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Ok. So we’ve had our Bachelor fix @TheBachelorAU At 9pm may I suggest a switch to Utopia on our beloved @ABCTV #UtopiaABC to see more hapless decision-making?.

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As a VPS employee #UtopiaABC usually hits close to home, but last night’s ep was the most accurate to date. Diplomatic trade missions, tech fails and Ministerial blame dodging. The absolute best @workingdogprod.

@Jane_L_Kennedy @ABCTV #UtopiaABC is the best show on TV atm. Absolute gold 🏆.

@workingdogprod This should be on the next season of #UtopiaABC ! How would the NBA solve this conundrum?....

@PaulVRea yeah I know what you mean, I had 15 years in the public sector in NSW and watching #UtopiaABC gives me the surreal experience of both laughing and feeling nauseous at the same time..

@tynedaile Just used it on way to work! 😂😂😂😂 Greatest line ever. @workingdogprod #UtopiaABC.

Rivetting funny, spot on and scary @workingdogprod #UtopiaABC.

Thanks to tonight’s episode of #UtopiaABC for a great new line I’ll be using in all future meetings: “I’m due at a marquee in half an hour; do you mind?”.

😂🤣caught out @Jane_L_Kennedy! Turned to 102 straight away😂 What a brilliant show #UtopiaABC👏🏻👏🏻 You are all so clever @workingdogprod.

Why is it every time I watch #UtopiaABC, all that comes to mind is the current government PR spin? #Auspol.

Pollies. That’s as in politicians. Not police. How do I switch off spell check? (That’s a rhetorical question- how good are they?!) #UtopiaABC.

Cheer up Nat - ’demented’ is clearly a step up from ’half psychotic’ #UtopiaABC.

Between Melbourne Cup on #UtopiaABC and Halloween on #DiaryofanUberDriver we’re living in a time warp..

Should use #UtopiaABC as the vehicle for a Royal Commission into political use of the public service. The way government departments are required to drop everything to pander to inane Ministerial whims is not satire, it is standard working practice. #auspol.

Why does this show #UtopiaABC depress me so much? Because it’s probably exactly what @LiberalAus is up to right now. Denials, subterfuge and buck passing. Regardless it’s a compelling show @workingdogprod.

I love #UtopiaABC but I get so frustrated, because I’m sure that’s how our government works. I feel for Tony! @workingdogprod @ABCNetwork.

That was the funniest episode yet! Well done #UtopiaABC.

100%. The whole blame game and screwing over colleagues to save your arse. Incompetent Government Ministers playing the game to get ahead at the expense of truth and community benefit. Argh. #UtopiaABC.

#UtopiaABC is a great show. It’s to close to the truth at times, but it’s insights are brilliant. @workingdogprod @ABCTV.

#UtopiaABC Razor sharp. The bastardry, the stupidity, the surreal shamelessness..

However you spin it, the NBA are not to blame! Watch the latest #UtopiaABC now on iview:.

#UtopiaABC That’s was the best episode yet! Brilliant satire sadly so close to reality..

So you were in Japan seven hours? Yep. Reason for visit? I have no idea 😂 #UtopiaABC.

Ok. So we’ve had our Bachelor fix @TheBachelorAU At 9pm may I suggest a switch to Utopia on our beloved @ABCTV #UtopiaABC to see more hapless decision-making?.

The new Minister sure has his finger on the pulse. New #UtopiaABC tonight at 9pm.

Every. Single. Time. 🤦 New #UtopiaABC tonight at 9pm..

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