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Trindall’s experiment is surely over. Along with his career. Next week, 1. Miller 6. Moylan 7. Hynes.

It’s amazing to see the amount of hate for Trindall by sharks fans .. sure it hasn’t gone how fans would want it to go but it reminds me of the same people hammering WK his first season or look how that ended up #upup.

Is Trindall the worst player in the NRL? I would say it’s between him and Cooper Johns.


I feel like Sharks should’ve left Nicho at 7 and moved Moylan to 1. Then have Trindall at 6. So Nicho could have still ran the show and there wasn’t as much disruption to the halves@.

@cronullasharks There was a lot wrong with that but the first name off the team sheet for next week has to be Trindall. He offers nothing..

@cronullasharks What was the need for Trindall to come into the team? Could’ve just put someone into fullback. Wouldn’t have had to put Nicho into fullback.

@suthodan Tracey fb, Hynes back into 7 Trindall on a plane back to Sydney in the second half please.

@cronullasharks Metcalf to fullback and leave Hynes at 7. There was no need to bring Trindall into the team..

@JardianOrmsby No one player is to blame. Although social media is melting down saying Trindall is to blame. The team was flat in all areas of the game. Very much like Parra were against the cowboys. Plus the Raiders took every chance we gave them..

@suthodan Oh I do hope you’re correct. Now I’m sure he’s a lovely bloke & he’s trying his best, & at the end of the day, he’s out there today & I’m not, but honestly I’d be more than happy if Trindall joined me on the couch each week screaming at the TV rather than crossing that sideline..

@RichOssington I want to see all those Trindall fans come out and admit they were wrong.

@BuzzRothfield Trindall Buzz. Our attack looks lost. Should of played with Miller at the back..

@_itsashleeee_ @matttennisalice Trindall never offers anything. Really don’t know what Fitz sees in him.

Okay Fitz we all make mistakes but it’s how we react once we have. Trindall at 7 is throwing our whole game plan off, basically meaning Hynes isn’t playing #nrlsharksraiders.

Unless Trindall turns it around, Hynes has to go back to 7 next week. #NRLSharksRaiders.

@juli_an44 Think he was fine, the bigger issue was that it reduced his dominance. Trindall being below ordinary amplified everything as well..

@suthodan @PWarnie87 I’ve never liked trindall- and to make things worse poor old Luke going to the shitest of the shit warriors..

@MattMoylansLegs Halves were just such a huge component to the sides good form. Trindall is a massive handbrake and I would’ve looked for any other option than picking him..

Trindall is a reserve grade player and should stay at reserve grade #NRLSharksRaiders.

Rubbish. Absolutely rubbish. That was worse than the broncos game. Horrendous. Trindall is fucking hopeless..

Seriously this loss is on Fitzy, you made the wrong call picking Trindall. I stand by my comments 2 years ago that Trindall is a Newtown player at best. You should of picked Millar or Metcalf at fullback. Gold Coast will beat us next week.

@Elmosharkie @cronullasharks I’m a big fan of Fitzy but in my opinion he’s still feeling his way with regard to selections and use of bench. Trindall and Graham haven’t slipped into our systems very well at all. Keep Hynes in the halves surely.

@Wilo6958 I don’t get the persistence of Trindall, like I am a fan of Trindall but when he plays like this it’s hard to defend him? Like surely we can do better than that..

@HeadbandTatum0 If your a sharks fan and actually like Trindall, then you aren’t a true sharks fan….

@showcallcrewing @cronullasharks Katia only 12pt swing. But some chance of levelling that up. Trindall a hog and goes wrong way in attack, passes when should run, run when should pass.

@Elmosharkie @cronullasharks Trindall upset the balance of team as it stands, agree there are others who are Off their game. Nicko straight back to half for me,.

@RichOssington Team atm def better with Nicho/Moyza at 7/6. I think there’s a decent half in Trindall but still needs a bit more development time.

@RichOssington Here me out, yes trindall is shit and has had his go but its not all on him. Nicho was taken out of 7 for a subpar player. More importantly you drop Fifita who has been our SPARK and SHIFT yes he isnt running in 2016 but he gets them fired up which is what they need!.

@RichOssington 100% agree. Trindall is never a 1st grader. However he wasnt the only donkey in the paddock today.

@mintoffchris @bigmig81 Yea so again your blaming that on Trindall. Should I send you the video of that early set? No talk on how poor Nicko was at fullback. Next to no kick return. Dropped ball for a try. Kotoa 2 x errors for try’s. They had a poor game time to move on..

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