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Looks like we have ourselves a reckoning. Tonight. 9PM. #WatchmenHBO.

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Este mes, a parte de adaptar mis libros favoritos a serie, también han adaptado mi cómic favorito. Y ambas series están siendo una MARAVILLA absoluta. 😨❤️ No puedo estar más contento. 😨❤️#HisDarkMaterials #Watchmen.

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Episode 4 of Watchmen just made me laugh harder than nearly anything this year with #LubeMan..

@tralhasdojon Eu acho que é uma mistura disso tudo aí, mais uma pitadinha de carma por prometer varios vídeos de Watchmen e nos deixar com ânsia por eles nos últimos dois anos :p.

Watchmen episode four guide: Lady Trieu, catapults, and links to Superman?.

«Watchmen», la serie che denuncia il razzismo della nostra società.

You can always tell when I finally have time to watch the new WATCHMEN ep because all I can say for an hour or so is how much I love WATCHMEN..

‘Watchmen’ Opened With the Tulsa Race Riot. Here’s What to Read About It. - The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, depicted in Sunday’s series premiere of “Watchmen” on HBO, was one of the worst outbreaks of racial violence in American history..

o dia inteiro pensando nesse episodio de watchmen que eu vou assistir agora. O lado ruim de não ter HBO GO. O lado bom é que eu não pago 50 reais por mes por um serviço ruim.

tenho que assistir hoje: IT 2 Homen-Aranha Longe de Casa The Walking Dead Mr. Robot Rick and Morty Watchmen Irmandade sei nem o que vai ser da minha vida quando Vikings voltar mês que vem.

Explicadme qué acabo de ver porque es todo tan críptico que me pierdo. Qué ha sido ese final? Socorro. #Watchmen.

@_DCBRASIL oi oi dc, vocês sabem de algum link que eu possa ler os quadrinhos antes de watchmen? a edição definitiva eu já tenho e queria ler esse ai e não acho essa desgraça :/.

That dude on the new episode of Watchmen who covered himself in oil and slid into the sewer was a badass idc.

I just added Watchmen to my library! #tvtime.

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Feliz de que HBO me ha cambiado el decepcionante Game of Thrones por #HisDarkMaterials y #Watchmen ❤️.

I need to see more episodes of this Watchmen series right now! It’s so weird it’s so good I can’t wait.

Is watchmen this 1st comic book show to say theres no heaven, theres nothing when we die? Cause that was cold..

this week’s episode of Watchmen opened with a Dolly Parton song! What more could you want!.

@AdrienneLeilani Well now I have to make some 2nd date suggestions for new/upcoming and binge-worthy shows: The Expanse Rick and Morty The Witcher Watchmen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 📺🛋️🥰.

Between Watchmen, Succession, Mindhunter, Barry, GoT, BoJaCk, Russian Doll, Fleabag, AYAOTD and a whole heap of other stuff, 2019 has been an amazing year for great TV..

Many of my colleagues were resistant. They were old school “Marlboro Men” cops (this was before tobacco was listed as a controlled substance) and using “nerd toys” didn’t fit into their conception of what it meant to be a detective. this is greatness. @watchmen.

Between Watchmen and His Dark Materials, my quota of HBO adaptations of my favorite books is certainly being filled!.

Driving home on 476 listening to the Watchmen soundtrack and there’s a car on the side of the road in flames. Appropriate..

No tengo ni una sola mala palabra que decir de la serie ‘Watchmen’, solo que entiendo menos que en mi examen de química de selectividad..

adoro aquele cara do watchmen o so nao entendo pq na mascara dele tem minha mae saindo de casa 🤔.

Looks like we have ourselves a reckoning. Tonight. 9PM. #WatchmenHBO.

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