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It’s fight day!! #TszyuRitchie on @MainEventTV tonight from 7pm AEST..

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Tim Tszyu is ready to challenge Jeff Horn for the title of Australia’s No 1 fighter #TszyuRitchie @Tim_Tszyu @jeffhornboxer.

Tap ❤️ if you want to see Tim Tszyu fight Jeff Horn. #TszyuRitchie.

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#tszyuritchie Rd 9: Tszyu well ahead but Ritchie fighting desperately to turn things around.

After 7, Ritchie continuing to leak blood out his left eye that is undermining his whole night. Showing plenty of heart, but Tszyu tagging him routinely & up wide on my card. #TszyuRitchie.

#tszyuritchie Rd 6: Tszyu finishes strongly but Ritchie is making Tszyu work hard - Ritchie is throwing a lot of shots but not a lot of power behind them.

#tszyuritchie Rd 4: Ritchie does well to get thru the round but really troubled by the cut.

Tszyu busts Ritchie’s left eye with big overhand right hand in r3. Doc checks Ritchie‘s eye midway thru r3 but allows him to continue. Ref confirms cut caused by a punch. #TszyuRitchie.

#tszyuritchie Rd 2: Tszyu finding range for the hook-right hand. Ritchie busy but Tszyu has more kick in his punches.

#tszyuritchie Rd 1: Ritchie very busy - Tszyu looks relaxed though - both landing shots - Tszyu controlling centre ring.

Main event time. Tim Tszyu enters to Another One Bites the Dust, wearing white with blue trim. Ritchie wearing red with white trim. Ding, ding. Round 1 #TszyuRitchie.

A ppv shouldn’t cost more than a ticket. I wonder how many people have bought this via main #tszyuritchie.

#tszyuritchie Rd 10: Tapia smashes Quinlan on the break and survives some anxious moments. Labor heavyweight Anthony Albanese presents the Aust super-middleweight belt. Tapia wins 98-92, 99-92, 97-93.

#tszyuritchie Rd 4: Quinlan jabbing more but Tapia still forcing the fight - going forward with superior work rate.

#tszyuritchie Rd 3: Tapia edging the rounds against Quinlan who is too static and waiting too much.

Harris wins TKO2. Gartner complained of rabbit punching as ref jumps in and waves it away. Gartner tasted a lot of punches in 2nd half of the 2nd round. #tszyuritchie.

Tayla Harris in-ring for her sixth pro fight against Renee Gartner. Enters to Partition by Beyoncé, wearing white with blue and orange trim. Keep you posted 🥊 #tszyuritchie #boxing.

#TszyuRitchie World No. 6 super-middle Aidos Yerbossynuly survives big right hand in last round to outpoint Rocky Jerkic over 10 rounds - 99-91, 98-92, 98-92.

Nursultan Zhangabayev 8-0 (5) a bit too good for Steve Gago 11-1 (4) tonight, winning a 10-round UD by scores of 96-91, 95-92 & 95-92. Zhangabayev had three separate point deductions for low blows. #TszyuRitchie.

Well don Matt Rose putting together an outstanding card together for the #tszyuritchie fight on @MainEventTV. Superb Aussie talent and cleverly matched fights. Genuine 50/50’s. Boxing in Australia is healthy. Just needs the right ppl making the right calls @FOXSportsNews.

Good luck to our guy @Tim_Tszyu tonight, we’ll be down there at ICC supporting! 🥊🥊 #TszyuRitchie #teamtszyu.

It’s fight day!! #TszyuRitchie on @MainEventTV tonight from 7pm AEST..

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Fight order for #TszyuRitchie on @MainEventTV tomorrow night #boxing.

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Jack Brubaker has a point to prove against Danny Kennedy tomorrow night: #Boxing #TszyuRitchie @NoLimit_Boxing.

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All boxers have made weight (three at second attempt) for #TszyuRitchie tomorrow night from 7pm AEST on @MainEventTV #boxing.

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LEGEND ALERT!! Check out some of @KostyaTszyu’s greatest hits tonight from 7:30pm AEST on @FOXSportsAUS 505 and tomorrow from 8:30pm ahead of #TszyuRitchie on Main Event this Wednesday night..

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