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You don’t just “donate” money to agencies of your choice. All funds given to the government must be deposited in the Treasury and then is appropriated by Congress.

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🚨 10,000,000 #USDC (10,000,000 USD) transferred from USDC Treasury to unknown wallet Tx:

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@realDonaldTrump You have spent your entire presidency profiting off of your office. You are the GRIFTER-IN-CHIEF. You raided the treasury, gave yourself a huge windfall in the #GOPTaxScam, tons of special breaks & even exploited the covid crisis for your own enrichment. #TrumpIsACriminal

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A Democrat could wear two different colored socks on the same day that Trump direct deposited a billion dollars into his bank account straight from the US Treasury, and we’d hear about how Dems are in disarray amid crippling wardrobe malfunctions.

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WATCH: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says Americans may receive debit cards for refunds

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In August 2019 Cummings fired Sonia Khan, a Treasury special advisers, without permission or knowledge of then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Javid. He summoned her to + requested an armed officer remove her. Former chief super at the Met: a shocking abuse of armed officers

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Yes, I am proud to be a Hindu, which teaches the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’! Our culture is a gift of thoughtfulness treasury to mankind, a eternal way of life. अभिमान है मेरे धर्म पर और हिंदू होने पर जो, ‘वसुधैव कुटुंबकम’ की राह सिखाता है! हरे राम! हरे कृष्ण!!

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Duck ALL THE WAY off - you insane orange 💩🐒 You really are a 1 trick swamp donkey -cough domestic emoluments -cough Foreign emoluments -cough money laundering -cough the US Treasury isn’t your personal bank account I’m offended you keep emailing me this bull💩 Sir SPAM-a-Lot

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asked if the $60 billion cut to jobkeeper means employment is tracking better than expected, Morrison says “Treasury has already commented on that”. Treasury.

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David Spears is not correct: The JobKeeper underspend is not because the labour market is better than assumed. “Treasury’s overall view of the labour market is unaffected by this reporting error”...“Treasury continues to expect the unemployment rate to reach around 10%” #Insiders

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and we’re off. Half as many people are on jobkeeper as the government previously “thought” Speers tells us. He means as the government said. He calls it a “bungle” and follows the government storyline of focusing on Treasury estimates and business form-filling. #Insiders

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Last fiscal year, the Trump family took more trips that required Secret Service protection than the Obama family took in seven, according to a budget document released by the Treasury Department.

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Me: I think I might have a relaxing long three-day weekend. SBA and Treasury on Friday Night: Ha, ha, ha. Think again. Here’s another new interim rule. #PPP #PaycheckProtectionProgram

The Guardian ()

Why the Treasury’s panic over debt, when borrowing costs next to nothing?

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Chinese fintech won’t jeopardize the dollar’s global status, argues former treasury secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. But the degradation of the United States’ political and economic system will.

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The Mpumalanga Provincial Treasury says it’s disappointed that municipalities entered into agreements to pay Eskom their electricity debt and later reneged, leading to an increased debt.

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HOME TIED has been a fantastic addition to the already wonderful work of the Watford Treasury!

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Treasury notes S&P decision to affirm SA’s ratings

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So far, only one of the lending facilities created by the Treasury Department to operate through the Federal Reserve has received funding

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The SA government has noted ratings agency S&P Global’s decision to affirm South Africa’s long-term foreign and local currency debt ratings at BB- and BB respectively and maintain a stable outlook, Treasury said on Saturday.

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Treasury Bills Auction Results Issue No. 1074 #UgandaTBills

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You don’t just “donate” money to agencies of your choice. All funds given to the government must be deposited in the Treasury and then is appropriated by Congress.

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The Treasury Board and The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has been advising its employees to avoid any reference to China when discussing the coronavirus. #cdnpoli

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Crisis is over! #FED SLOWS PACE OF TREASURY PURCHASES TO $5 BILLION PER DAY FROM $6 BILLION $15 Billion/day = 20 - 24 April $10 Billion/day = 27 April - 1 May $8 Billion/day = 4 - 8 May $7 Billion/day = 11 - 15 May $6 Billion/day = 18 - 22 May $5 Billion/day = 25 - 29 May

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Buenos días, compatriotas. Viernes, del griego: por fin cayó Mercedes, lo que nunca se creía Y los nominados y premiados con sanciones son: - JULIO CESAR AVILÉS CASTILLO - IVAN ADOLFO ACOSTA MONTALVAN #SOSNicaragua

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Treasury sanctions senior Nicaraguan government officials, increasing pressure on President Ortega’s regime

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So it’s the business’s fault - or is it Treasury - or the ATO? It will be Twitter’s fault soon too #auspol


According to COG Chair , there are “ 22 county govts registered Covid-19 patients”& “the National Treasury is yet to disburse the Sh5 billion to the county governments. YET the sick Senate is meeting on a Friday to discuss removes of Deputy frivolity!

Amanda Carpenter ()

Let’s be clear. Trump falsely accused Michigan officials of committing crimes and threatened to withhold funds from the state. He threatened taking OFFICIAL action against them, tagging his OMB Director and Treasury Sec in the tweet. This is absolutely not a “campaign issue.”

Elizabeth Warren ()

This is an all-hands-on-deck economic crisis, and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is only worried about getting his corporate buddies into the lifeboats. I’m going to keep reminding Mnuchin that he works for the American people, not just rich executives.

☚ Drew Pavlou #BanTrumpFromTwitter ☛
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