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Aleister Black on RAW? Yeah, baby!!! I want Aleister Black vs AJ Styles for the United States Championship! #RAW #WWEDraft.

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Why in the blundering shit is one of the USA Execs watching a peacock video during the #WWEDraft #RAW.

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New video is out on my YouTube channel Click this link to watch the video #NationalT20Cup #WWEDraft.

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Remaining on team blue ever since 2016. Absolutely blows Carmella and Truth get split though in the #WWEDraft Lots of endless fun moments you both provided in both the Mixed Match Challenge all the way through the #247Championship.

Rollins & Lesnar as champ stay on their brand not surprised ! But I am for Charlotte who’s come back to RAW and of course w/ Andrade #WWEDraft #RAW.

Oh wow; Shinsuke Nakamura se queda en Smackdown; exactamente igual que ha estado en los ú ¿5 o 6 meses? xD. ¿Es necesario anunciar estas obviedades?... #WWEDraft #Raw.

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Rollins Vs Fiend in falls count anywhere match at Crown both are on different brands now So after Crown Jewel is that feud Or are they gonna conintue with the wild card #WWEDraft.

After all the videos, AOP doesn’t get picked, Cesaro somehow doesn’t get picked, Luke Harper just comes back to team with Rowen and doesn’t get Jinder gets picked? No Riott or Logan but Liv gets they just shuffle cards and randomly choose?? #WWEDraft.

The Worst #WWEDraft of all time #RAW Review 10/14/19 via @YouTube.

@WWEAsuka with that mask and face paint, embracing her inner Great Muta. #RAW #WWEDraft.

I believe that the mask is the source of power for Bray Wyatt. You take the mask off The Fiend to beat him #RAW #WWEDraft.

The king is out here stretching for co-commentators are even baffled. Is he related to Mario Andrade??? #WWEDraft #mondaynightraw.

On top of it all, the amount of talent undrafted, left to be considered “free agents”, is absurd. No talent from NXT, in my opinion, thank God. But, wouldn’t a draft, being conducted by “executives”, from networks consider drafting “up and coming” talent? The #WWEDraft sucked..

En pocas palabras, el #WWEDraft generó bastante hype y No sé, creo que perdí 5 horas entre Raw y SmackDown solo para ver que el 85% de las selecciones permanecieron en su marca 🤦🏻‍♂️.

I do not watch Boxing and had never heard of Tyson Fury before he showed up on SmackDown. Do people actually like him? #Raw #WWEDraft.

Vamos apagar e fingir que essa merda nunca aconteceu por favor #RAW #WWEDraft.

Andrade in the first round on #RAW is a definite sign that the rumors are coming true. He will soon seek a championship belt. And, he is with Charlotte. #WWEDraft.

I hope Cesaro goes to nxt uk. Him or drew mcintyre would be perfect to dethrone Walter #WWEDraft.

So RAW gets Kabuki Warriors, Rusev and Aleister Black while Smackdown getS Daniel Bryan and Bayley. I swear they should have made brand champions locked cause they feel underwhelming when they are drafted. #WWEDraft #WWERaw.

Aleister Black on RAW? Yeah, baby!!! I want Aleister Black vs AJ Styles for the United States Championship! #RAW #WWEDraft.

Naomi when she comes for bayley on SmackDown #WWEDraft #SmackDown.

What heels are there on Raw who could genuinely step up to Becky? (Charlotte doesn’t count because we’ve seen it 100x before) #WWEDraft.

El Wild Card Rule hasta el último momento demuestra ser de las peores decisiones de #WWE en la historia;ha afectado totalmente al nuevo #WWEDraft.

What kind of nonsense is this to not have the Intercontinental champ drafted yet? Geez. #RAW #WWEDraft (Also I had to ask Alexa who the IC Champ and US champ were to verify my suspicions) Says lots about my fandom lately..

Nothing about the #WWEDraft picks have been a “Holy Sh*t!” moment for am I asking for too much? 😂 #RAW.

So far Raw has the better women’s division in my opinion. They need to draft more women to SMACKDOWN! #RAW #WWEDraft.

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