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Zaire throwing lobs to Wade and Bron ♨️ (via @NBAonTNT).

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I’m so happy rn. This documentary has legit made me feel so hopeless and terrible but finally something good is coming out of it and that documentary is getting shut down. I’m so happy to see Wade’s downfall. You tried once again and failed again.

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This D Wade poster on Anderson Varejao is one of the best in-game dunks of all-time🔥.

Dwyane Wade takes in last All-Star Game alongside former #Heat teammate LeBron James.

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Wade playing well and Bron going ghost? I agree 😌😌😌..

@_ohhmyJaie heard he wanted to jump over Wade for his final dunk but DSJ beat him to it.

Dwyane Wade 2016 Christmas PE Lining Shoes, men size , new without insoles.

Wade Ormsby has putter stolen at World Super 6 Perth, and sees his run at the title end in the first round of match play - security was a little lax I must say #golf.

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Alley-oop lancé par Stephen Curry, saut par dessus Dwyane Wade. Merci Dennis Smith Jr. #NBAAllStar.

Said that with a straight face and D Wade smirking, that’s how you know what KG said was REAL 😂😂😂.

Boy this gave me chills🙌🏾 I’d give anything to watch a prime Kobe/Wade series.

@DougJones No, you voted for him to protect your job, just look at Susan Collins, she said Kavanaugh would protect Roe V Wade and he has already voted against it.

Dwyane Wade Says He, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Want Team Ownership - Heat Nation.

@corbydavidson In your Dirk vs D Wade discussions you seem to take for granted that the rest of the NBA community thinks Dirk was a better player than Wade. While I agree, you might be surprised what the rest of the media has said..

Diallo wouldn’t have missed four times and had to use Wade like a trampoline..

@BullsGotNext I agree on this! If you put Dirk and Wade in, how can you leave DRose out??? Luka should be in too! 2 of the biggest snubs of all time. Blake Griffin was last rookie to get in, so I get the rookie thing partially, but DRose has faced more adversity to get where he is at now!! 💯.

For decades now, lies have shaped our society because major publications and media outlets have fecklessy gone along with them & In many cases propagated them. The Brawley girl should rightly be sitting in prison now for the harm she done. As should Ms Roe, of Roe v Wade infamy..

@DougJones Yes, and Kavanaugh assured Collins he wouldn’t tamper with Roe v Wade..

I’ll never forget when niggas said Harden only needs 1 ring and he automatically has a better career than D Wade. Smh.

@JENNYN0BL0CK Me vs Wade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23.

my dad called me mid nap earlier and i half-asleep agreed to go wade in the ice cold water and pick seaweed off our seawall tomorrow yikes.

@maureendowd Keep ignoring the fact that Wade Robson and James Safechuck had thier cases dismissed because they perjured themselves! Did Reed forget to tell you that? Idiot!.

The D Wade and Kobe rivalry was my favorite during their primes. The intensity and ferocity that they displayed was simply fantastic to watch..

@DougJones @joncoopertweets Like kavanaugh told senator Collins he wouldn’t go against roe vs Wade and bam 💥 1st chance he had he broke his word - wake up man this shit isn’t a joke.

Gonna have to add the Branch of the Way of Wade @DwyaneWade.

Zaire throwing lobs to Wade and Bron ♨️ (via @NBAonTNT).

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