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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 06:43 AM IST

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#Trioli What happened to @LaTrioli on @QandA last night? Giving that lying #Gillespie way too much air and no challenge to all that lying misinformation and spin on air and on the national broadcaster. Disgraceful.

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Can people that are piling it on @LaTrioli please keep things in perspective and look at the entire body of work. I think overall Virginia Trioli does a great job.

@QandA Virginia Trioli was a disappointment as the moderator for #QandA. She allowed her political biases to affect the way she treated David Gillespie and Bill Shorten. She gave more time to Gillespie than she gave to Shorten and did not interrupt him as she did Shorten. Poor effort.

@MulberryWriter @luvmygoose Haven’t seen it yet but I genuinely thought Trioli was the perfect choice for QandA What happend?

Why did Trioli shut down Russ’s attempt to #VaxOurNation ? Shamed NDIS advocate correcting Gillespie to listen to the ‘him’ instead of ‘yes will come to you in a minute’... Trioli ad lib does not partisan Q&A needs Sarah Ferguson @FergusonNews to host on Mon Nights

@whereisdaz Yes @GregHuntMP S-U-P-P-L-Y is the problem. Virginia Trioli just interviewed the Director of Public Health at Monash Health & when asked about vaccination rates at sites, she mentioned its been good but as long as they have SUPPLY.

Random Cat does not like or trust Virginia Trioli and cats have a special ability to sense things about hoomans.

Listening to Health Minister Greg Hunt being interviewed by Virginia Trioli about the vaccine roll out is like watching the Monty Python Black Knight disappear, limb by limb. “Only a flesh wound” he would claim to every question about why the vaccine roll out is so slow.

@philbra30671639 @PaulBongiorno Soon as I saw that Trioli was the presenter I switched off. But if what you say re her being strangely deferential is true then that is most unusual for her. Usually she is a rude bitch and frequently speaks over her guests.

#Trioli What happened to @LaTrioli on @QandA last night? Giving that lying #Gillespie way too much air and no challenge to all that lying misinformation and spin on air and on the national broadcaster. Disgraceful.

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Greg Hunt is doing my head in, talking to Virginia Trioli and not answering questions I am more confused , he has turned my brain to porridge.

@billshortenmp well done Bill in #qanda last night - but between Gillespie long winded spin and Trioli it was tough to “get a go” but you managed to 👏👏👏

Virginia Trioli on Q&A - another journalist turning a good program into an LNP platform. WTF peeps.

@HEB2205 Maybe I should have called it the Trioli, Trickett and Gillespie show, 😆

@jaquix173 Trioli does not like Bill Shorten, before she went back to radio and on the morning breakfast abc news, she proved it time and time again and never forfeited any slack towards him,, Sales 730 the

@shootin4love @QandA I remember her patting someone the knee and congratulating them coz they were intending to vote Lib. Trioli is an old hand as a Lib hack.

@EddyJokovich Funny after Hamish so many were wishing trioli to take up the gig. Reading these comments, seems she failed miserably. But yes, it was a boring show with a bunch of boring people. Host included.

@Australia_Zone Trioli is a @gavmorris protege. Spinning for the corrupt Libs is what they do.

@QandA Hopeless fluffy Trioli allows Minister Gillespie to tell lies about NDIS without challenge. We switched of at that point. Just hopeless!

Another example of ABC editorial policy when Trioli is more respectful to LNP Minister Gillespie (who?) than Shorten. The lack of neutrality towards Labor Ministers is palpable #qanda

@EddyJokovich Very encouraging comments here .Never thought so many had worked Trioli take a second look at St Alberici.

@EddyJokovich Could it be that some of the revered ones like Trioli and Alberici fail to always hide their innate

What’s has La Trioli got against Bill Shorten ? We go from the Katie Allen show to Dr Gillespie show FFS ABC bias alive and well . Never dreamed ABC would blatantly spruik for #LNPecocide

@LaOdeGala Yahu zaten olay 3 yil degil sanki gecen sene baskasini vardi olay oyalama takdigi romatiklere sirin gorunme bak dun adamlar mac yapti bugun hazirlil maci oynadi bizimkiler tatilde yarinda hocq trioli poz atqr sonra guler gulusune kurban derler

@BrunyBob @LesStonehouse Virginia Trioli swings back and forth ..she always has ..nothing new to

@EddyJokovich Yes. A very one-sided performance from Trioli. I guess she wanted to ‘get him’ but Tbf gotchas were coming from elsewhere on the panel and she was curtailing them. #poorTrioli

@LesStonehouse He hardly had a chance to gave far too much air time to was bloody typical.

Trioli gave Gilespoe far too much air any for Bill is that not surprising.

@EddyJokovich Virginia Trioli is very much a LNP fan girl and I have never, ever liked or respected her since she thought it would be amusing to speak of Adelaide in a derogatory fashion on the ABC Breakfast show.

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