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Warming Twitter

“I guess Maduro’s oil isn’t global warming, but American is. I mean it’s nonsense” @GovRonDeSantis joins @dbongino to slam the Biden administration for begging other countries for oil, while Americans suffer at the pump..

#کہوٹہ_کےجنگلات_بچاؤ Tehsil Kahuta is are the fire workers, govt employees who are being paid specially for saving of forests? Are all the responsible authorities sleeping? They have no shame? Have they any job except warming their chairs? @DCRawalpindi @Ackahuta.

Pada ngeluh panas ya panas ya tapi sedikit yg aware sama global warming. wait bang, global warming itu ril kh?.

@barelysarcasm Question for Jim: If the rich are leaving the US for Europe because of global warming where exactly will they go?.

How Global warming has changed the world since the year you were born.

@ScottMorrisonMP “just warming up” The Horror story could be about to get a Hell of a Lot Worse😱.

@ASoftstar Global “cooling”.., no shit! In the 70’s, they thought the next ice age was upon us. Now it’s the bullshit narrative of Global “warming”! Every 30-40 years we get a New Democrat boogeyman!.

@350zeee @MRobertsQLD Whos gonna show you the NASA Study on temperature in other planets warming too, and the sun is expanding therefore warms up more.

@charcoalbillyo @shravaka We have data of warming and cooling that goes back 200 000 years. However the temperatures are estimates and it sure as hell wasn’t done my man made carbon emissions. Happy to wait for your reply 😊.

Are the Air conditioners not partly responsible for increasing the temperature and global warming?.

@wfaaweather It’s hit 100 on March 9th in 1911. Must’ve had global warming 111 years ago already.

@Blue_Footy Period! At a certain point we should admit that Liverpool just has a stronger starting 11. Not to mention an even stronger bench. No one who saw Malang Sarr warming up after Thiago got injured should ever think CFC is as strong as Liverpool. We don’t have a coaching problem..

Like America has now dominated the sky… these mfs… government prolly don’t care if it got money in the bank they boutta dip n let us burn bet. Like the guy that burned himself alive about global warming. Lmaooo.

@rahlompho Mofokeng Butle ka khapane e re bolaisitse global warming nako e telele 😀😀😀.

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