. Just one win but the way they came back after an ordinary first quarter was so encouraging. When Tippa came on the hairs on the back of the neck stood up #godons.

Tippa Photo,Tippa Photo by Chris Meister 🏏⚾️🏈🏒,Chris Meister 🏏⚾️🏈🏒 on twitter tweets Tippa Photo

@KadyLio Having tippa back in footy is good for everyone. Dont know why some people got an issue with him..

Sunday Walk ✨ 9 hounds walked Brightwater today. WHINNEY, TANK, VADA, TULLY, TIPPA, ANNIE, REY, LIZZIE & JUNIPER. After the walk, BILLY, RIVERS, JORDY & JUDE romped in the kennel park. This is Mike w/Rey, adoptable. More photos:.

Tippa Photo,Tippa Photo by Greyhound Pets, Inc.,Greyhound Pets, Inc. on twitter tweets Tippa Photo

McGrath/Langford good down back. Suits the run carry and deliver style Davey going to be so fun to watch for the next 10 years Weid played his role. Tippa/Menzie😍 Defence set up the win, mids got on top in the 2nd half. Nice spread of goal kickers from the talls and smalls..

You’ve gotta love footy. Love seeing Tippa back out there and the boys getting around him #AFLHawksDons.

What an afternoon for the Bomber faithful! Great win. How good was Tippa coming on. Go Bombers! 💪.

@1kkyx_ 風呂行ってたらdiscordから誰もいなくなってたんで慰めボイメ下さい.

Tippa’s on, Tippa scores. A thing of beauty #GoBombers #AFLHawksDons.

watching this on repeat. TIPPA. IS. BACK. BABY!!! @essendonfc @AFL #AFL23 #AFLHawksDons.

@KadyLio I still remember the times I was lucky enough to get in the rooms…..Tippa was so obliging and giving to every supporter who wanted a photo ❤️❤️❤️. His story is pretty amazing.

A tear welled up in this mature Bomber fanatics eye when he kicked it and the chant went up. Tippa Tippa!!.

@fit4footy @essendonfc I was mad at the same point thinking we needed someone to steady the ship and he subbed in Tippa which sparked them. We may actually have a coach here..

@hogtider_vanor Skulle tippa på att det avser Gamla Älvsborgs Fästning också kallat Älvsborgs slott..

@essendonfc I must say… from all my years following the club, I have never heard such a reception for a player than I did for Tippa yesterday. That was extraordinary. Then the TIPPA chant. Amazing. Well done, us..

@solobanton_desu 残り時間5:20あたりで出てくるDJがTIPPA IRIEに見えるんですけど、確証を得られないのでタグ付けしなかったんですw.

just spend fifteen minutes of work time talking to a pal/rewatching the tippa goal - there’s is simply nothing like a round one win, mid march in melbourne!.

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Ny klubb! 3. Div Ny trenerlisens starta -> Continental B Over dobbelte i lønn: 600£ p/w Flytta heimafrå til Mandal Tippa 6. plass, men ligge på 12. med 10 kampa igjen Målet e å unngå nedrykk og bygge vidare derifrå.

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