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The Parliamentary Budget Office recently calculated that ending native forest logging in 2023 would save Victoria $205 million, reports @sophiec. So, why does the Andrews government want to prop up an unsustainable industry for eight more years? #vicpol.

Just a handful of the VICPol pigs who assaulted me & other trans people for exercising our free speech & standing up against NAZIsm today @DanielAndrewsMP why do you keep increasing their budget???.

VicPol Photo,VicPol Photo by Strewth 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈,Strewth 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets VicPol Photo

VicPol’s much touted LGBTQ Liaison Officers were 100% present at the rally but presumably chose to watch as their buddies bashed and pepper sprayed LGBTQ protestors… much to consider.

VicPol Photo,VicPol Photo by Joshua Badge,Joshua Badge on twitter tweets VicPol Photo

Nazis within #VicPol you say? And who did members of Victoria Police decide to pepper-spray and use excessive force against today? Oh. The Trans Rights protesters. Interesting #SpringSt..

VicPol did not seek to ‘move on’ the Nazis at any stage during their hours of saluting and chanting yesterday. They were allowed to march around behind the police line with the TERFs. Trans rights protestors were pepper sprayed, shoved, stomped on by horses, and arrested..

@bindelj @StandingforXX Nah, it was a VicPol setup aimed at us. They didn’t just show up, the cops escorted them to the steps..

I hate to state the obvious but what the fuck does banning a salute do to protect trans people or stop nazis from standing on the steps of Parliament with Vicpol protection.

@DanielAndrewsMP Tell me Dan, who’s running Victoria? VicPol Also VicPol.

VicPol Photo,VicPol Photo by PolAg 🇳🇱 (GO/FY) 👨‍🍳,PolAg 🇳🇱 (GO/FY) 👨‍🍳 on twitter tweets VicPol Photo

And now, given that Aus allies of the Chch terrorist have since 2019 become bold enough to rally (with VicPol protection) on parliament steps, with their hate now targeting trans people, it could be time for Aus leaders to address their nazi problem in the strongest fucking terms.

@DanielAndrewsMP How do you justify that when you have your own Gestapo VicPol, who gas, shoot, and bash the general public?.

@vic_socialists WHY were you going around telling everyone to leave early? You coward opportunists left trans people alone to be further assaulted by VICPol & vulnerable to literal fucking NAZIs You are a disgrace.

Posie Parker babysat by nazis, nazis babysat by Vicpol via @YouTube.

I don’t care who you are… if you think a #Nazi salute is still okay in 2023 them I’m not okay with you! Just putting it out there… How do people think this way? Like seriously… how 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️. #Vicpol.

The Liberal Party is doomed. It doesn’t exist anymore. That’s the only way to understand the decision by John Pesutto, the Victorian Liberal Party leader, to expel MP Moira Deeming from the party for alleged links to neo-Nazis. #Vicpol.

Every Victorian should be outraged that #vicpol protected nazis and pepper sprayed protesters instead. @VictorianLabor Is this what ur government thinks is ok?.

With the size of the VicPol contingent yesterday, and the powers granted to VicPol, the question isn’t why NAZIs showed up. They’ve already made that clear The question is why transphobes didn’t ask VicPol to move them on. And we already know the answer to that.


@AdamBandt @VictoriaPolice rolled a red carpet out for the NSN, facilitating their goading of protesters with physical force and pepper spray. If protesters so much as yelled at the NSN, this was taken as an excuse by VicPol to attack..

I’d take this more seriously if VicPol had ever demonstrated even a fleeting moment of compassion for our trans community or could redirect even a fraction of the violence they wield against environmentalists and First Nations people toward neo-nazi scum, but nah.

@Leo_Puglisi6 Yet the transphobs/women did nothing to denounce the nazi presence. I agree VicPol needs to lift its game..

@steveflynn37 @billybragg Nazis are misogynists, but they turned up to hate on transpeople. Source: the literal Nazi banner. They had common cause with the TERFs and conservatives. VicPol formed a line to protect the Nazis, TERFs and conservatives, violently shoving back the pro-trans crowd..

VicPol Photo,VicPol Photo by Glenn Kitson,Glenn Kitson on twitter tweets VicPol Photo

@RNBreakfast @SBSNews Liberal MP faces expulsion after speaking at anti-trans rally attended by neo-Nazis #vicpol.

Reminder: >The Liberal party knew this when she was preselected. >The Liberal party literally made her party whip after the election. Pesuto deserves no kudos - none. #Vicpol.

@MoiraDeemingMP Another example of vicpol doing the bidding of Dan Andrews. Vicpol should change their uniforms to brown..

@DanielAndrewsMP And what of the police who stood with and defended those Nazis? What actions are you taking to handle the issue of vicpol siding with fascists?.

@abcnews VicPol conveniently sectioned off all groups except the Nazis... It is socialist Victoria BTW..

@PRGuy17 I wonder if @rachelbaxendale is going to write an excoriating in depth article on this disloyalty of those Liberals and the Liberal Parties close affiliations with them. #vicpol she is a Vic state political reporter.

Dan Andrews hates women who speak their minds. But we knew that already. #auspol #vicpol.

@Australians_1st ID bracelets for identification by VicPol. Protected species. It was all BS..

@tom_tanuki Who approved them to cross the police line? U Tom? Regardless of police behaviour on the day clearly approval granted by the organisers to let them in and if they didn’t want them they coulda asked VICpol to remove them from the vast space provided to prance around for an hour..

@swearyanthony Because neither the ALP nor the Liberals have the desire, much less the stomach, to wage the war that needs to be waged against the major elements of the internal culture of VicPol..

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