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Updated: July 30th, 2021 09:42 PM IST

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Happy (now belated) birthday to the uber talented ⁦@dhanushkraja⁩ !! The OG #rowdybaby 🎉🎉✨😍😍 Have the best year D gaaru! 🤗🤗🤗

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[30/07/2021 10:09:39] Sara Vitória: E pq tô no uber [30/07/2021 10:09:53] Ana moamor💙: Qualquer coisa vc manda um áudio pra mim [30/07/2021 10:09:56] Ana moamor💙: O pai tô chegando viu [30/07/2021 10:10:01] Ana moamor💙: Se acontecer alguma coisa A Ana ela >>🥰

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update on tracking! I have not sent them out because my car is in the workshop, so delivery will be delayed for a bit (until monday at most!) apologies for the delay! working my hardest so tracking can be sent out sunday, and i can just drop em off monday in an uber

@tetsutamauber お家で居酒屋れんれん開業です🍺🏮✨笑 耐えましょう🥺👊🏻


On est 2021 ya encore des mecs qui font des story en se foutant de la gueule des Uber

R-1とアクエリUberしてきました🚓 はやくげんきになってね₍ ᐢ. ̫ .ᐢ ₎

Uber Photo,Uber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@kkay_patel They are becoming the shark. Like ola killed all but uber, Goibibo and make my trip becomes same

「選手村で1番旨いラーメン作るよ」 ドイツ選手“渾身の一杯”に「注文したい」と反響 | THE ANSWER こういう記事もメディアは出してほしい。ネガティブな記事ばかりだから選手村は

Trânsito do caramba. Vc acorda mais cedo, chama o uber e mesmo assim vou chegar atrasada 🤡

Happy (now belated) birthday to the uber talented ⁦@dhanushkraja⁩ !! The OG #rowdybaby 🎉🎉✨😍😍 Have the best year D gaaru! 🤗🤗🤗

Uber Photo,Uber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

This one is: Deciding who gets the last spot in the uber but it’s the bachelor

@AraisanBtc @ki_bangou やはり、Uberよりちゃんとした業者が良いのだなぁ Uberは個人事業主がUberサービスでマッチングするだけだから責任とえなさそうだしのだ

familia, sempre lembrando 😁 to rodando UBER nos finais de semana, entao se precisar é só acionar o primo aq que chego el você rapidinho 😎🚙 E PRA VOCES QUE EH FAMILIA TEM 10% DE DESCONTO VIU? ❤️❤️❤️ qualquer coisa vem de zap (75)992003889 (online 28hrs por dia) amo vcs 🥰


Trabalhei de Uber e posso dizer com todo ódio do mundo, esse tipo de tecnologia só veio pra precarizar o trabalhador. Pra eles, o trabalhador é só ferramenta. Todo o apoio ao #ApagaoDosApps

夜の部 🥫12件 概況 19時前にショート案件を取ったら、店パンク、D先が畑を宅地化した枝番があって遅延発生。その次は拠点許容時間ギリギリ😅。マンションで宅配ボックスに入れてくれだの、過去の書き込みで1分でも配達時間が異なるなら📱しろだの<もちろんしない>🤣時給ベースでは良でした。


Esse sol e esse calor surgiram da onde? Sai de moletom achando que ia passar frio, mal entrei no uber e to suando 🤡

ろぐあうしてますー!🐰 バニー2日目もたくさんのご帰宅ありがとうございます(T-T) 初Uber(田舎者)!カレー!おいちかった…🥺ありがとうございます🍛 チェキも乾杯もいっぱい!感謝です🥲

Uber Photo,Uber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Today an Uber driver said I was “passive aggressive” and “a child who couldn’t take responsibility for his actions” Bc I pulled on the automatic door of his MB Metris

おやすみなさい🐯✨ #浜松市動物園 #アムールトラ ソーン

Uber Photo,Uber Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

“People are excited about this way of living, because all of the other options are being taken from them by investors and by the uber-wealthy…people are realizing the ability to afford it is being taken from them.”

大声で歌いながら電チャリ無灯火で爆走してる女性配達員の方がいた。 むっちゃ気持ちよさそうやった🚴‍♂️ 私はあがります🙌 お疲れした🛵💨

@ypj_c おいしい姫路クエストを頂けるものやと思ってましたから〜😅

I remember one time I was talking to a close friend on phone in an uber. When I got home I just told the uber driver “Ei driver today you’ve really heard things😹😹” and he started laughing. Uber drivers know a lot

@LailanRogerio @Uber_Brasil Gasolina subiu e talvez sua corrida não seja vantajosa, mas envie a seguinte mensagem ao motorista, tenho uma nota de 20 reais de gorgeta e veja se o carro não aparece. Vc tem o que vc paga

Whoever did an Uber Eats order of 17+ drinks and food items from the Starbucks on Delaware at 9:00 am on a Friday…. I hope you have an awful day.

Don’t touch uber eats in Melbourne we ordered a meal 90 minutes ago. The restaurant told us the meal was ready 60 minutes ago but Uber had nobody available to deliver the meal. The poor restaurant staffer was in tears having fielded so many complaints.

Don’t call an Uber or Lyft today if you can in any way avoid it!! Drivers deserve the right to unionize just like any other worker

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