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The Victorian government will consider banning the Nazi salute after white supremacists hijacked a far-right protest on yesterday. Victoria Police have also been criticised, with the force refusing to elaborate on why the Neo Nazis were not arrested. @LanaMurphy #9News.

Multiple people were held back by Victoria Police as the group walked past them performing Nazi salutes.

Leonard Krog of Nanaimo told me yesterday half his City’s budget increase is public saftey. He’s pleading with the province for help. Nanaimo’s crime severity index is Victoria’s is Our council defunds the police and worries about plastic cups. Obscene. #yyj.

A crowd in Victoria, British Columbia attacked police officers and stabbed them with a needle while the officers attempted to resuscitate an overdose victim..

Apparently there is a #Nazi rally in Melbourne. Seriously people. Grow up. This is an Masonic AFP/Victoria Police/Antifa/ASIO Psyop. There may be the odd gullible moron there but they’ve been infiltrated and convinced to do it by Assets/Intel. The marchers are mainly Assets..

Victoria Police Photo,Victoria Police Photo by Dr Russell McGregor,Dr Russell McGregor on twitter tweets Victoria Police Photo

Aaron Plater, a former reserve constable who volunteered for Victoria + Saanich police and a prev govt bureaucrat, has received a six-month conditional sentence after being convicted of the sexual exploitation of a 15-year-old cadet in 1993..

Steve Dow
Steve Dow

Looking forward to a thorough independent investigation into the Victoria Police role in allowing the Nazis a platform on the steps of Parliament, Dan..

so, if the victorian labor government care so much about neo-nazis as to ban certain fashy flags and symbols, why do they not prohibit neo-nazis from working for victoria police? 👌 seems kinda tokenistic? nazis shouldnt be protected to parade on the steps of fucking parliament..

@9NewsMelb @LanaMurphy Victoria Police express concern that Nazis may upstage them..

Quite puzzled by this conduct by VicPol, which Victoria Police commanding officer gave orders that the Nazis were to be allowed to do their march and Hitler salutes on the steps of Parliament whilst the crowd of other protesters were held back? The threat was evident & protected..

@GMKitson In that case their employer should share their pride, surely. Especially if they are with Victoria police (which I absolutely believe after yesterday).

Victoria police needs to explain why these extremists felt safe to display their hate while trans people were attacked.

Victoria Police is competing with the military and even the hospitality sector in the race to sign up hundreds of new officers. In a bid to find 2000 new recruits, the force today held its biggest jobs expo in over a decade. @NickMcCallum7 #7NEWS.

Victoria Police Photo,Victoria Police Photo by 7NEWS Melbourne,7NEWS Melbourne on twitter tweets Victoria Police Photo

@annikasmethurst One of the Nazis is the son of a Victoria Police officer. They let them in. They orchestrated this media spectacle. Anything to silence women who expose male crimes! #LetWomenSpeak! Do something useful; research #Autogynephilia.

Victoria Police Photo,Victoria Police Photo by Mistress of the Universe 🔮,Mistress of the Universe 🔮 on twitter tweets Victoria Police Photo

@Telegraph @victoria_ward But he claimed he would pay for Metropolitan police protection. Is he lying again????????.

Victoria police say they seized handguns, drugs, cash and a stolen bicycle worth $10,000 in a pair of searches earlier this week..

Did the Premier of Victoria just libel the Australian women who attended the #letwomenspeak rally in Melbourne by accusing them of standing “with” Nazis? Nazis his police allowed to frighten the women by allowing them to get close & to stand on parliaments steps..

@Australians_1st @RealAngryAussie Typical Andrews police should be ashamed, Victoria police they had their infiltrators pathetic, how absolutely pathetic.

@DanielAndrewsMP Why are Victoria Police allowing actual Nazis to stand on the steps of Parliament and do Nazi salutes?? This is a disgrace!.

Imagine being a trans kid in Australia today. Knowing people HATE your existence SO MUCH that they are willing to stand side by side with actual neo-Nazis, to stop you from being accepted in our society. Protected by Victoria police..

And this is why VicPol - Victoria Police - is also trending. The cops aggressively picked fights with us today so that they could use pepper spray. One of the cops on the line is known to @campaignarf as having NeoNazi affiliations #ACAB #FuckDaPolice.

@BLUEfingers2021 Police were stopping the 2 groups from violently spinning it as protecting the low life haters is pathetic, Victoria the first state to ban the flags and symbols, sadly the salute needs to be included too.

It was then that Victoria Police resorted to violence again..

More needless and unnecessary flexing of muscle by Victoria Police..

Every kid in Victoria has the permission of the Victoria Police to act like Nazis and harass vulnerable trans people..

@timescolonist If throwing money at policing actually worked, Victoria would have much less crime. Victoria spends a lot on policing, yet here you are complaining about crime. What conclusions should we make about the effectiveness of police spending?.

Yesterday was definitely appalling on its own that is for sure. The fact that a cop 8 years ago was showing solidarity with a Nazi means there are cops in Victoria from 8 years ago that show solidarity with Nazis. Wonder if they are still police?.

@DanielAndrewsMP @DanielAndrewsMP. You are wrong #LetWomenSpeak rally was for women wanting our sex-based rights and female spaces back. The Victoria Police let in the Neo-Nazis into the buffer zone..

@charliepick @DanielAndrewsMP Check out this thread. Victoria Police appears to have a problem with Nazis in its ranks. The Premier needs much stronger legislation to deal with Nazism, & IBAC needs to shine a light on the Nazism in VicPol.

@ThePosieParker It’s Victoria and when you see the police, public services, departments, agencies, schools (Catholic too) and all those politicians (except @MoiraDeemingMP) telling women and children that they have to accept males identifying as females as WOMEN, you need to be prudent..

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