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Most wickets by a Royals spinner in a season: 𝐘𝐮𝐳𝐢: 2⃣1⃣ Gopal: 20 Warnie: 19 We knew he was meant to be in Pink. 💗.

Warnie and Roy talking about one of the great cricket moments. ❤️.

@isaguha Isa when you, Roy and Skull hosted the Pak vs Aus studio show on the day Warnie died, Roy looked a broken man. Just too much heartbreak this year..

I have no words. We only just lost Warnie and now Andrew Symonds is gone. I am beyond heartbroken. Please hold your loved ones right. 😭💔.

Warnie and Symonds are actually on a road trip to heaven now. :(.

There’s been 464 Australian Test (men’s) cricketers. 464! Three icons have died in the past 10 weeks. Rod Marsh was 74. Shane Warne was 52. Andrew Symonds 46. It’s tragic ‘Warnie’ and ‘Roy’ had so much left to give and leave young children behind - and loved ones - behind..

Roz Kelly
Roz Kelly

Like Warnie, everyone has a story to tell about Andrew Symonds #ValeRoy.

Mannnn… still can’t believe Andrew Symonds is no more. Seeing him and Warnie pass has really takes away a memorable chunk of my childhood. It is times like these where you realise how influential these people actually were to your own life and ofc, the sport..

@MichaelVaughan Terrible, Tragic news. Australian cricket is once again in mourning following the sudden death of Andrew Symonds with his family and friends 🥲 A special cricketer and a ripping person. RIP Hi to Warnie up there 👆.

Warnie Photo,Warnie Photo by Daphne_leena78,Daphne_leena78 on twitter tweets Warnie Photo

Andrew Symonds being no more is pretty shocking news to wake up to. If there is cricket in after life then Warnie at least has another teammate to give him company. RIP Andrew Symonds..

Someone has cursed that invincible australian team from early 2000s. First Warnie and now Symonds. Gone too soon :(.

@GenXDev1L Can’t believe it still shocked about Roy. Still getting over Warnie and Marshy..

Tragic news of the loss of Australian Test Cricket star Andrew Symonds. We spent time together in the UK, Eire, Australia, the Caribbean and Los Angeles. So soon after Warnie and Rod Marsh. RIP big fella. #AndrewSymonds.

@FOREVER_VK_FAN First Deano, then Rod Marsh, Warnie after, and now Roy 💔 Hard to fathom we lost 4 gems far too soon in the past 18 months.

Waitt. Ma ki?? WHHHAAATTTT??? This is really shocking. Gone too soon, symonds. We are already in great shock for warnie. Now Andrew symonds. This is very tragic. Condolence to his entire family and friends. #SHOCKING #AndrewSymonds @SriniMaama16 mams??? Are you seeing this ???.

Wait what - Symonds is no more .. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 First Warnie now Andrew - my worst nightmare 2022. Go away already. #RIPRoy.

#RIPSymonds First Warnie and now Symonds , Another legend leave us too soon 😭 Rest in Peace Legend 🙏🏻.

Warnie Photo,Warnie Photo by Nishant Verma 🤘,Nishant Verma 🤘 on twitter tweets Warnie Photo

@v8tiger This upcoming summer of cricket is going to be a very sad one. Warnie and Roy both taken from us far far too soon 💔.

Fuck this one hits different, one of my favourite players as a kid Rest In Peace Roy go and have a beer with Warnie ❤️.


Can’t believe this. We’re still getting over losing Warnie and now we lose another Larrikin legend. Rest In Peace Roy!🙏🏻😔.

I can’t believe Andrew symonds is dead!!! 2022 is fucked, first warnie now symo 😩#RIP #AndrewSymonds.

What a shocking news to wake up to. One of the best fielders in the history of the game: and what a tragic way to pass away. First warnie and now symmo. Cruel world #RIPRoy #AndrewSymonds.

@AninditaB_AB @Ajinkyapalkar24 !! Just opened my eyes with this devastating news💔💔... Warnie and then The legendary Aussies team lost two gems🥺🥺...🙏🙏 Gone too soon Symmo💔, A boom destructive batsman Perfect spin & medium bowler A too good gun fielder👌 #ripSymonds.

Jones, Warnie and now its Trauma for Cricket enthusiasts!! Rest in peace cric greatest.

Warnie Photo,Warnie Photo by GyAndeep Baruah,GyAndeep Baruah on twitter tweets Warnie Photo

Nah man no way his last tweet was actually a clip with Warnie 💔.

2003 World Cup. Symonds 143 against PK. One of the finest innings ever. RIP, champ. Have a cold one with Warnie..

@itsAJHurts He was my sisters absolute favourite that I rang her so she wouldn’t see it on social media first. Oh man she cried. I saw her today when we went to the cemetery and I gave her a hug and said Dad and Warnie will show him the ropes and they’ll all get in trouble no doubt 😉.

@circus_1969 Bog da go prosti butz another big loss to Australian Cricket very sad as we have already lost Warnie and Rod Marsh and now Roy.

@JimWilsonMedia Tragic for the blokes who were close to Warnie as Roy in same friendship group tough tough times. Terribly sad.

First Warnie, now Roy. Two Aussie cricket icons gone this year. Rest In Peace Andrew Symonds.

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