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Willie Rioli squirts Gatorade into a urine sample: 4 year ban Wayne Carey glasses his girlfriend. Glasses her: gets to call the biggest game every week on prime time TV Wow. #AFLCatsEagles #AFLFinals.

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“I know Willie on a pretty personal level and I know he’s not that type of guy. Jeremy McGovern opens up to @bjwaterworth about the Willie Rioli bombshell. #AFLFinals #AFLCatsEagles.

West Coast coach Adam Simpson on Willie Rioli: We are hurting for him..

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BT on the Willie Rioli situation: Test him the same day. Go back again and get him to test so you know whether he has been using drugs..

Willie Rioli squirts Gatorade into a urine sample: 4 year ban Wayne Carey glasses his girlfriend. Glasses her: gets to call the biggest game every week on prime time TV Wow. #AFLCatsEagles #AFLFinals.

Top beneficiary of Willie Rioli’s suspension has been @7AFL commentators’ ability to get Liam Ryan’s name right #AFLCatsEagles.

The latest on Willie Rioli’s doping ban and @WestCoastEagles semi-final. @9NewsPerth is LIVE from the MCG..

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Late flight, Willie Rioli business, Geelong smashed by is an understatement 🤞🤞🙏🙏.

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Josh Kennedy on Willie Rioli: “We got him close to family, because his health & wellbeing is the first thing we need to address. There’s a bit of stuff going on, but we’ve had to park that for today, because it’s very important what we’ve got on tonight..

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Some of these blokes are dumb. Do you think the testers have to spell it out for them?.

Willie Rioli is actually playing tonight, he was taking the piss. #AFLCatsEagles.

The Willie Rioli matters has certainly had a great deal of media interest. I received 22 requests for media comment across radio, TV and print. I was able to help out 3 x radio, 3 x TV and 2 x print. Apologies to others I was unable to fit in to assist today. Thank you.

WILLIE RIOLI ... ““Hopefully this lil mistake is a lesson to be learnt. This definitely doesn’t define me as a person.” That comment surely does not bode well for his sporting future. #AFL.

Provisionally suspended West Coast forward Willie Rioli has apologised to his family and friends. #AFL.

Wish all the ‘do-gooders’ wishing Willie Rioli some privacy and respect at this very difficult time gave James and Jobe the same empathy ......

Willie Rioli has apologised to his friends and family after being provisionally suspended by ASADA..

Willie Rioli has broken his silence on Facebook. 📝 |.

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Willie Rioli has apologised to friends and family in an emotional Facebook post:.

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Rioli flees to Darwin as Gil tells Eagles to prepare for lengthy investigation. MORE:.

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Can we not use the word ‘mistake’ for Willie Rioli’s actions? Panicked or not, it was a *deliberate* act to cheat a drug test. It would only be a “mistake” if he somehow confused a Gatorade bottle with his own penis..

[email protected] Brad Sheppard has opened up to @9NewsPerth about Willie Rioli’s ASADA investigation and ban. “Devastated for him and his young family, he is a great friend of ours.” “Trying not to think about it too much, we’re here to win a big final.”.

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Willie Rioli has flown into Darwin to be with family amid alleged doping scandal..

“We’ve got to deal with the facts, he’s been done for trying to dodge a test.”.

So Willie Rioli used Gatorade as his ‘urine’ sample to try and fool the drug testers. If he really wanted to trick them, with a liquid that tastes like piss, he should have used Foster’s Light Ice!.

Which work experience kid at @FOXFOOTY put up the backdrop at the AFL PRESS CONFRENCE re Willie Rioli of an Essendon image from the supplement saga years ago? What a disgraceful embarrasment..

Even if Willie Rioli had illicit drugs in his system it wasn’t something ASADA cared about or would have even punished him for. Instead something as simple as Gatorade or water in a sample could put him into a massive jam. Will it derail the Eagles too?.

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