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CROSSING GUARD: This very responsible turkey halted traffic on a two-lane road in New Hampshire until the entire flock was able to cross..

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Virginia had a gift for languages, a sense of adventure, & wanted to join the Foreign Service, so she became a clerk @USEmbassyWarsaw. However, while on a trip to Turkey, she was involved in a serious hunting accident & lost her left leg below the knee. #WomensHistoryMonth.

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Turkish National Anthem is Ver Similar as Pakistan , The National Poet of Turkey Muhammad Akif Had written this . Must Listen it and hit a like and Subscribe the channel 🇹🇷🇵🇰.

#BREAKING Greek foreign minister says Turkey also has rights in eastern Mediterranean and Athens is aware of that.

Our team delivering food to #Syrian refugees in Turkey. We are supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey & Iraq. To Donate:.

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look at that dirty ass turkey necked fatheaded red necked pole built hermaphrodite cheering him on.

@UNHCRCanada In the name of humanity, we appeal to you to pay attention to our suffering. We are thousands of #StandWithIraqiRefugees in Turkey who are committed to the law but none responded for us many years, and our children have no hope in the future. P L E A S E H E L P U S.

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Quality performance to beat Turkey, boys were incredible. First international goal and hopefully first of many🤘🏻.

@Turkey_Chikio アイコニック実装1日目でクラックとかやばすぎやろ.

@fi_tipster @ifoundthates Yeh was linked with Monaco in Jan. Turkey and Portugal the year before. Is 29 be careful. Defo worth a risk. Will only cost someone 2-3mill for a impact player..

Şimdi ne kızıyorum sana ne de kırılıyorum. Sadece özlüyorum. İçimdeki yüz ölçümsüz pişmanlık ülkesi, artık sana hasret bir avuç topraktan başka bişey değil.🌹 @hakiyazar . . @ Kayseri, turkey.

Turkey acts as a crossing guard while his friends cross the road via @nypost.

Iran confirms they did hold joint military operation with Turkey against PKK. I will leave this tweet here for those who in the future will claim PKK is cooperating with imperialists against Iran. Bombing Kurds elsewhere is not imperialist at all..

The United Nations will have to pay for each body, or else the United Nations will be rejected and we will create the new Muslim UN,If we do not have the justice, we will establish a third world war. Turkey president Rasheef Tayyib Erdoga.

“Sirota said he hadn’t been able to respond to my initial inquiries because he’d been caring for his sick child. He did post a photo on Twitter of himself bowling on Monday evening, wearing a turkey hat.”.

President Erdoğan pens an opinion for the Washington Post: “There is absolutely no difference between the murderer who killed innocent people in New Zealand and those who have carried out terrorist acts in Turkey, France, Indonesia and elsewhere.”.

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@LesStonehouse He will be looking at will be a big one he will try to build that into an international incident! #auspol.

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@UNHCRfrance Humanitarian organizations we are Iraqi Refugees in turkey we are going through the worst conditions and we implore you to provide us with a third country for stability. #StandWithIraqiRefugees.

@UNHCRCanada Despite the difficult life in Turkey, we trust you and hope to find solutions Save Iraqi refugees in Turkey #StandWithIraqiRefugees.

@UNHCRCanada We, the Iraqi refugees 🇮🇶in Turkey from 2013/2014/2015/2016. Today, we and our children are very bad now ... and on behalf of humanity🙏, please ask every official 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇳🇿🇨🇦🇪🇺to help speed up our files to the settlement country. #StandWithIraqiRefugees.

TFW ur ready for the turkey opener in the morning but have to commit jihad in the afternoon.

@copkillermari honestly I haven’t listened to Turkey since my 2016 Mike Krol phase.

@turkey_brazil Me too! I think Dervis is the soldier friend of Yusuf from Ep 1 that Yusuf wanted to use to get his family out. I can see all the fun stuff coming 🙌🏼.

Islamist tyrant Recep Tayyip Erdogan has caused fury by telling New Zealanders they will be sent back in “coffins” like their forefathers in WW1 if they misbehave while visiting Turkey for Anzac day in April..

Wowwwww this is my arena show in Istanbul Turkey!!!! Absolutely amazing! I love u all!! 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷.

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CROSSING GUARD: This very responsible turkey halted traffic on a two-lane road in New Hampshire until the entire flock was able to cross..

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