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Wests Tigers: Round 3 Korisau-“Wakeham straightened us up” 4 words from Korisau that made more sense than the 6 minutes of Sheens jibber jabber..

The attack with Wakeham at 7 in the trial and then yesterday was chalk and cheese with what has been shown the rest of the season so far. Results of the attack aside, there were more set plays run and more depth shown in 20 mins yesterday than the previous games.

First Half Attacking Chances vs Storm throws it to the storm throws it to Kepaoa’s head kicks it dead, 7 tackle set (Storm score) creates a great try kicks it in goal on the full, 7 tackle set (Storm score).

For me - 3. Naden, 2. Wakeham, 1. Klem Thought Fonua Pole was really good returning from injury, as was John Bateman.

A whole bunch of Tigers fans bagging AD. For mine, he’s the best option at 6 and needs Wakeham at 7. Players have form slumps and no one is immune. Particularly when playing with a team that has no direction. He’d be killing it at any other club..

Brooks and Douiehi dont work in halves as both players best attribute is their running game. That why they looked better with Wakeham on because hes proper half back that plays straight Which let brooks run..

If Wakeham has saved Brooks from being dropped, that would be the ultimate Wests Tigers curse. Cut him free. Don’t want to see him our team again..

Predicted Round 4 Team @WestsTigers Douehi Topau Naden Staaford Staines Brooks Wakeham Pole Bateman Papali’i Klemmer Api Stefano Tigers 13+ !.

@BecharaRob I was impressed with Api when asked about how he’s often running out of dummy half but has no support. He said the boys here are not used to playing front foot footy and it takes time to change the mindset. Think that’s a pretty fair comment, we saw an instant spark with Wakeham..

Tigers tried this play in their last set but couldn’t get the timing. Nice play and well read by Brooks. Api jumps left then drops Brooks back under who has Wakeham and Staines shaping for an outside-inside ball. Mahoney sees it and bites on the Brooks dummy, Staines scores.

Wakeham Photo,Wakeham Photo by NBWT,NBWT on twitter tweets Wakeham Photo

@NBWT__ Api, Naden, Wakeham. Naden looked dangerous with the ball and was trying to bring it in D, Api was always out fast and made 44 tackles. Wakeham straightened attack and was a threat - huge tackle on Kikau late, one on one..

@NBWT__ Brooks looked to immediately improve when Wakeham came one. AD looked disinterested the entire game..

@FOXNRL Has to get a 6 and 7 both these guys are not up to it, wakeham did more in 20mins than both of them..

Wakeham looked quite lost tonight without a tall winger with dreadlocks to kick too.

Wakeham has a 4 on 2, doesn’t pass gets tackled. Next play, Brooks gets around his man, takes too long to get rid of the ball and is tackled. Change over. These tigers halves are shocking #NRLStormTigers.

@9_Moley The 6 and 7 are the main problem ..attack only got into gear when wakeham came on..

Love that the doggies boys sacrificed the score line just to ensure there old mate Wakeham gets a starting spot at the tigers for the rest of the year! Great bunch of mates! #NRLbulldogstigers.

@SportsNuffy Brooks isn’t a halfback’s arsehole. Only looks good when someone else gives him space like Hastings did occasionally & Wakeham did today..

@NBWT__ I think ppl saying Wakeham is fair, but I think I’m more convinced about the way both of the halves played when he came on. He managed the game and allowed Brooks to focus on his running game which blew the game open for them.

@WestsTigers Ill sum it up. We learned brooks isn’t a 7, but Wakeham is. However we won’t change anything because we want fans to suffer..

What we have learnt about our team after the trials and 3 rounds? Lost first 3 games due to silly errors and terrible offence. Laurie - Not long term Fullback Douehi - Not a long term 6 Best offence IMO Laurie Nofu Naden Douehi Staines Brooks Wakeham.

@brendenfingers @antonposa For me it’s more than just that he made a line break etc. More his own movement and decisions vs the defence. Not long before that (prior to Wakeham on) he had the ball on the front foot off the Klemmer break and dummied on the spot and submitted..

@NBWT__ Like when he died in with the ball one off the ruck, last tackle, 10 metres out? Lol. Wakeham was on by that stage. Douehi looked great outside Wakeham in the trial. So good that he came off with 20 to go. Brooks needs to be dropped..

@WestsLifePod Thank you!!! A meter bloody forward and all becuz he looks backward no one mentions it. What a piss take! Regardless brooks has had a shocker and should be axed at half time. Wakeham to half. Dewy to 5/8 and Laurie at the back. Show some balls and drop the protected species!.

Brandon Wakeham looks like if you tried to create Benji Marshall on Rugby League Live.

@NBWT__ The issue is they’re both running halves. Without Wakeham on the field, we don’t have a ball playing half..

@Domc73 Dom, he’s not Joey Johns but he’s playing with confidence and if Brooks is worth 1m then Wakeham would be worth 5m!! Lol Enough of defending 10 years of Brooks! Wakeham is our best no 7 option now clearly! It can’t be denied!.

@BecharaRob My biggest worry is that the fan base is now looking at Wakeham as our saviour. No offence to him but his been playing reserve grade for 3 years and couldn’t find a spot at the bulldogs. Now all of the sudden he is Joey Johns..

@brysonosyrb @CastTiger wakeham and brooks in the halves created try’s when they worked together douhei has a bomb where he hopes they’ll drop it and that’s it as a 6.

@LambrettaGP1971 Wakeham was good, but the Dogs dropped off. They were having showers and singing the club song at the 60 minute mark..

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