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Finale v v satisfying. Series 2 please. Thank you. #TotalControlTV.

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@blackfellafilms @ABCTV I think we need more #TotalControlTV You can’t just leave it like that! Every element is amazing tv. Script acting direction filming. Everything is superb..

@blackfellafilms @ABCTV Brilliant series, particularly those final moments of ep3 & the goosebumps scenes in tonight’s finale ep. Congrats all round! Hoping to hear there’s a S2 in the works 🤞#TotalControlTV.

#TotalControlTV deservedly trending number 1. But is anyone in the Canberra bubble getting it? Shell companies, Cayman Islands, deaths in.

What an utterly brilliant series, with such sharp writing, smart, insightful storylines, superb performances and knockout production values. Absolutely top notch #ABCyours drama. Bravo @blackfellafilms #TotalControlTV.

Beautiful shot of Julia Gillard’s portrait as the fictional second woman PM walked past with enormous implications I won’t spoil for anyone foolish enough to have missed #TotalControlTV. Magnificent on every level @blackfellafilms!.

#TotalControlTV was worth every dollar. Every dollar paid to the actors, the extras, the camera operators, the caterers, the makeup crew, the wardrobe people, the producers, and others. It stimulated not only the economy but also minds—and, even though fiction—hope. @ABCTV.

#TotalControlTV That description of our democracy by Anderson was a shocking litany of how diseased our democracy has become and not its finer qualities. Powerful stuff. A mirror to our times..

Finale v v satisfying. Series 2 please. Thank you. #TotalControlTV.

What a finale. 😲 Stream the full season of #TotalControlTV now on ABC iview:.

The final ep of #TotalControlTV is on @ABCTV tonight! Before you tune in, check out this interview with producer Darren Dale.

Each #TotalControlTV episode has been compelling viewing with its superb cast, settings and such powerful storytelling - another fine job @stupafication and writing colleagues. We hope @ABCTV has signed you all for a second series..

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Every week, this show - and Deborah Mailman’s fierce performance in particular - leaves me breathless, speechless, heartbroken and fired up. Do yourself a favour and catch up on ⁦@ABCTV⁩ before the final episode next Sunday night. #TotalControlTV.

Loving #TotalControlTV and wondering why Rachel Perkins isn’t nominated for Australian of the year? Surely she’s our best national storyteller? @blackfellafilms.

Omg this has been the hardest episode to watch. Brilliant tv. So good to see such truth telling. #TotalControlTV.

@blackfellafilms @ABCTV #TotalControlTV OMG! OMG! You guys! Freaking AMAZING! But you already knew that right?.

Deborah Mailman is in the role of her life ... and that of all our indigenous people. Compelling viewing. #TotalControlTV.

Another heartbreaking episode. 💔 Watch the latest #TotalControlTV now on ABC iview:.

Give Deborah Mailman ALL the awards for her work in #TotalControlTV. She is amazing! @ABCTV.

In the words of The Herd “wake up, this country needs a f$&@ing shakeup” #TotalControlTV.

Dear @blackfellafilms, you are going to kill me with anxiety and also #TotalControlTV is the best, you brilliant bunch of torturing geniuses..

If you’re not watching #TotalControlTV catch up @ABCTV iview. It’s brilliant. Deborah Mailman is incredible..

Just want to say that the flashback format of #TotalControlTV tonight is doing NOTHING for my stomach ulcer as I wait to find out what awful thing has happened..

I feel like saying. HOW GOOD IS AUSTRALIAN SCREEN ARTS, when it’s funded #TotalControlTV.

Heyyy @blackfellafilms, looking for interns for Season 2. CALL ME! :D #TotalControlTV.

Less than 5 minutes to Oh and by the way Season 2 is happening!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 @ABCTV @blackfellafilms #TotalControlTV.

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