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Wizards survive Sixers in Game 4, cut series deficit to 3-1 Westbrook: 19 PTS, 21 REB, 14 AST

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Garrett Greene
Garrett Greene ()

I realized after I was done with the postgame that I did not do enough to recognize Jamie Westbrook tonight. He quietly reached base safely all five times, scored three runs and had an RBI. He’s been vital to the Shucker success this season.

tHe AfRiCaN™❁
THe AfRiCaN™❁ ()

In an Win or Go home elimination game Seth Curry outscored Westbrook. Beal is so asking for a trade😂😂😂

Davis westbrook
Davis westbrook ()

@RockTheBabyRuss i know one player who should stay with Westbrook and beal and that would be gafford. He fits in great with them

The Process
The Process ()

Westbrook showing Ja Morant how to lose to the number 1 seed in 5 games on the road

Westbrook Photo,Westbrook Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
LifelongLaker ()

Trae Young is a future star in this league. This series did not go how I anticipated but it brought plenty of entertainment and drama. Russell Westbrook might be just what the Knicks need as his play style matches the vibe of the state: gritty, grimy, relentless, resilient.

Mike Meech
Mike Meech ()

Death List Five 1 Russell Westbrook 2 Trae Young 3 Kevin Durant 4 Donovan Mitchell 5 Adam Silver

Christopher Munn
Christopher Munn ()

@stephanip96 Yup, gonna atleast get the 5 back to take a swing tomorrow but dang wouldnt have thought westbrook would have let me down.

𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙎𝙯𝙉 🩸
𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙎𝙯𝙉 🩸 ()

Westbrook value went up, lots of players value went down who have big contracts, this might be Russ best opportunity to be traded if he wants to obviously

To|/|Sic T⭕️p5 ⚜️
To|/|Sic T⭕️p5 ⚜️ ()

Serious question has Russell Westbrook won a playoff series since averaging a triple double every season?

Johnatban Lanm
Johnatban Lanm ()

this is why westbrook will never win a championship. Terrible playoff performer and terrible teammate fuck westbrook

TheNBANinja ()

Westbrook losing his free throw touch in his 30s is weird. Was pretty automatic for most of his career but not anymore

Fred Katz
Fred Katz ()

Wizards have to win the Beal/Westbrook vs. the bench lineups. But it’s not happening.

Ed ()

Any time Westbrook pulling threes you know it’s over, they trying to find offense from anywhere

Brandn Somethin’
Brandn Somethin’ ()

Beal is one of favorite players and I’ve grown to appreciate Westbrook for the talent he is but I’d be DAMNED if I don’t hold them accountable. The reason they get paid $40 mil is because you’re not supposed to make dumb turnovers and have bad basketball IQ in the playoffs

Branden Lapp
Branden Lapp ()

Wonder where Westbrook will be playing next season…. Where do you see Westbrook ending up? I can see him with the Knicks or someone like Chi taking a chance

x - Wizards Türkiye
X - Wizards Türkiye ()

Scott Brooks malı biraz adam olsaydı Westbrook ve Beala söz gecirirdi. İkili sıkıştırma yedikleri halde zorlamaya devam ediyo ikisi de , bu kadar zor olmamalı pas vermek ya. Hachimura bu kadar iyiyken bir de cidden çok yazık


If Westbrook gave y’all that Frosty Freeze Out they coulda went ahead and stopped the game right there

Andrew Buckman
Andrew Buckman ()

This is the worst and laziest defense I’ve ever seen Russell Westbrook play. This entire series

Trip ()

Russell Westbrook get mad over the weirdest shit lol He got upset with his guys because they came in too early after they released to slap his hand the ball on his missed Free Throw 😂😂😂

FoxMulder(s)Pencil ()

Westbrook could really be one of the greatest of all-time, but all the time is doing something to make his inclusion in even the Top 20 of this era questionable.

D.O.C ()

All NBA Space cadet team of off ball defense Westbrook- Jaylen Brown- Derozan-Ingram-Kanter HM: Zion, MPJ, McCollum, Dame

Simon Williams (He/Him)
Simon Williams (He/Him) ()

The Wizards formed into a good challenge for the Sixers. Beal is hard for anyone to stop when rolling, Westbrook’s pace and playmaking (he and Ben Simmons are very similar in that way) and having to defend a post players like Lopez and Gafford without Embiid is a valuable test.

Joao ()

ben simmons, westbrook e tobias harris a historia precisa ser escrita nas maos de vcs 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Último Quarto
Último Quarto ()

O Westbrook, como líder, muitas vezes joga o teu time tanto pra cima quanto pra baixo e a queda nele no jogo desestabilizou todos os companhiros

Ryan Fowler
Ryan Fowler ()

This is one of the worst games I’ve seen from Russell Westbrook in a LONG time and he has 22/9/6. Lack of transition defense and turnovers after stops have halted DC form making a run.

Taj Wilson
Taj Wilson ()

@kevinsheehanDC Offense because it always ends with Beal or Westbrook complaining to the referees rather than getting back on defense. Which leaves teammates playing 4 on 5 defense

Sknzwizcapsnats ()

For guys that have 52 points combined through 3 quarters, Beal and Westbrook have played like shit. So many careless mistakes, not valuing possessions, next to no situational awareness, shitty passes. Should still be leading. #WizSixers

Depressed Brodie Burner
Depressed Brodie Burner ()

@Deetalksalot Personally tired of watching Westbrook stop the dribble and wait for 6 screens to watch Beal try to score on the DPOY

John (49-23)
John (49-23) ()

Seth Curry matching everything Beal and Westbrook were scoring at the beginning of that quarter was so big

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Wizards survive Sixers in Game 4, cut series deficit to 3-1 Westbrook: 19 PTS, 21 REB, 14 AST

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