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Updated: November 27th, 2021 07:43 AM IST

I’m hoping that Michael equally condemned the egging of Fraser Anning, the head butting of Tony Abbott, to say nothing of the various office-trashings of Coalition MPs, the cork screw attack on a poll worker in Warringah, etc.

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Warringah TL:DR - as I have said on #TheDrum if corruption was an Olympic sport, NSW would supply the Australian squad. So far, on the evidence before ICAC, Gladys would not even be suggested for the NSW Possibles squad for the Possibles vs Probables game.

If Zali has actually done anything in Warringah in the past 3 years, would happy to be enlightened. Zali is a very nice person but I am just not sure she got anything done for the northern beaches ... I mean Abbott was phoning it in as well by the end.

As a periodic Warringah resident: It is a very affluent Sydney seat & residents rarely need anything from Govt which is why Zali could be a pretty mediocre/low energy local MP & still get reelected. At the same time, Gladys would have enormous appeal to the non-broken majority.

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The former premier is under pressure to run in the seat of Warringah. 🤔 Is she the right woman for the job? @J_C_Campbell #auspol #nswpol

Gladys Berejiklian is under increasing pressure to run against independent Zali Steggall as the former premier emerges as the only candidate who can win back the vital seat of Warringah. Keep corruption out of politics.

If you can get past the paywall here’s the full ‘story’ on the plan to reheat Gladys Berejiklian as a Federal MP. It takes political teflon to a whole new level

Pressure is mounting on former NSW premier @GladysB to make a return to politics. Senior Liberals say they believe that Berejiklian is the only chance their party has of re-taking the seat of Warringah. #auspol #7NEWS

@SallyLawry Shoring her sainthood up to message Lib selectors for Warringah that she is his preferred candidate. Doubt they have anyone else to run for it. Pretty useless considering ICAC won’t be reporting until Feb 2022. Wonder when pre-selection closes.

Daily Tele in NSW reporting on the front page that Gladys is wanted by LNP to contest the federal seat of Warringah. No mention of ICAC proceedings.

@simonahac Hmmm ... if Gladys runs in Warringah, would that not be some grand plot from Labor and the Greens to hand the seat to an independent?!

@ShiannonC Are the Libs serious about encouraging Bekekjiklian (as Morrison called her in #qt the other day) to stand for candidacy in Warringah? They want to try to replace a serial corrupt liar (Abbott) with another serial corrupt liar?? I don’t believe it. 😳

NO! We won’t have it! We got rid of TONY and Warringah won’t tolerate another clapped out NLP reject, albeit one popular amongst the totally uninformed. 🔥💥🔥 Just stoppit! We will lie down in the Corso. And on the beaches… 💥#LNPCrimefamily


They will run Gladys in Warringah and she will get hammered by Zali.

@kailaswild Berejilkian for Warringah? You have to be shitting me. We all knew something was coming but Jeeze.

Speers, Frydenberg, Wilson and Morrison, all flying a Berejiklian For Warringah kite which will be shot down soon.

@Troubadour_man @bentbananabooks Slomo doesn’t want it known because he wants her to run for Warringah against Zoe Steggall. The media obey the big bully so you’ll only get truth from the independents. We have a truly cowered media.

@SarkySage Don’t think so. Morrison’s tirade re ICAC bringing Gladys down, is to soften people up for ‘@GladysB for Warringah.’

@bradthegunn Have you read that Joshie and Scotty and Timmy all welcome Gladys to run for the seat of Warringah?

Does anyone remember what David Speers had to say when Zali Steggall decided to stand against Tony Abbott in Warringah?

@DanielBleakley Warringah booted out Abbott in a landslide on integrity and climate action which Gladys is a big fail

@slsandpet @zalisteggall is doing a fantastic job, & will be returned. Warringah is a naturally independent electorate. The insane onion-monk prince-knighter was an aberration. Oh, and Wilson will be ruined too.

@SCalliss Oh please keep him! We could try to send Gladys to keep him company and her away from Warringah! Really can’t bear the thought of the two of them coercing votes in the IGA bread aisle.

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be running as the Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Warringah at the next federal election. I’ll be campaigning on a pro-corruption platform.

@BrentHodgson @GlennColgan Kooyong was a 3 cornered contest Goldstein is more likely to remain a head to head where we can follow the Indi/Warringah model 50% of ALP Green vote 16% of Lib votes Strong preference flow (85%) from ALP/Greens That would be enough to get us over the line

In preparation for the season we set up the Goldstein Christmas tree this morning and put the ‘@GladysB for Warringah’ angel on top!

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I’m no Gladys fan, but Zali is a terrible local MP. It’d be difficult to count on one hand what she’s delivered for Warringah, aside from ‘not being Tony’. Subject to ICAC’s findings, Gladys would win resoundingly. She has a strong political record #auspol

EXCLUSIVE: A campaign to convince Gladys Bereiklian to run in Warringah has led the former NSW premier to consider re-entering politics, allies say.

@jean15849180 What the ‘Liar from the shire’ is saying crooked corrupt Gladys has more chance of being elected in Warringah than he has with his Cook and shes not even running.

I think ScoMo is planning to run Gladys in Warringah, and he’s trying to set the narrative early

I’m hoping that Michael equally condemned the egging of Fraser Anning, the head butting of Tony Abbott, to say nothing of the various office-trashings of Coalition MPs, the cork screw attack on a poll worker in Warringah, etc.

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