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From @BTS_twt to @jonasbrothers and more, which boy band would you spend a summer weekend with? Vote!

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Portland Wine Cellar ()

Dull windy Saturday and a bank holiday weekend so typical weather but never mind we will cheer you up with our great selections of spirits wines Liqueurs beers and yes even milk. So feel free to pop in and browse or telephone for a delivery or collection 01704534299 🍷🥛🥃🍾🍺🥂

Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) ()

BREAKING: President @realDonaldTrump announces that the CDC will be issuing guidance declaring places of worship ESSENTIAL, allowing them to re-open as of this weekend!

Paul Nicholson ()

Entering the whole world of Twitch in my first Weekend League Could be a shit

$HAMU ()

Me acting like I didn’t know every Barber would be booked this weekend

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Lorelai Gilmore ()

This weekend is dedicated to self care 🌿 gotta buy crystals, more sage and new skin care products

Pretty.poised.proper ()

It’s Friday and a long weekend & the sun is shining! I refuse to let ANYONE steal my joy today! Even my mama 🤷🏾‍♀️

Black Sparrow🏁 ()

@Aurielsworld Shid I was just on the grill last weekend lol. I wasn’t playing no games soon as that nice weather came thru

Mook ()

my sisters coming to pick me up for memorial weekend and i ain’t packed shit that how you know i really don’t want to go

Billy From A Social Distance ()

If you need me at all this weekend I’ll be chilling in my apartment in jorts with the heat turned up to 90 blacked out by 11 listening to the sound of cars vrooming on my laptop drinking warm coors light everyday

#GALLEG🌎sFam ()

@meercatjohn Thanks Phil! I was bummed out about canceling the traditional ceremony, but I’ll give the school credit, they’re really making this “Drive-Thru” graduation pretty cool! I’m sure I’ll post something next weekend. Lol

Dr. Alexis C Swanson ()

Virginia reports 813 new coronavirus cases, bringing total to 34,950 ahead of Memorial Day weekend

Stan Middlebrooks ()

@TidePride8 Hello Our Beautiful Brilliant and a Babe Babs. How long have you been in your present location. I’m curious how long it took to move everything in? Finally made it to the weekend. Have a Fabulous Frisky Friday. ❤️🐘🌊🐘❤️🌹🍷🌹🍷🌹🍷🌹❤️🏆💯🇺🇸🙋‍♂️❤️

Mack2020 ()

Weekend League Team for challenge # whatcha got for us this week @LeviMajor? Let’s do this thing. Live at 5!!

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Dolmen Recruitment ()

There is a great Mental Health Summit happening this weekend. ITS FREE and there is a great line up. Please share with anyone interested.

Ethan ()

I can totally beat Torna this weekend, but just 4 days to beat the rest of the main game will be a tough one

PB Lacrosse ()

ESPNU will be airing replays on some recent national championships throughout this weekend. Some good games to watch on the list!

October Research LLC ()

What are your holiday plans this weekend? Take us with you! Display your NS3 koozie or just show us your spirit. Tag us using #NS32020. Here are @ORKnowledge we are going golfing!

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Purple heart 💜 ()

⚠방탄 투표중인 링크들!!!!⚠ ⚠️THIS IS FUCKING IMPORTANT⚠️ 💜VOTE BTS HERE FOR Which boy band would you spend a virtual happy hour with? 💜VOTE BTS HERE FOR Which boy band would you want to spend a summer weekend with?


Traveling by car this Memorial Day weekend? Here’s a few things to know #utah

📸DiggzMalone📸 ()

@_thatsmeek Yea I said I wasnt going to but I cant cheat just cuz a lil rain. After this though, Im in the crib for the weekend 😂

Sambucachilled ()

@wbz What’s the over under on photos of @marty_walsh and other politicians hosting bbq’s this weekend with tons of people and no masks

Linda Hemby ()

#Iraq: Among teachers, activists, and journalists reportedly detained in Duhok by #Kurdistan authorities last weekend during a protest against the government’s failure to pay public sector salaries on time, 7 have been released but will face trial

North Boulder Liquor ()

Heading into the holiday weekend, be mindful & stay hydrated. 🇺🇸 Call, email, or order at the door with mask: -Friday & Sat 10-6 -Sunday 12-5 -Memorial Day 10-5 #MemorialDay #Boulder

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Terre des hommes ()

A bright Friday smile from #Peru to wish you a lovely weekend 🧡

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Luxebars ()

Pls what are you breaking your fast with !!! You need these they taste so tag someone who needs u could send them to ur family or friends who are celebrating this eid weekend ..first 10 orders gets a free extra 08030616997 or slide into our Dm

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Weekbladweekend ()

Jada Borsato staat stil bij trouwdag Marco en Leontine #weekend

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Shea Sorenson ()

Closer to average this afternoon with tons of sunshine and wind gusts up to 25 MPH. More of the same this weekend with triple digits expected next week! @KVOA #azwx

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Devon Jerameel ☀️ ()

@lovelyprobin @talk2GLOBE Huhuhu imbis ganahan ta mag-enjoy sa weekend by video streaming but waley. Maskin feed sa twitter, 30-second vid ra gani na ha, loading geap. 🤷‍♂️

Dakota Weir ()

Day 71 without Pasta Nothings holding me back from this 4 day weekend! LETS GO BOYS!

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Billboard ()

From @BTS_twt to @jonasbrothers and more, which boy band would you spend a summer weekend with? Vote!

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