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Rhode Scholar. Yard Drinker. Staunch Unionist. Member for Wills. Labor’s longest serving Prime Minister..

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Doing a spot of maintenance on MY chair/ I can see this developing into a battle of wills over this chair.

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Yes our wills can shape our reality - but that is not carte blanche to just do it without care to how we impact others..

hi hello my #fridaycrushes!!!! lilacs fhiwa old town road joe jonas wills peter kraus (forever) bodily autonomy (imagine!) sophie turner sansa stark arya stark dr christine blasey ford varys old tyrion reading naomi nagata bobbie steven strait brownies the moon azaleas rihanna.

@GuardianAus Freaking glorious Melbourne day for a #democracysausage bicycle tour of the #Wills electorate.

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Everyone about to die at my Dads @svddendeathdub set on the last day of edc. Y’all can make your wills out to me.

@samedben75 Bruder was soll das darstellen, ich hab eine Vermutung aber wills nicht sagen.

@DemSausage BBQ, cake stall AND coffee truck at Brunswick North Primary School (Vic) - one of 4 polling places for West Brunswick voters (Wills). Full marks..

@PitySexTour there was an Anning volly when i went to early vote in Wills, he was handing something out, maybe just their “policies” though.

@GuardianAus Really want to stop next door for coffee at LoLo & Wren but not today. Today I put my faith in the primary school coffees of Wills. #democracysausage.

@Vimadell @WillSinge I had a situation where I was in the hospital and listening to wills covers and singing along made me forget everything 😭.

🆕【 Isiulian 楽曲配信情報 】 本日より『Rain of Wills』を iTunes、Spotify、LINE MUSIC、レコチョク 他で配信開始しました!! この曲はスマホゲーム「ネイビーレインディ」のテーマソングにも起用されています。 ぜひダウンロードしてください♪ 『Rain of Wills』.

@ForrestofAlba Legalized abortion in America is the result of Jewish values opposed on Christian America- Rick Wills.

Ok I’m heading off on the #democracysausage Wills electorate bike tour! This is my lovely bike Samson 👌🏽 And my backpack filled with food containers 💪🏽🍪🍭🍩.

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@remember_wills バイキング形式の飲み会にすればどーでしょう。.

Couldn’t find enough courage for hours to write a condolence message for my friend, Qamar Zaman Kaira, on the tragic passing of his young son. Words can’t explain the pain but wish the young soul RIEP & the parents find courage to understand that Allah (SWT) wills what He wants..

[email protected] @celliottability We all know there are gaps in what is known & not known about Lyme disease. The need for more research is identified in the ON Lyme Disease Task Force Report. Dr. M. Wills speaks to the research she is doing at the G. Magnotta Lab at U of Guelph..

It goes without saying that the Liberal Democrats are not running in Wills where this is happening. The LibDem “volunteers” also didn’t realise they aren’t handing out for the Liberal Party..

@cu_rious @fo_rage To Allah belongs the dominion of heavens and earth; He creates what he wills. He gives to whom He wills female, and He gives to whom He wills males. Or He makes them [both] males and females, and He renders whom He wills barren. Indeed, He knows and is Competent.” surah shurah.

Also I am sooo glad the Scone Parent at my primary school is still there in 2019 because I have told so many Wills voters to come by on the strength of fresh baked scones. Pleased my name is not mud..

I will never forget Gayle King called Wills ‘the security’ on the day of the wedding. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #HarrryandMeghanPlusOne.

@BikiniBodhi @Rainbow6Game The hardest of decisions require the strongest wills..

This is why you teach science from a young age folks!!!! Because then the Wills of this fucking god forsaken country will UNDERSTAND BODILY FUNCTIONS.

‘REGISTERED’ of Wills sign spotted at Broad & Fairmount. #phl2019 is coming in for a bumpy landing 😬.

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Lucy Wills, Fortnite Season 9, Uber stock, Denver Nuggets, & Meghan Markle– Below is a snapshot of worldwide search interest this past week: Lucy Wills, Fortnite.

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Rhode Scholar. Yard Drinker. Staunch Unionist. Member for Wills. Labor’s longest serving Prime Minister..

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