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Back in 2016, my boy was participating in autograph alley and Zac Woolford walk past after his U20s game. We asked for a photo. Not sure who was more excited, Biily or Zac. Good luck today Zac ⁦@RaidersCanberra⁩ ⁦@TheGHRaiders⁩.

Woolford Photo,Woolford Photo by Andrew Perrott,Andrew Perrott on twitter tweets Woolford Photo

Ricky is the most idiotic coach alive. Woolford is starting ahead of Starling. He is the dumbest man I’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing about.

Thought I was in a time warp seeing Woolford set that up. Darts just like the old man #NRLSharksRaiders.

@trevajct @deeplongstop Just seen Zac Woolford playing today. A dummy half with a bit of pace and creativity, yet we kept Lichaa Was thinking about how fun to watch the 2018 NSW Cup side was and how none of them went on with it sadly.

Woolford starting hooker, Starling on the bench! What a moment for Zac Woolford. Good to see Frawley g2g too after battling a bit of a flu himself.

Sharks: Finucane (prop), McInnes (lock), Tolman (bench), Hiroti (18) Raiders: Elliott OUT, Woolford IN (hooker), Rushton (18).

@trevajct @deeplongstop Martin, that was the worst call from Pay. Des, really did a number on us. Eastwood, only positive from my end. Same relating to Woolford.

@GreenMachinePod Magic! Thought Woolford showed he’s a chip off the old block. Great debut..

Zac Woolford , that is all !!! Just like his old man strapped the boots back on today!! Well played raiders🙌.


If Woolford isn’t the starting hooker next week, I’ll be pissed. #NRLSharksRaiders.

@Bradenjbrady Hard to fit, CNK/Savage, Wighton, Fogarty, Schneider, Starling and Woolford.

@SparkyDenied @RaidersCanberra throwback that was 100% simon woolford i love these two stoked for woolford.

Do we look more disjointed with Starling out there? Or am I seriously fan-boying Woolford? #NRLSharksRaiders.

Will be a challenge today without Jack but Frawls was quite good last week. Cotric returned to a bit of form too. Will be interesting to see how young Zac Woolford goes starting! #NRLSharksRaiders.

Woolford may seem like great value in #NRL @DraftstarsAU but will likely only play ~25 mins. Tapine and Papalii ran 400 metres last week, look for them to step up again with Wighton still missing. Hynes absolutely worth the price for his upside 🔥.

Woolford Photo,Woolford Photo by Wicky,Wicky on twitter tweets Woolford Photo

I thought we’d see Starling starting again, but Ricky has opted for Woolford..

#NRLSharksRaiders McInnes MID Tolman bench. Elliott out Woolford HOK. Hiroti Rushton 18th. Hynes Talakai Whitehead Brailey best.

@9_Moley @SimonWoolford Wow Simon Woolford be proud had your fingers all over that one..

@trevajct @deeplongstop 1. Cerruto 2. Bergamin 3. Harper 4. Olive 5. Okunbor 6. Cleeland 7. F. Brown 8. Toomaga 9. Woolford 10. Tualau 11. Ogden 12. Martin 13. Eastwood 14. Garlick 15. Burr 16. Nelson 17.

Gutsiest win I’ve seen from us Hudson Young fucking enormous Woolford has to stay Sharks are fucking frauds #NRLSharksRaiders #NoMoreMilk.

Zak Woolford played in that excellent Canterbury side that won the NSW Cup and State Championship. Too bad none of them really kicked on from that 2018 side.

Lads going well. We need more Woolford though! #NRLSharksRaiders Hope we hold on!.

@Bradenjbrady I think the style of Woolford has helped alot, let the forwards establish themselves. Starling coming on now, could still run riot but I think starting Woolford and bringing on Starling could be a good way forward. Although you probably need to have a role for Woolford.

Now Playing Paul Woolford, Diplo, Kareen Lomax - Looking For Me #paulwoolford, diplo, KareenLomax.

Now Playing Paul Woolford, Karen Harding - You Already Know #paulwoolford, karenharding.

@Bradenjbrady @RaidersCanberra A Woolford in hooker. CHN in the middle. Sutton on the bench. Persisting with big musical chairs.

#np: London Grammar, Paul Woolford - How Does It Feel - Paul Woolford Remix London Grammar, Paul Woolford Listen here on.

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#nowplaying HEAT by Paul Woolford & Amber Mark Listen Live:.

#NowPlaying Teardrops (feat. Majid Jordan) by MK and Paul Woolford #listen at & @TuneIn Buy song.

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#np: Promises by Diplo, Paul Woolford, Kareen Lomax Listen here on.

Woolford Photo,Woolford Photo by Smile Radio,Smile Radio on twitter tweets Woolford Photo
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