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You got super high and stashed the woke up and forgot where u hid the want to call the housekeeper like soooo, u stealing?.... but then you find the turkey bag on the thing you didn’t call that lady you gotta do not me, You

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Raperîna Çavkesk
Raperîna Çavkesk ()

@kurdishblogger Even if they never said anything about hard situation of kurdish political prisoners in Turkey or against embargo imposed to @MakhmourCamp for one year and its bombardments over the same Refugees Camp or about turkish warcrimes in Syria?At this point,their colleagues will change?

StickMUD ()

Dracolich shouts: Come and defend the Necromancer Guild against A mutant turkey! #guildraid

Djr ()

@itvnews Wasted money THE BORIS BUS: £300mTHE GARDEN BRIDGE: £30mTHE ESTUARY AIRPORT: £10m THE CABLEWAY: £24mHE ‘NEW’ CRYSTAL PALACE: £ STADIUM: £230m Now Billions China &Turkey fake PPE, NHSX App , £1b Private Teacher Company, £1b schools now £ builds? Johnston 65000dead.

Tom #BayleyDosStraps #2BeltzBanks
Tom #BayleyDosStraps #2BeltzBanks ()

This is what I was thinking too. Imagine the hype for a Title match between the two? A month of build? This was announced cold turkey then it became an insanely hyped match.

Mahmoud Gamal
Mahmoud Gamal ()

During the last few days, Turkey deployed a lot of military equipment, including MIM-23 Hawk meduim range AD systems to al-Watiya air base in western Libya. This came within the Turkish plan to re-prepare the base and turn it into a Turkish air base.

OppressorChonicles ()

Planning attacking own unit in Turkey: OneSub - US Army soldier charged in neo-Nazi plot to ambush his unit in Turkey - Manage Your Bias. @onesub_ #truenews


TESEV Briefs Informal Employment during the Covid-19 Pandemic @FES_Turkey

Jibran Jaffar🇹🇷
Jibran Jaffar🇹🇷 ()

Just see the difference between emirates and Turkey❤️🇹🇷

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Leonardo Sperduti
Leonardo Sperduti ()

Erdogan: Criticism on Hagia Sophia plan is “attack on Turkey’s sovereignty”

Milena Buyum
Milena Buyum ()

France’s Ambassador for Human Rights reacts to the #Büyükada verdict - ‘no one in Turkey should fear sanctions when there are no credible evidence of reprehensible acts. Legitimate engagement in favour of human rights should never be considered a crime.’ #FreeRightsDefenders

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ژیکە☀️ ()

@Zaidzebary La sakarya Turkey kargayaki fireworks’ian taqanotawa

Marquise ()

Yung bansang china, chile, israel, peru, indonesia, turkey, may batas na anti terror bill. Bakit dito sa pilipinas hindi nila tanggap?

The FraudDude
The FraudDude ()

The attack appeared to be aimed at infecting user devices in countries in Asia and Latin America. Those most affected were Brazil, India, Turkey, Argentina and Mexico. However, the games ended up being installed on thousands of devices around the world.

Spitta ()

You got super high and stashed the woke up and forgot where u hid the want to call the housekeeper like soooo, u stealing?.... but then you find the turkey bag on the thing you didn’t call that lady you gotta do not me, You

CoTay ()

@moshplot @Tinaforte7 Mexicans for Trump are like Turkey’s voting for Thanksgiving.

Linda Dudek 🍑✍🏼
Linda Dudek 🍑✍🏼 ()

GOP Senator Seeks Amendment Allowing the to Buy Russian Defense System #SmartNews

SirWobbyTheFirst ()

@0reob4by This is what would cause me to quit tea and coffee cold turkey instead of the weaning myself off like a meth addict that I’m currently doing.

🇮🇹 Viva El Pancho 🇺🇸
🇮🇹 Viva El Pancho 🇺🇸 ()

@Arreguy23 Its always Go time on my watch !!! Local spot in the country when ever im out here always get the Assorted sub. Packed with Meats bro , roast beef , turkey, ham , salami , bologna sooioo good

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izamusing 🇨🇵 🇬🇧
Izamusing 🇨🇵 🇬🇧 ()

I thought I should celebrate my @WRCTheGame Rally Turkey win the proper way: donuts, donuts and more donuts!


#BREAKING COVID-19 recoveries in Turkey hit 173,111 with 1,302 additions in past 24 hours

Ioannis S T
Ioannis S T ()

Macron accuses Turkey of ‘criminal responsibility’ in Libya

motherfuking Thous
Motherfuking Thous ()

@_elijah2003 @bruhbruhbruhk Yes we see, South Europe suffer high rates of slave trades with Africa en XV-XVII century They slave white Christians to turkey and North Africa

͏𝚊𝚢𝚋𝚎𝚗𝚒𝚣 ()

Turkey: omg how tf manga didn’t win in 2010!1! ew lena didn’t deserve Also Turkey: okay let’s make this an advertisement song

Mamu Al
Mamu Al ()

@amandawgolden I have my phone even when am taking a shit. And am not even a school prefect. Trump spoke of a carnage, but this is way worse. It’s like a horse trying to impregnate a Turkey. Lordy. This pain is unbearable

Cyprus News Agency
Cyprus News Agency ()

EU must not stay on the sidelines as regards Turkey’s aggressive stance, Anastasiades says #CNA

Fatah ()

Turkey might soon be holding prayers at the Hagia Sophia on July 15th, the day the last coup against Erdogan failed. From Cathedral, Mosque, Museum to Mosque again!

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Jonny ROck
Jonny ROck ()

Turkey is committing against the Kurds in Afrin are out of the Nazi playbook. They also foreshadow what Erdoğan has planned for all of Kurdistan #ErdoganKillsKurds

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Beatrice S.
Beatrice S. ()

Europe re opens its borders Countries not allowed #USA and #Turkey due to Covid

Indy World
Indy World ()

Major drug busts in Italy, Albania, and Turkey show reach of global narcotics trade

Enes Kanter
Enes Kanter ()

I was with Fethullah Gulen the night of the failed coup attempt. He was praying for Turkey #DictatorErdogan unfairly scapegoats him & his followers,when critics believe @RTErdogan staged the coup attempt to grab power & dictatorship! The people of Turkey deserve FREEDOM @CBCNews

☚ #austriangrandprix #AFLDeesTigers ☛
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