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Extremely saddened by the loss of lives due to a tragic fire in Delhi. My thoughts are with the bereaved families. I wish the injured a speedy recovery..

Pained by the tragic loss of lives in the Delhi fire near Mundka Metro station. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and wishing the injured a speedy recovery..

It is unconscionable and tragic that, right now, families cannot find safe, affordable baby formula to keep their children healthy & growing. Next week, the House will bring up a bill that will empower the federal government to get nutrition into the mouths of America’s babies..

Buffalo and Afghanistan are both shameful and tragic in their own right. They don’t need to be conflated. This is completely asinine..

He sacrificed his life to lessen the he’s a hero but it’s so tragic :(( that’s heartbreaking.

Is Twitter banning enmasse people or clearing bots, because goddamn, my followers dropped from 804 to 800 to 795,which is TRULY, truly! tragic..

Imagine calling that overrated homewrecker the superior black canary because she wore a blonde wig, a black leather suit and knew how to fight, tragic..

Of course she lied! Thanks for telling the truth. Regardless, Jason, you go! I hope you do everything you can to make that lying bitches life miserable-although it’s pretty obvious her life is pretty tragic. Go Jason, praying you get custody..

Tragic Photo,Tragic Photo by Lying Lauren Furnas,Lying Lauren Furnas on twitter tweets Tragic Photo

Go donate to the go fund me I know this young man and this is tragic.

@BigTallTweets1 Andrew Symonds. He was just always known as Roy. Tragic death overnight..

@KristySwansonXO Very tragic and it’s a shame that it will be used to stir the pot..

@TristanSnell Power, lust for money, disdain for people, fear of losing perceived position. It is sad and tragic and embodied by fearful people..

@1116sen This is unbelievably so sad 😭 another tragic loss for the cricketing world. #RipRoy.

Women, serious question. Why do you like to watch sad movies where someone dies in a tragic way, leaving the SO helpless or lonely?.

Bc the focus of most internet arguments is not genuine conversation but rather to “own” ppl, it was inevitable that concepts degrade into lazy, cheap rhetorical devices Its the same reason oppression became something you could commodify, or weaponize.

@GhostSpoiler Aight Imma go in order so bi-Han sub-zero/moon God do I fucking love him Tragic story He was the best of the best. Made a mistake making a deal with quan chi in the neatherealm he then rectified that mistake by saving earth realm and also befriended and helped a demon who.

#AndrewSymonds What a tragic News for cricket One of the best hitter & arguably one of best Fielder of all RIP ....

@dontcaIImyname Where did you get them?! I need to restock! I’m running out I only have 1 soap and 1 bottle of perfume, my little roller fell out of my purse and died! It was tragic.

RIP Andrew Symonds He passed away in tragic car accident very very unfortunate incident we are missing you Symonds. Very dangerous cricket player for opponent team ..

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Woke up to the tragic news of demise of my favourite all round Andrew Symonds in a car accident. All childhood legends are leaving..

Deeply Devastated by the tragic shooting in Buffalo NY. Lives were lost and families permanently scarred by this horrendous act. My thoughts and prayers for the city and everyone effected by this act..

@Daniel2Sarah Tragic. They don’t know what they are doing. Thanks for sharing. People need to know..

@index_and_chill @Jason It’s gonna be tragic, $se would lose more money on e-commerce and earn less on FF.

@JuddLegum Tucker needs to go. He has for a very long time. Fox a magnet to these lunatics. I remember when someone from a foreign country wasn’t allowed to own a tv station. So very tragic..

@VivekSh82805925 @MamataOfficial Mamata stop politicising this tragic incident same on you..

Tragic Photo,Tragic Photo by English Master,English Master on twitter tweets Tragic Photo

Tragic news about Andrew Symonds. He’ll be forever remembered for two things: being one of the last great ‘old school’ cricketers, and absolutely PLANTING that streaker. Thanks for the memories, Roy..

@Peter_Fitz Another sudden & tragic loss to Australian cricket community. Sincerest condolences to his family RIP Roy 🏏.

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