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Welcome to the Davila danger zone 🚨 🎥: @FOXFOOTBALL #WELvWSW #ALeague.

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Talay made the right choice ordering Mexican by @iluvnix17 #WELvWSW #ALeague.

Ulises Davila sigue brillando con el @WgtnPhoenixFC, anota un nuevo gol el jugador Mexicano en esta temporada #ALeague de Australia. Fue quien abrió el marcador frente al Wanderers #WELvWSW.

SCORE | Wellington Phoenix 2, WS Wanderers 0 Les Néo-zélandais s’approchent de la deuxième place, avec un match en moins, les ‘Nix sont dorénavant à deux points de la place de dauphin en championnat. #WELvWSW.

A-League: Wellington Phoenix d Western Sydney Wanderers. Crowd: 9,166 @ Sky Stadium (NZ) #WELvWSW View details:.

THE NIX GO 9️⃣ UNBEATEN! ⠀⠀ ⠀ @WgtnPhoenixFC: 2⠀⠀⠀ @wswanderersfc: 0⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ #WELvWSW #ALeague.

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The stadium. Wellington’s continuation in the competition has to come with some clause that sorts out the mess that is playing at the cake tin. They need a solution and they need it quickly. #WELvWSW.

How do you not get at least a draw out of that match. You can’t dominate a game for 60 minutes and not at least draw it. Kersey is easily one of the worst refs we’ve ever seen. Lineswoman as terrible. Yeboah is not a striker, never has been. Awful game #WELvWSW.

I appreciate it’s an Australian audience but @FOXFOOTBALL commentary on the #WELvWSW game is just dissecting Wanderers. Man there’s another (v. Good) team killing it & undefeated in 9 games. #matchdaysaturday.

Interesting to note Dávila’s 15th minute goal came from the Phoenix’s fifth shot of the match, and they only had three more in the 75 minutes that followed – one of which was three minutes later. #WELvWSW.

Cam Generalissimo Devlin quite literally bossed the midfield again today. Directing traffic like a seasoned veteran. Love his confidence. He left Sydney with less than 90 minutes of first team football under his belt, and look at him now. #WELvWSW #ALeague.

Some thoughts on the @WgtnPhoenixFC - Devlin is into everything. An absolute animal - the understanding between Cacace and McCowatt down the left is almost telepathic - the way they manipulated WSW to create space on the flanks is quite something #WELvWSW.

Welcome to the Davila danger zone 🚨 🎥: @FOXFOOTBALL #WELvWSW #ALeague.

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