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Hey Twitter! Meet Milo! The newest Addition to the Viney family 🐾.

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One thing I really like in Labyrinth Runners is how every member of the Emerald Entrails helps Hunter. Gus is obviously the big role, the girls rescued him, Viney specifically healed him, Skara helped him and explained the situation, Willow vouches to him and calms him.

Viney with 30 touches, 7 tackles, and has satisfied me in ways I find strange and confusing. #AFLDeesLions.

@ashgalati Outstanding , also brilliant to see our pressure back , J Viney brilliant.

Viney has picked this team up by the scruff of the neck and said come with me. #afldeeslions.

@ricklyon He’s an absolute raging bull 😤 No baby formula in the Viney households, just bags of cement..

Viney had 12 tackles in his last game, the next closest had half that. So important. #AFLDeesLions.

@NickMcCallum7 @melbournefc Exactly what I just said. Lever & Viney were outrageous.

Now that was a four quarter effort. We’re back!!!! ❤️💙 Viney was sensational 💕.

@databyjosh @Suburbia3121 Viney vs Lyons? I don’t think it’s vast, though perhaps as a unit it doesn’t fit as nicely. Last night was ugly but I still think they’re contenders. Bailey and Zorko big outs, to lose Lyons as well left them grossly undermanned in the middle..

Dees playing well. Lever a rock in defence, marking everything, Viney capt courageous. Forwards plenty off opportunities. Cmon boys, keep it going. #AFLDeesLions.


Viney is great after a freshen up! Lever marking pressure is back! Sparrow good Weid been decent too.

@cados38 Viney was massive in that half. If he keeps rolling in the middle like that we’re good.

McCluggage has 7 tackles already. Next closest is Viney on 3. Impressive. #AFLDeesLions.

@UtkarshSingh_ Janta hindu muslim mai busy hai ....... Sabse jyda youth wali country ko berozgar kar dia hai ........

Love maxy. But viney brings a certain something with the C on his chest. #AFLDemonsLions.

Looking forward to reading the Brownlow votes for this one. 3. J Viney 2. J Viney 1. J Viney #AFLDeesLions.

@DogInvest So stiff. He looked scared of the ball after Viney crunched him in the last quarter..

@BlaisHunter Obviously starts. But let’s not pretend we didn’t see that Hedman backhand goal.

可愛い可愛い可愛い😭💝 そしてめっちゃ良い匂い😍 シャンプーの方Diorのブルーミングブーケ?だっけ?に似てる気がする これからゼロティーと萩原とヒロと風見の香水も来るから家が香水だらけになっちゃう❤️‍🔥.

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* Viney, who was much stronger than Emira just watched her girlfriend, letting out a laugh* awwww so cute * puddles drops Emira before sitting on her *.

@BlaisHunter @viney_corey He’s won 3 games to Vasy’s one and no one can say Tampa is a bad team and that’s why..

@jeffmilne7 As the 2nd qtr ticked on you could see their mojo gradually come back. 1st time since gf May, Lever, Salo & Pig played together. They looked in sync. Viney was elite.

@DunkleysDonuts Love this! Fellow Coleman owner and Dees supporter. Watching the Viney crunch on him live was bittersweet 😬.

@aussibec1981 @brisbanelions The teams that have beaten Melbourne have ran the ball, our boys played backwards in defence, no 45 degree chips through it. Our handballs were not at normal standards and a few times far to aggressive with heat for the runner by. Oliver, Viney and Petracca to strong lastnight.

@DoctorFiveball …..hate the saying but GFs not won in June. Boys needed a break…a cuppa and a good lie down. Never under estimate the team we have my luvs. Viney and lever outstanding btw. 😈.

Take out from tonight’s match @brisbanelions your coach is a supporter not a coach #Demons throw the ball all the time Viney is a thug. #Lions have the best list with the worst coach..

😵 Harris Andrews: Right shoulder knock when tackled by Viney in Q3 #AFLDeesLions.

@melbournefc Got our mojo back! Lever and Viney - huge. Keep it up boys 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼.

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