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This is such a political opportunity for Democrats. They can hammer this message: Republicans are voting against money for vaccines, tests, schools, small businesses, and the unemployed. Dem leaders opposed the 1981 Reagan tax cuts; it took them a decade to recover politically.

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Payola100 ()

@thenanaaba How I wish sis Aba would come across my please sis I completed university 2017 .. and I have been I have a degree in please if you know anyone who could help me get a job kindly post for please this is my number 0505146732

West Bengal Congress
West Bengal Congress ()

RG met the Unemployed Youth on hunger strike in Thiruvananthapuram. The young, brilliant people of Kerela are jobless but GOI & state Govt don’t care. It’s sad to see India’s youth in this condition. A big political change is required to ensure employment is generated in India

Unemployed Photo,Unemployed Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Cris ()

I’m absolutely for getting rid of “tenure” in orchestras if it means racists like @skala_emily get to be unemployed 😌🤌🏼✨

Jack El-Hai
Jack El-Hai ()

“It was ultimately determined that a 62-year old unemployed poet wasn’t a national security threat.”

💧WOWBAGGER - Résistez Martinet Marshall
💧WOWBAGGER - Résistez Martinet Marshall ()

The movie Time, Gentleman Please illustrates the Govt and Job Agency approach to unemployed - the couple in charge of the poor house are just like a job agency - nasty

Marcie Bayne
Marcie Bayne ()

.@IATSE can you explain why you are canceling health benefits? It’s bad enough @mtskwared has been unemployed since March 2020 with no return in site- now this!

Atse ()

@NYCMayor You were still saying crime is down when two people were murdered on the subway. Took so many violent attacks on the subway for you to finally allow cops to do their jobs. Too late for the dead and too little for this unemployed Asian man.

joe road
Joe road ()

Enjoying my last day of being unemployed. Time to earn some money to buy all the TWICE merch without feeling guilty 💸🤑

Narasimha Raje
Narasimha Raje ()

@MajorPoonia Foreign funds Indian vessels= ful plate meals to all unemployed. Hold on ... mujra also free.

Xi Jinping’s Illegitimate Stepson ☭
Xi Jinping’s Illegitimate Stepson ☭ ()

yall @edmvndd needs a cottagecore sanrio drain gang k-holing unemployed in credit card debt dior wearing depop shop owning cdg converse gf

Nick ()

@POTUS Once we get this pandemic under some form of management, given the last week of infrastructure failures, many private, maybe it’s time to consider putting all unemployed to work on infrastructure in a coop of private industries, subsidized by Fed as a stimulus as well.

Crimson Dostoevsky
Crimson Dostoevsky ()

@tchotchkele It is so fucking WEIRD for someone who has never ever engaged me before to ask my struggling unemployed ass for money! At least take me out for the Twitter version of dinner and drinks first

Hoe4koreanmen ()

Still cant believe im an unemployed 20 y/o who wants to buy day6’s albums and wanna be a sugarbaby but stupid gov banned the sugarbook website! Mf was about to sell her feet pics to sugardaddies w foot fetish 😔🤟

Alan Hooe
Alan Hooe ()

@SenSanders Some places $15/hr may be required to live. NOT ALL places in the have living costs this high! In a lot of states this will only increase the unemployed

Ct ()

@Matthew_4_Trump Be unemployed because they took away millions of jobs, or closed your business. Get your money from the govt instead, they want you dependent on them so they can easily control you.

Karol Grande🍍🌻 BLM❤️
Karol Grande🍍🌻 BLM❤️ ()

@XoXo__Kellie Disappointed in the world of modeling😡, I was fired from the academy for not allowing the owner to sexually abuse me. It sucks people like this. Please help me, at home we have no food and now I am unemployed.

Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham ()

Schools closed, Covid continues, millions unemployed, and yet this is what Biden piles onto America. “First asylum seekers enter the under Biden administration” via @nbcnews

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi ()

With millions of Americans unemployed and demanding relief to reopen schools and get people back to work, House Republican leadership is demanding its members vote against a bipartisan plan to help struggling Americans.

Bill Kristol
Bill Kristol ()

This is such a political opportunity for Democrats. They can hammer this message: Republicans are voting against money for vaccines, tests, schools, small businesses, and the unemployed. Dem leaders opposed the 1981 Reagan tax cuts; it took them a decade to recover politically.

brian freeman
Brian freeman ()

@darrengrimes_ Ignore the haters my friend They are not worth a fraction of you or a second of your time They are almost all leftard gutless keyboard warriors Who hate that you speak the absolute truth . Probably unemployed or I. Some public sector non job Stay strong

I’m Sorry, What?
I’m Sorry, What? ()

@Lilac3335 @beee_dl Lilac, there is literally more unemployed than there are vacancies Are you new here?

ハチさん🐝 ()

@unemployed_unko ふざけてローマ字で書いたのにいいねしてくれてありがとうございます😂笑笑 無職くん優しい✨

Shawn007 ()

@xraytech08 @AOC Ha, you are one of the unintelligent ones who keeps her silly, masquerade going. So when do you get your check. I’m guessing you’re unemployed, high school educated, living off parents?

Buck Frexit! 🇪🇺💜🐝💙🌍 #FBPE #ElectoralReform
Buck Frexit! 🇪🇺💜🐝💙🌍 #FBPE #ElectoralReform ()

Grimes has been chewed up & spat out. The very essence of a “useful idiot” Even while he’s going down (ie unemployed, moving back in with his “mam”) he’s STILL saying it’s all the left’s fault. What a gullible gift to them he is. Laughable, except there are millions of them! 😫

Codiac ()

@_slim_mkg So they are creating jobs for foreingers while our youth remain unemployed?

Marketcrasher ()

Interesting that overwhelming demographic of the majority of Covid deniers are unemployed and poorly educated.

Gifty ()

@Sisa_Flatela I completed my qualification in 2015 til today am still unemployed. It hurts so bad everyday & you keep wondering if maybe you not praying the right way.

Peter Barnes
Peter Barnes ()

@JonesHowdareyou I think she was alluding to the edict Biden gave his staff, but you can’t draw the bow that far. Morrison would fire himself after looking in the mirror, and we know he and the party have turned a blind eye or even authored horrific treatment of refugees, poor, unemployed, etc.

Emily Peck
Emily Peck ()

I wrote about one of the more absurd policy failures among many in the pandemic: Millions owe taxes on their unemployment benefits; I spoke to a few unemployed people who owe $1,000+ These people are broke; some will use stimulus checks to pay up. 1/x

P. Chidambaram
P. Chidambaram ()

The farmers are voters. So are migrant workers, MSMEs, the unemployed and the very poor families. When it is their turn, they will vote against the BJP like the Punjab voters

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